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Kaia Gerber’s Brother, Presley, Just Got a Huge Face Tattoo

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  • Kaia Gerber’s brother, Presley, just got a face tattoo.
  • He went to Jon Boy in New York City to get some ink on his cheek.

    Another day, another celebrity with a face tattoo. I still haven’t recovered from Justin Bieber’s “grace” eyebrow tattoo or Post Malone’s latest bloody buzzsaw cheek one, but that didn’t stop Kaia Gerber’s brother from totally derailing my Sunday night.

    You’re forgiven if Presley Gerber isn’t on your radar, but now that he just got a big ol’ tattoo on his face, you’ll be hard-pressed to forget about him. Here’s what happened: As we were all going about our business this weekend and waiting for Brad Pitt to declare his undying love for Jennifer Aniston at the Oscars (a girl can dream), Presley took to Instagram to reveal what tattoo artist Jon Boy inked on his face. Apparently, Presley is a misunderstood 20-year-old model, brother, and future heir to Cindy Crawford’s fortune, and he wanted the cheek tattoo to prove it. Please witness his new “misunderstood” tat:

    Here’s the view the Chipotle employees will see as he asks for guac in his burrito bowl:

    And here’s a video if you’re into hearing someone get poked in the face with needles:

    Honestly, he could do worse! Someone give this dude an Oscar for how chill he looked the whole time.

    Obviously a face tattoo is a big commitment, but Presley is covered in tattoos—he even has one with Kaia’s name—so this isn’t that big of a leap for him. Excuse me while I contemplate getting Miranda Priestly’s “everybody wants to be us” line tattooed on my collarbone.

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