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Kate Bosworth Has Two Different-Colored Eyes, and They’re so Stunning


Mila Kunis

You may have noticed this actress’s perfect brows and glowing skin, but her differing eye colors are harder to spot. Kunis suffered from chronic inflammation of the iris for a long time. “I was blind in one eye for many years, and no one knew,” she told Cosmopolitan in 2011. Fortunately, as the result of surgery, she is no longer blind in that eye, though the (very pretty) difference in color has lasted.


Dominic Sherwood

The star of Freeform’s Shadowhunters didn’t always love his half blue-half brown left eye. In April, he tweeted a message to one child who was bullied for his eye condition: “Your eyes are beyond beautiful,” he wrote. “It took me a long time to realise that about mine.”


Kate Bosworth

One of the most well-known instances of heterochromia in Hollywood, Bosworth’s eyes are noticeably different in pigmentation, with one being blue and one being a much darker hazel.


Kiefer Sutherland

Though the difference in his eye colors may be subtle, the actor’s then-fiancée Julia Roberts alluded to his heterochromia during her Golden Globe acceptance speech in 1990. Though she didn’t specifically say his name, Roberts thanked her “beautiful blue-eyed, green-eyed friend.”


Max Scherzer

This Washington Nationals pitcher has one of the most extreme cases of heterochromia, with one eye being quite light while the other is very dark.


Elizabeth Berkley

The Showgirls and Saved by the Bell star is known for more than just great hair and epic one-liners. She also has beautifully unique eyes, with one being half-brown and half-green and the other fully green.


Josh Henderson

The handsome actor has two contrasting eye colors. But since they’re both in the lighter range, you may not notice immediately that one is a medium blue, and the other a rich green.


Bill Pullman

Everyone’s favorite alien-butt-kicking president has the more subtle kind of heterochromia — the sectorial kind — which gives one of his eyes a darker look thanks to a brown area of the iris.


Alice Eve

The She’s Out of My League and Star Trek actress’s eyes are pretty striking — her left eye is blue, while her right is green. But she told Conan O’Brien during an interview that she actually dated her boyfriend for 9 months before he noticed.


Henry Cavill

That’s right: Superman himself has heterochromia. Is this proof that it’s actually a superpower?


Venus the Cat

What could possibly earn a feline over 2 million Instagram followers? Why, being as unique looking as Venus the two-faced cat! On top of being adorable, her striking coloring has made her an internet sensation.


Michael Flatley

A brilliant dancer and choreographer, Flatley has one green eye with brown flecks and one blue eye.


Benedict Cumberbatch

Cumberbatch’s intriguing eyes are a combination of blue, green, and gold. They may appear blue or green overall depending on the light.


Simon Pegg

Pegg’s eyes are mainly blue-grey but the right has a unique brown fleck, giving this funny man and Star Trek alum a striking appearance.


Olivia Wilde

The inner rings of Wilde’s irises are a different color from the outer, lending her blue-green eyes an exotic appearance.


Dan Akroyd

With one green eye and one brown eye, Akroyd has complete heterochromia, which he once discussed with the Daily Mail.


Christopher Walken

Walken has blue eyes with green inner rings, which are as distinctive as his acting style.


Demi Moore

You may never have noticed but the lovely Moore has two completely different color eyes: Hazel and green.


Virginia Madsen

Madsen, an ’80s icon and versatile actress often recognized for her role in Sideways, has one green eye and one with brown flecks.


Robert Downey, Jr.

Though he often wears tinted glasses or sunglasses that make it difficult to tell, Downey’s mesmerizing gaze is heightened by his partial heterochromia, showing chocolate-brown flecks in each eye.


Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Meyers, best known for his work on The Tudors, has blue-green eyes with gold flecks, especially visible in his left eye.


Gracie Allen

Allen, a popular radio, TV, and film comedienne from the 30s to the ’50s who starred alongside her husband George Burns, had one green eye and one blue.


Paris Jackson

Jackson, the daughter of Michael Jackson, has alluring blue eyes with very dark rings around the outer irises.


Tim Roth

Roth’s heterochromia is quite striking, with green-blue outer rings and dark brown inner rings.


Jennifer Connelly

Connelly’s beautiful blue-green eyes are flecked with gold and a somewhat darker outer ring, giving her a unique and captivating gaze.


Michael Schwimmer

Phillies baseball player Schwimmer has complete heterochromia, with one blue and one hazel eye.


Alyson Hannigan

Best known for her role on How I Met Your Mother, Hannigan’s green eyes have lovely brown rings around the iris.


Harvey Keitel

Keitel’s eyes may look one color at first glance, but they’re actually hazel with very dark brown inner rings around the pupils.


Wentworth Miller

Miller, of Prison Break fame, has one green and one blue eye, giving him a beautiful and penetrating gaze.


Marshall Lancaster

Best known for his roles on British television series, Lancaster has one blue eye and one hazel with gold flecks.


Ralph Fiennes

The incredibly talented Fiennes has blue eyes with gold and brown flecks, which is called partial heterochromia.


David Bowie

It’s often mistakenly reported that Bowie had two different colors eyes. In fact, he had a different condition, called anisocoria, caused by an injury during his youth. His pupils were different sizes, making it appear that they eye colors were different.


Joe Pesci

Pesci’s deep blue eyes have brown inner rings, giving this respected actor a one-of-a-kind gaze.


Elizabeth McGovern

Most loved as the lady of the house on Downtown Abbey, McGovern’s beautiful blue eyes have a darker ring around the outside.


Colleen Moore

Moore was a ’30s silent film star who eventually did talkies and was known for having one blue eye and one brown. Her heterochromia is visible even in her black-and-white portraits from that era.


Angelina Jolie

Jolie’s stunning eye color is highlighted because the inner and outer rings of her irises are different colors, which is called central heterochromia.


Tim McIlrath

Composer and singer McIlrath’s eyes are strikingly different, with one blue eye and one brown.


Alexander the Great

Okay, maybe he’s not a famous face now, but we can promise you he was famous when he was conquering the Mediterranean, Egypt, the Middle East, and parts of Asia during the 4th century B.C.. According to National Geographic, historians think he had heterochromia with one blue eye and one brown.

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