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Kim “GYM” Jong Kook YouTube Channel Hits 1M Subscribers & Gold Button in Only 4 Days

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Premiered on June 17, Running Man member Kim Jong Kook launched the “GYM JONG KOOK” YouTube channel and hit 1M subscribers and earned Gold Button within only four days!

YouTube Channel of “Running Man” Kim “GYM” Jong Kook Hits 1M Subscribers & Gold Button in Only 4 Days

More and more Kpop idols are launching their own YouTube channel to share their daily lives with their fans. Previously, Blackpink Jennie hits 1.5 million subscribers within only 24 hours, and GOT 7 Mark Twain hits one million subscribers with no video.

Now, a singer who is also famous as one of the members of Running Man, Kim Jong Kook, the YouTube channel surpasses one million subscribers and gained Gold Button with only one video in four days!

On June 17, he launched his first video titled “I start YouTube” and announced himself as a new YouTuber. Within only four days, the YouTube channel of Kim Jong Kook, “GYM JONG KOOK,” has surpassed 1 million subscribers.

When this article is written (June 22), Kim Jong Kook’s YouTube channel hits 1.08 million subscribers. At the same time, his debut video has surpassed 7.3 million views.

In his first video, he shared his reasons for launching a YouTube channel and his plans for the future. Like his personal experience and tips in exercising, encouraging other people to do exercise, sharing his meal plans, and more.

A day after his YouTube channel reached 1 million subscribers, he greeted his fans on his Instagram and said, “I can’t thank u enough.. I’ll try my best till u guys r satisfied.”

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