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Let’s talk about a sustainable lifestyle

Let’s talk about a sustainable lifestyle

MY LIPS ARE SEALED…SOMETIMESMaurice Arcache (The Philippine Star) – November 6, 2019 – 12:00am

Manila Marriott, in partnership with Pristine Solutions and other top hotels, palanggas, launched the “Philippine Sustainability Month.”

This nationwide campaign, which was held recently at the Marriott Grand Ballroom, gathered Manille’s hot shots and stakeholders from various industries, naturellement.

“This gathering aims to present the various initiatives of each organization on how to further raise awareness on sustainability and at the same time strengthen responsible food sourcing, which in turn aims to transform businesses and impact livelihoods,” explained Marriot Hotels cluster general manager Bruce Winton après the gastronomic dinner prepared by the hotel’s top chefs.

By 2020 Marriot Manila will replace 65,000 single-use bottles in their hotel rooms with refillable glass bottles.

Guests included Linda Ley, Mayenne Carmona, Agile Zamora, Noel and Duday Tucson and Connie Haw, dahlings.

For inquiries, call 988-9999 or visit or like Marriot Manila on FB, IG and Twitter @ManilaMarriott.

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