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Man Utd failed to share European Super League plans at fan forum just days before announcement

Manchester United held a fans’ forum on Friday – and neglected to tell any supporters present about the club’s plans to join a breakaway Super League.

Ed Woodward, the United executive vice chairman, had promised at an earlier fans’ forum in November to keep supporters abreast of any developments regarding European competitions.

But fans were kept completely in the dark during the latest forum meeting with the club on Friday, which was attended by United’s group managing director, Richard Arnold, and chief operations officer, Collette Roche.

Woodward – who has now resigned from his role on Uefa’s Professional Football Strategy Council – did not attend Friday’s fans’ forum. 

Speaking in November, Woodward said: “We are at the centre of discussions about the future of European club competitions and, as with the reporting of Project Big Picture, context is important.

“What I can assure you of is that we will keep matchgoing fans firmly in the centre of thoughts.” 

United, who have now quit the European Club Association after abandoning support for a reformatted Champions League from 2024, have been one of the main backseat drivers behind the breakaway Super League.

But Woodward denied knowledge of it when asked about a proposed Super League on a call with investors in October.

“I saw the reports on that. I candidly don’t know where that story came from,” Woodward said. “There isn’t really anything for us to say. We are engaged on a very regular basis through my role on the ECA and also at Uefa talking about potential changes to the Champions League from 2024 onwards. You might have read two or three days ago in the press that there was a story about whether the Champions League would go to 36 teams. They’re the conversations we’re actively involved in so I can’t comment on your question.”

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