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Man’s ‘sleeping’ proposal sparks debate

People were divided after the unusual proposal was shared online – with one person warning he could end up with a funeral instead of a wedding.

    These days there are so many ways to propose to someone – a fancy dinner, a romantic boat ride or during a sunset picnic.

    But one man’s decision to pop the question while his partner was sleeping has divided people – even though his new fiancee is delighted with the proposal.

    American man Michael Mayorga shared on Facebook how he had he had wanted to surprise his girlfriend Jamilah Williams by popping the question.

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    After thinking long and hard about the best way to catch her unawares, Michael had decided to slip the engagement ring on her finger while she was asleep.

    “For weeks now I been planning on how to pop the question … you know all my moves and you are one very hard woman to surprise,” he wrote on Facebook.

    To make the surprise even bigger Michael also posted the photo of a sleeping Jamilah with a ring on her finger to Facebook – before she even knew about the proposal.

    The jokes on you because now you’re going to wake up with 3 surprises … a phone full of congratulations notifications and texts, an engagement ring on your finger and a picture of you sleeping that you don’t want all over the internet,” he wrote.

    “SURPRISE!!! I’ll let y’all know the verdict when she wakes up.”

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    The post soon got thousands of comments and shares, with people praising the proposal as a “pretty clever” way to pop the question.

    “This is how I was proposed (to) too. So sweet. Congratulations!” one person wrote.

    But others weren’t sure about how Jamilah would feel about a photo being posted of her sleeping to Facebook without her knowledge, with one person joking there was either going to be a wedding or a funeral.

    “I hope you’re still alive,” one person wrote.

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    “You haven’t posted anything since so I am assuming you are either celebrating … or dead. I just want to know which one,” another commented.

    “This is beautiful!!! She gone kick your butt about this pic though!!” one wrote.

    Fortunately for Michael, Jamilah was over the moon with the proposal and eventually took to Facebook to share a photo of the ring and writing that her fiance had just “literally blew my mind” and she was “overwhelmed with so much love and joy”.

    “God you are AMAZING to send me this man who loves me for real,” she wrote.

    “Michael Mayorga I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!”

    What do you think of the proposal? Let us know in the comments below.

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