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Medical news today A monthly disability pension of NIS 10,000 for a nurse who was injured by a corona

Medical news today A nurse in a hospital, a resident of Be’er Sheva, who contracted the corona virus during her work and was recognized as a work-related injury, recently received a retroactive payment of more than NIS 150,000 from the National Insurance Institute. In addition, each month she will receive a monthly benefit of about NIS 10,000, despite the fact that she continues to work at the hospital. As a result of contracting the virus, she suffers from severe post-corona symptoms, including obstructive pulmonary injury, neurological injury, including short-term memory impairment, migraines, cognitive impairment, hearing loss and general weakness. Permanent.

Attorneys Kraus and Alon explain that anyone who is infected with corona as a result of exposure to a verified patient at his place of work may be recognized by the National Insurance Institute as a work injury, provided he has been able to prove the causal link between the virus. To the workplace. However, according to them, when it comes to, among others, health care workers, who are on the first front line against the virus, as in this case, the situation may be simpler, since for them it is simpler to prove that they were exposed to Corona patient in some way during their work.

The daily discourse on the subject of corona revolves mainly around the number of difficult patients, vaccinated in the first and second dose, hospital occupancy and mortality rate. “There is less talk about the many patients who have allegedly recovered, but in practice they remain disabled and suffer from extremely severe post-corona symptoms,” say attorneys.

As beyond the disability and temporary payments, the National Insurance Institute may later determine, as in this case, a permanent disability that will entitle them in quite a few cases to a fixed monthly benefit or a considerable one-time grant.

The National Insurance Law stipulates Because anyone who has been recognized by the National Insurance Institute as a work injury and his medical condition deteriorates around the same disability caused to him at work, his new disability will be recognized, his disability percentage will increase, and accordingly the rights to which he will be entitled will increase. Also for reimbursements for medical expenses incurred or to be incurred in the future as a result of their disability – such as financing rehabilitative treatments or full reimbursements for expenses for painkillers or medical cannabis.

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