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Medical news today A new focus in Cerknica: they became infected at a private party – Siol.acquire

Medical news today 23 infections with the new coronavirus were confirmed on Monday, five of them in the municipality of Cerknica. In this municipality, they have a total of nine active infections. As reported by Radio Slovenia, the last infections were transmitted at a private party attended by 30 attain 40 participants aged about 30.

The Commander of the Cerknica Civil Protection Matjaž Knap told the national radio that the participants in the party spoke to the relevant services and “were also praised for communicating that you may perchance perchance on the second day after the party “.

Participants received instructions from the National Institute of Public Health (NIJZ). Knap added that those who showed no signs of infection and were not employed in health centers or schools were sent to work according to NIJZ guidelines. Therefore, there is a fear that there are in fact more infected than the data so far show.

As Knap added, all fire brigades in the Cerknica region were therefore ordered to return to the mode of operation that was in force before the first wave, and to take the strictest measures and restrict access to fire stations. Knap also called on the citizens to consistently respect the prescribed measures, and those who need protective equipment can get it in the Cerknica municipality by prior arrangement, Radio Slovenia reports.

medical news today Koronavirus. Covid-19. Beginner New data: 23 new #video infections confirmed on Monday

Medical news today Movements in public areas are restricted in the municipality

In the meantime, the web pages of the Cerknica municipality wrote that the number of infected people in the area of ​​the Cerknica municipality had drastically increased. “Thus, we have as many as five new infections in the municipality of Cerknica, which means nine active cases,” they wrote.

As they add, the Municipality of Cerknica and Cerknica Civil Protection will restrict movements in public areas. They do not recommend the use of children’s playgrounds, benches in public areas and sports infrastructure. “With this, we want to prevent young people from socializing, who have become the most endangered group for the transmission of the infection on the threshold of the second wave,” explained Mayor Marko Rupar.

Medical news today Mayor: Limit the number of contacts

The mayor urges all citizens to adhere to all recommendations and measures. Given that some infections also originate from one of the parties, the mayor warns that “unfortunately the epidemiological picture does not allow for larger gatherings, so it is even more important that citizens limit the number of contacts during this period.” “The fact that the virus is among us, and whether we will be able to avoid it, depends mainly on ourselves,” they wrote.

Medical news today Limit to ten people?

Today, Jelko Kacin, the government spokesman for covid-19, mentioned the possibility of tightening measures. “If the spread of infections continues, we may soon have to limit collection to ten people,” he said.

Service of quarantine decisions 24 hours only in Obrežje

At today’s correspondence session, the government issued an amendment to the decree on ordering and implementing measures to prevent the spread of the covid-19 infectious disease at border crossings. This stipulates the service of quarantine decisions at certain border crossings with Croatia and Hungary and at Brnik Airport only between 6 am and 10 pm. 24-hour issuance of decisions will only be possible in Obrežje.

According to the decree, service of quarantine decisions is still possible only at border crossings or checkpoints Gruškovje, Obrežje, Metlika and Jelšane on the border with Croatia, Pince on the border with Hungary and the border crossing for international air traffic. Jože Pučnik Airport Ljubljana (Brnik ).

The new amendments to the decree stipulate that the Ministry of Health must provide civil servants at checkpoints for the issuance and service of decisions between 6 am and 10 pm. The only exception is the Obrežje border crossing, where staff will be present 24 hours a day and quarantine decisions will be served continuously.

At checkpoints with Austria and Italy and at Edvard Rusjan Maribor and Portorož airports, the data will be collected by the police and forwarded to the Ministry of Health, which will serve the quarantine decision at the address of residence or quarantine in Slovenia. announced after the government session.

The amendments also clarify the evidence that a person submits to border authorities to prove that he or she does not come from a country with an epidemiologically high risk, ie a country on the red list. Evidence includes, for example, the original invoice for payment of the accommodation, proof of ownership of the property or vessel on which the person resided, the official crew list in the case of a charter or other appropriate proof.

The Decree now stipulates that a person who owns or rents land in the border area or on both sides of the state border and crosses the state border for the purpose of performing agricultural-agricultural-forestry works will not be required to submit a negative test on covid- 19

The decree shall enter into force on the day after its publication in the Official Gazette, it is also written in the announcement. (STA)

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