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Medical news today For the first time in 3 months: less than a thousand verified Corona two new days

Medical news today For the first time since July – less than 1,000 Corona vertebrae Two new days were diagnosed yesterday (Saturday): only 734. On Friday 1,560 were diagnosed and from midnight until the morning reporting date another 331. At the beginning of this morning’s cabinet meeting, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said: ” We are winning the fourth wave – but it is not over until it is over. “

388 of them are in serious condition – another continuous steady decline in these indices. 157 of the patients are respirated, 75% of them are not vaccinated at all. Presented last night (Saturday) by Prof. Eran Segal of the Weizmann Institute, it appears that the death toll in the current wave is 50% lower than in the third wave. “The fourth wave is nearing completion. The significant insight about the fourth wave is: At the stage we are in, vaccines are becoming the main tool for eradicating the disease.” . A total of 19,587 patients are currently in an active state in Israel. Since the beginning of the epidemic in the country in March 2020, 1,315,809 vertebrae have been found. The coefficient of infection – 0.77.

2,058 of the patients in a current active condition are now from Jerusalem, 643 from Tel Aviv-Yafo, 484 from Beer Sheva, 407 from Rahat, 397 from Petah Tikva, 360 from Bnei Brak, 343 from Netanya, 315 from Holon, 288 From Haifa, 285 from Rishon Lezion, 268 from Taibeh, 259 from Rehovot and 250 from Nazareth. On the other hand, only 4% are aged 60 and over. 55% from the general sector, 37% from the Arab sector and 5% from the ultra-Orthodox sector. “There is a trend of improvement in immunization in Arab society and the general public,” Corona project professor Prof. Salman Zarka said this morning (Sunday) in an interview with here on Network B. Prof. Zarka said that at this stage We do not recommend further significant relief: “The fourth wave of morbidity is still here, it is too early to sum it up. It must be left out slowly and carefully.” He also estimated that towards the second half of November a decision will be made on vaccinating children – “We are already preparing for this but are waiting for the FDA decision”.

-66 sisters and brothers. About 77,500 students in isolation, about half compared to their number before the Sukkot holiday. 11,283 students are defined as active patients and 66,290 isolated.

Today, the obligation to scan a barcode and enforce it at the entrance to various public places came into effect. The new green label, which was due to take effect in early October, includes a third vaccination obligation for those who received two first vaccine doses more than six months ago.

A vaccination obligation for all employees in Italy

On Friday, the Italian government imposed a vaccination requirement on all workers, regardless of field or occupation and those who do not get vaccinated must undergo daily corona tests. This is the most extensive mandatory move decided by any government in a Western Democratic state – the New York Times defined it. It was further stipulated that anyone who does not present a green card (“green passport” in his name in Italy) will have to go on unpaid leave from his place of work. A comprehensive workplace where employees will find a valid green label will be fined immediately and unquestionably for 1,500 euros. All duties are also imposed on freelancers or freelancers. Italy was hit very hard by the epidemic – over 4.7 million patients and over 131,000 dead from Corona according to the BBC.

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