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Medical news today “The two children asked, ‘Where did you go, Daddy? Healthy husband died the day after Moderna's second dose

Medical news today

“My caring husband never drinks or smokes, and he has been living with me until now, and he has been admitted to the hospital.”

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A healthy man in his 30s in Gunsan, Jeollabuk-do A national petition was filed saying that he died one day after the second dose of Moderna’s new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) vaccine.

On the 17th, a petition titled ‘Release the devastating death after moderna vaccination’ was posted on the bulletin board of the Blue House website.

Petitioner A, who introduced herself as ‘the deceased’s wife’, said, “The groom, who firmly believed that he was the father of two children and a lifelong companion, was hospitalized on the 16th.

Mr. A said, “(Husband) around 2 pm on the 15th. I had a second dose of Moderna vaccine at a hospital in Gunsan.” “The groom, who works as a 25t dump truck driver to protect his precious family, went to work the next day after the vaccination.

Then, “I heard from my co-workers that it was lunchtime (husband) He said that he had to go to the hospital because his complexion was bad, and he said that he was also going to visit the hospital after work.” “However, after lunchtime, the dump truck that the groom was driving did not move, so a fellow driver who was waiting opened the door and said he was unconscious.”

Mr. A said, “I rushed to take the children to the hospital where the groom was, but they were already declared dead. He said, “He was in cardiac arrest at the time of discovery, and it took about 40 minutes to get to the hospital, but I heard that there was no movement even in CPR.”

He said, “My caring husband never drinks or smokes, and he has lived with me so far and has been to the hospital,” he said. the person who did”.

The petitioner said, “The children were like, ‘Dad, where did you go now? “Why aren’t you coming?” He said, “I don’t know what to say. No, I’m hoping it’s a dream.”

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