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New study finds evidence that fungus can grow on Mars

A new study has explored the possibility of microbe life, such as black mold fungus, being able to survive on Mars.

New study finds evidence that fungus can grow on Mars src2 |

A new study published in the journal Advances in Microbiology has suggested that recently taken images show a fungus-like specimen growing on Mars. The images show a white amorphous specimen that appeared to be able to change shape, grow, and move. The images were captured over three Earth days, and one of the photos revealed hundreds of mushroom-like specimens.

Interestingly, one of the specimens was crushed by the rover’s wheels, but then later inspection revealed that new spherical specimens were beginning to “grow” back. Not only are these specimens “growing” on the Martian surface, photos show the presence of white fungus-like specimens in an open rover compartment. It should be noted that this study is showing evidence towards life being able to exist on Mars, and is by no means is confirming any extraterrestrial life has been found. More evidence is needed for a confirmation of that.

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