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October 2020 COE results second bidding: Premiums for cars close mostly higher

In the 2nd COE bidding exercise for October 2020, Cat A closed at $37,334, Cat B at $40,990, and Cat E at $39,889

Cat A (Cars up to 1600CC & 97KW) closed at $37,334, with an increase of $800 from the last exercise. It received 1,323 bids in total.

Cat B (Cars above 1600CC or 97KW) also saw an increase in premiums. It closed $300 higher with the final amount at $40,990. It received 1,272 bids.

Closing at $33,778 is Cat C (Goods Vehicle & Bus). It closed $689 higher from the previous exercise.

Cat D (Motorcycles) closed this exercise at $7,300. It received 560 bids and saw a $151 decrease in premiums.

Finally, for Cat E (Open Category), it saw a slight $412 drop. It closed at $39,889 and received 560 bids.

Here’s a summary of the 2nd bidding exercise for October 2020:


Current COE premium

(October 2020 – 2nd Bidding)

Current COE premium

(October 2020 – 1st Bidding)



A – Car up to 1600CC & 97KW




(2.2 per cent)

B – Car above 1600CC or 97KW




(0.7 per cent)

C – Goods Vehicle & Bus




(2.1 per cent)

D – Motorcycle




(-2 per cent)

E – Open




(-1 per cent)

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