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Porsche Korea expands its CSR program to support artists

Into its fifth year of running the social outreach project Porsche Do Dream, Porsche Korea is expanding the scheme to support artists facing difficulties from the COVID-19 pandemic, the automaker said Monday.

The Porsche Do Dream campaign, launched in 2017, has so far focused on children, bent on providing them with learning and playing opportunities. On top of that, this year’s program will include art projects or projects tailored for struggling artists, it said.

“Over the past years we have received great attention from the Korean customers, and we feel greater social responsibility in the Korean society,” Porsche Korea Chief Executive Officer Holger Germann said.

“We will continue to look after difficulties the Korean society has and also provide support and make investment to help overcome those, while taking our social responsibilities for inclusive growth.”

To adjust the Porsche Do Dream campaign for the local culture and arts community, the firm has forged a partnership with Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture, an entity under the auspices of the Seoul Metropolitan Government.

With 500 million won ($447,600) donation from the carmaker, a joint SFAC-Porsche project has been launched to identify and support artists hit hard by the nationwide social distancing measures put in place to curb the virus spread.

That’s how the “Porsche Do Dream Fill the Space” for performing arts has come about.

Also in the offing is an art project which would invite artists to get creative with “Ttareungi,” the environment-friendly public bicycle rental system run by the Seoul government, the company explained.

Since the launch of the Do Dream campaign, Porsche Korea has donated a total of 2.6 billion won.

Among the on-going programs the company is promoting are Porsche Dream Playground, in which the automaker built indoor gyms for six elementary schools, including five special schools, to support students’ rights to play.

The company also seeks to support young students talented in art, music and sports with its scholarship program dubbed, Porsche Dream Up.

Under the Porsche Dream Circle program, the company has installed solar panels and small garden areas at elementary schools to provide a learning space for students on the importance of carbon neutrality and virtuous circle of resources, the company said.

The name Do Dream, which can be translated into “knocking on the door” in Korean, has dual purposes – to promote dreams and passion in children and to proclaim the automaker’s commitment to get closer to the Korean society.

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