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Premier is neglecting his northern Ontario residents

Sun., July 26, 20201 min. read

Once again, the premier of Ontario and his health minister are living in some kind of warped time zone where common sense does not prevail. I say this because the government just patted themselves on the back for creating five new Ontario Health Teams in support of the ongoing fight against COVID-19.

The government says these teams will be better able to simplify the process of protecting ourselves from the virus, supporting long-term-care staffers and assessment centres and expanding virtual care options.

The locations of these teams are a joke to the people living in northern Ontario. They are located in the Algoma, Niagara, Ottawa East, western Ontario and western York regions. Has the premier forgotten about the people of northern Ontario?

These teams were created to bring together health-care providers to work as one team to improve patient outcomes, the government says. We would like to see the premier and his government work together to improve the health outcomes of all Ontarians. We expect no less during this public health crisis.

We realize the premier may not view the North as a major voting power for his re-election like some of the other regions of the province.

So much for the COVID-19 slogan, “We are all in this together.”

Sue Nielsen, Cobalt, Ont.

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