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Rain expected in northern Taiwan, brighter weather elsewhere

Northeasterly winds will buffet Taipei and Hsinchu, while south is mostly sunny

By Jules Quartly, Taiwan News, Contributing Writer

2020/04/04 13:10

Cloudy weather forecast for northern Taiwan.

Cloudy weather forecast for northern Taiwan.

(CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The outlook for the next six days in Taiwan is mostly cloudy and rainy, with daytime temperatures in the north dropping to a low of 16 degrees Celsius due to the arrival of northeasterly winds, according to CNA.

Citing Central Weather Bureau (CWB) data, the agency said central and southern Taiwan will be relatively unaffected by the system, with temperatures of 28 C in Tainan expected over the weekend, and as high as 29 C in Kaohsiung on Saturday (April 4). Monday (April 6) and Tuesday could see rain in these two areas, with sunny weather set to return from Wednesday onward.

Eastern Taiwan and Kenting in the south are expected to experience blustery winds. Meanwhile, partially cloudy skies are forecast for central and southern Taiwan, according to CNA.

Taitung will be mostly cloudy all week, though it could brighten up on Friday. Yilan looks set for much the same gloomy outlook, with temperatures mostly between 17-20 C.

Penghu and Kinmen islands, meanwhile, are expected to be breezy. Rain is forecast for Wednesday (April 8), after which the sun may break through.

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