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SAIC Joins Hand With Horizon Robotics for Autopilot Chips

On February 22, Chinese state-owned automotive company SAIC Motor announced that it has forged a comprehensive strategic cooperation with Horizon Robotics, an AI smart chip unicorn. The companies will combine their respective strengths in automobile and AI, and work together on smart networked products under the SAIC brand. Horizon Robotics will exert its chip, algorithm, and solution package to provide ADAS, autonomous driving and smart cockpits. Furthermore, a joint team will work on Horizon’s autonomous driving chips to jointly create a next-generation intelligent domain controller and system solution that is benchmarked against Tesla’s FSD.

Horizon Robotics specializes in developing AI chips for smart vehicles. The company was founded in 2015 by Kai Yu, who had previously founded and led the Baidu Institute of Deep Learning. While at Baidu, Yu launched a number of high-profile AI projects, including the tech giant’s ambitious autonomous driving platform Apollo. Yu says Horizon Robotics aims to become “the Intel of edge computing.” Back in February 2019, Horizon Robotics announced a staggering US$600 million in Series B funding led by South Korea conglomerate SK Group. (Source)

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