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Secret to good health is not in our jeans | Brief letters

Your article on the risk of type 2 diabetes for those who can no longer fit into jeans that they wore when 21 is unbelievable (Report, 27 September). Surely that can’t be right? It is a given fact that with age, a thickening of the waist is normal for both men and women. Does that mean that nearly all the population is at risk?

Lorraine Haldane

Hove, East Sussex

In his piece on the film Starter for 10 (27 September), Peter Bradshaw says “absolutely nobody” used the term “uni” in the 1980s. Where I grew up, that word – to the exclusion of all others – was certainly used as shorthand for those higher educational institutions from at least the late 1960s. It still is.

Jack D Stephen

Markinch, Fife

When I was a child in Scotland, the October school holidays were known as the “tattie holidays”, which, given that there were no potato fields in Glasgow where I lived, was probably a great relief to us city dwellers (Letters, 27 September).

Ian Arnott

Peterborough, Cambridgeshire

Someone in Ofgem must have a sense of humour when allocating energy suppliers. Following Green Energy’s collapse, I have just been told that my new supplier is Shell Energy (Report, 27 September).

Tony Rhodes

Ottery St Mary, Devon

When I was a student at Sheffield University in the 1970s, above the loo roll holder in a toilet cubicle were the words: “English Lit degrees here” (Letters, 24 September).

Ivor Ambus


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