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Strathmore’s Who’s Who Worldwide Publication Announces New Members

Farmingdale, NY, January 22, 2020 –(– Strathmore’s Who’s Who Worldwide of Farmingdale, New York is proud to announce their newest members who will be included in their next edition for their contributions and achievements in the many fields listed.

About New Members

Strathmore’s Who’s Who Worldwide is pleased to welcome their newest members who are now part of the Strathmore Worldwide Directory and online website:

Cynthia A. Ramsey–Government/Military

Fredrick W. Klegraefe–Healthcare

Nichole Sims–Healthcare

Nicole Pazin–Entertainment

Alisa R. Saddler–Retail/Jewelry

Deborah S. Bixler–Cleaning

Donna D. Brown–Healthcare

Anthony V. Mattera–Real Estate

Kavitha S. Ginjupalli–Dental

Lisa J. Lawson–Government

Leslie W. Hardware–Government/Healthcare

Robert J. Kelly–Landscaping/Lighting

Dawn F. Jackson–Author

Meliah C. Clark–Education

Carrol Dillon-Smith–Healthcare

Stacy L. Oksenberg–Community Service

Patrick L. Oswald–Nonprofit

Carl Retter–Collections

Sterling D. Schley/Lokkjaw–Entertainment

Michele J. Stebbins-Towns–Animal Care

Joan T. Sprengeler–Education

Tracy S. Collier–Education

Jessica L. Langille–Healthcare

Paula DiGeronimo–Healthcare

Sue E. Buckenmeyer–Real Estate

Nneka Yvette Obi–Healthcare

Robert J. Batiste–Education

Sherri Y. Marcus–Entertainment

Gene T. Hildebrandt–Aerospace

Jeanna L. Saylor–Beauty

Mark Severin Frey–Aviation

Washington Dixon Cisco–Healthcare

Denise D. Young–Entertainment/Psychic

Tiffany N. Manning–Entertainment

Jeffery G. Morse–IT

James Byron–Nonprofit

Misty A. Transeau–Legal

Charles Gonzalez–Engineering/Construction/Transportation

Gershom Sikaala–Nonprofit

Loretta A. Scalcione–Education

Bach K. Nguyen–Healthcare

Leola W. Williams–Healthcare

Andrea L. Forbes–Healthcare

Shadrach Winstead–Publishing

James P. Robbins Jr.–Education

Sarah B. Heinz–Healthcare

Suzanne R. Robbins–Travel

Terry D. Dortch–Sports

John D. Zimmerman–HVAC

Marilu P. Jocson–Healthcare

Daniel Nevels–Entertainment

Nikita J. Griffin–Real Estate

George A. Wallace–Religion

Debora E. Sebastian–Government/Legal

Lisa M. Zuccarello–Biotechnology

Sagirah N. Brown–Legal Services

Richard A. Baraka–Mental Health

Pebbles Riley–Retail

M.T. Tyeskie–Education

Dominic Damiano–Broadcast Media

Lena F. Kessel–Massage

Martha K. Reilly–Education

Marcia Loy McClocklin–Healthcare

Robert L. Sendall–Aerospace/Aviation Products

Robert L. Sendall–Aerospace/Aviation Products

James J. Schneider–Watch Repair

Carl Randolph–Government

Lisa Lee Lorusso Whelan–Nonprofit

April D. Dunbar–Government

Philip J. Grenier–Retail/Spirits

Lael A. Alexander–Electronics

Josh D. Lynn–Retail/Automotive

Maeriel Lucille Smith–Healthcare

Kimberley Ann Logie–Healthcare

Carlotta R. Allen–Healthcare

David L. Brooks–Janitorial

Stephen R. Ogden–Agriculture/Trees

Sally A. Martin Schuck–Healthcare

Thomas A. Craparo–Accounting

Shawn D. Cameron–Medical Devices

Santo Landa II–Beverages

Teresa M. McDonald–Graphic Design

Myra F. Lathrop–Healthcare

Nashira C. Morgan-Skinner–Accounting/Photography

Richard E. Mitchell–Construction

Ramona Moore–Government

Sylvia R. Hill–Human Services

TaFarra S. Haney–Government/Healthcare

Robin L. Earp–Association

Jeffrey M. Newman–Education

LaShondra L. Williams–Landscaping/Trash

Eduardo I. Huante–Consulting

Angela W. Calkins–Education

Rene Blanc Tau Paul–Nonprofit

James A. Carreon–Government/Healthcare

Cortney L. Jetter–Financial

C.C. Lane–Entertainment

Akila Binhajji–Education

Allan R. Peters–Medical

Robin Miller–Real Estate

Jamen I. Burch–Entertainment

Kelly L. Mills–E-Commerce/Art

Ronald C. Plouffe–Transportation/Aviation

Freddie L. Jackson–Real Estate

Lita B. Epstein–Author

Lasha S. Murray–Consulting

Jose L. Rios–Cabinetry

Geries Shaheen–Mental Healthcare

Kevin F. MacDonald–Security

Stacey Stafford–Life Coaching

Naser A. Abdallah–Retail/Pharmacy

Gary M. Wyant–Scuba Diving Education

Tommie L. Marshall III–Retail/Bakery

Peter M. Coryn–Staffing

Calby D. Boss–Retail/Framing

Carl S. Garrison–Retail

Joe Daniel Reindorf–Broadcast Media

Leo E. Briceno–Sports/Education

Eugene A. Brown–Healthcare

Rick Gibson–Education/Fire Training

Lori P. Carter–E-Commerce/Wellness Products

William E. Ferrell–Hospitality

Pame A. Roscoe–Publishing

Richard W. Bank–Biotechnology

David A. Witmer–Construction/Masonry

Megan E. Blum–Real Estate

Tina Marie Jones–Catering

Rosalind M. Burt–Education

Gregory A. Van Houten–Graphic Design

David Senlin Lee–Electronics

Pamela M. Paganelis–Healthcare

Thomas J. Pires–Government

Kenneth L. Newton–Government

Nicole M. Jane–Dental

Nelson Iles–Nonprofit

Lourena Arrowood–Real Estate

Larry D. McAfee–Consulting

Mohammed Ali Ahmed–Retail/Furniture and Office Supplies

Lizanne Flynn–Broadcast Media/Wellness

Chris V. Miller–Recruiting

Lisa L. Hobbins–Healthcare

Tamika A. Perry–Retail

DeWayne P. Hershberger–Transportation

Linda L. Choplin–Healthcare

Safdar D. Enferadi–Real Estate

Nawar B. Taha–Dentistry

Bill Zacchi–Food Service

Dawn R. Priest–Healthcare

Jacqueline H. Faber–Author

Mark A. Wayne–Government

Kathleen M. Durner–Education

Jerry L. Thornhill Sr.–IT

Aaron T. Price–Oil and Gas

Carrie Tilley–Logistics

About Strathmore’s Who’s Who Worldwide

Strathmore’s Who’s Who Worldwide highlights the professional lives of individuals from every significant field or industry including business, medicine, law, education, art, government and entertainment. Strathmore’s Who’s Who Worldwide is both an online and hard cover publication where we provide our members’ current and pertinent business information. It is also a biographical information source for thousands of researchers, journalists, librarians and executive search firms throughout the world. Our goal is to ensure that our members receive all of the networking, exposure and recognition capabilities to potentially increase their business.

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