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Sturgis Motorcycle Rally’s COVID Precautions Seem Futile, Not Enforced

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally
COVID Precautions Seem Futile …
Relying on People, Not Enforcement

8/8/2020 12:50 AM PT

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Though the reasonable, safe and smart decision would have been to cancel the legendary Sturgis Motorcycle Rally … the South Dakota city’s doing what it can to keep it from becoming a COVID super-spreading event, and good luck with that.

Thousands of people have rolled into Sturgis for the 80th edition of the famous biker convention, and it’s expected to draw 250k over the next 9 days.

As you know from President Trump‘s July 3 Mount Rushmore event, face coverings and social distancing were often shunned … but here’s what the City of Sturgis is doing to try to combat coronavirus spread.

The small town canceled all of its downtown events that take place during the rally that typically lead to large gatherings in confined areas … including the grand opening celebration, parade and tattoo contest.

It’s also installed hand sanitizer at every street corner in the downtown area, and we’re told the Public Works Dept. has added a sanitizing fogging system to its nightly cleaning of the high-trafficked area.

A few more lax guidelines from the City include ASKING temporary vendors to abide by CDC guidelines, REMINDING them to physically distance and SUGGESTING they wear masks.

However, we’re reminded that these are just recommendations but will not be enforced … and there will be no tickets or criminal repercussions for not abiding.

Instead, Sturgis says it’s relying on visitors to use common sense and take all measures necessary to protect their own health while attending the biker convention.

Oh, and Sturgis residents who are asymptomatic following the rally can get a free COVID-19 test … so if they do contract the virus, at least they’ll know it.

Does not seem this will end well.

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