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Take nearly 25% off this AI-powered sleep tracking device

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You don’t need us to tell you that sleep is important, but it can be hard to measure how well you’re sleeping when you’re…well, asleep. That’s why there’s GO2SLEEP, a revolutionary tracking device that measures your sleep data overnight without waking you up and without any intrusive masks.

The core gadget is a small, silicone-encased widget that you wear on a ring. Just slip it on each night before you go to bed, and it collects a wealth of information from the capillaries in your finger. That includes your heart rate, body movements, and the number and length of any pauses in your breathing.

With that info, it can develop a profile that will tell you the likelihood that you have sleep apnea or some other sleep disorder, and how severe it may be. Once you have that information, the smartphone app that’s paired with your device can offer you concrete tips on how to change your habits and get better rest. It can even actively help you stop snoring with gentle buzz alerts that are just significant enough to make you shift position – and thereby open your airway.

Normally $129, the GO2SLEEP: AI-Powered Tracking Device For Restful Sleep is available to Macworld readers for only $99.

GO2SLEEP: AI-Powered Tracking Device For Restful Sleep – $99

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