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Tara Reid falls over on red carpet as she steps out in killer heels

Tara Reid was caught on camera taking a tumble on a red carpet in Los Angeles Monday after tottering in high spirits on six-inch heels with two dogs in her arms.

The spill was the latest in a long line of public mishaps that have befallen the American Pie actress and reality star, 45.

Reid laughed off the moment, gathering herself to keep smiling for cameras at the red carpet of ScotWeek at the Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows in Santa Monica.

She told DailyMailTV she was a little unsteady on her high-heeled feet having not been to red carpet events for a year due to the pandemic, adding that she was thrown off balance by her dog Bella.

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Tara Reid attended the ScotWeek red carpet launch party celebrating Scottish Culture And Excellence in Los Angeles where she posed with beloved Yorkies, Beso and Bella

Oops! The 45-year-old actress took a tumble on the red carpet after losing her footing while posing for the cameras  

Tara appeared to be unsteady in her six-inch Louboutin platform pumps after spending several months off the red carpet due to the pandemic 

In the video, Reid greeted the gathered cameras as she strutted on to the red carpet with Bella held in one arm. 

Moments later, her left ankle buckled and she fell – luckily away from Bella – as the little dog tumbled out of her grasp, before she joked to the gathered cameras: ‘that did not work!’

Soon she was blithely back on her feet and clutching both her pups, smiling and posing at the charity event.

Guests to ScotWeek, a celebration of Scottish culture and history, were treated to bottles of Glenfiddich and The Balvenie whisky, and watched as Reid reflected on her dramatic entrance in an interview with DailyMailTV.

‘First of all, it’s the first time I’m wearing heels in a year since we’ve been in lockdown,’ she explained. 

The American Pie star luckily managed to fall away from her adorable pooch and was quickly back on her feet  

Tara laughed off the moment as she gathered herself to keep smiling for cameras

The actress had tottered in high spirits wearing sky-high platform heels, which were clearly 

‘I’ve been in my sweatpants every single day and my UGG. So I got fancy today, but I had two dogs who were trying to go at the same time and it didn’t work out, but we made it work out anyway.

‘I had heels and I had my two puppies and it was a lot to deal with.’

The Sharknado star had an infamous wardrobe malfunction on the red carpet at rapper Diddy’s 35th birthday party in New York in 2004, when her dress slid off her shoulder revealing her breast.

The actress has struggled with alcohol addiction after getting a name as a ‘party girl’ following her American Pie success and reality show Taradise where she boozed around the globe.

In 2008 she checked into Malibu rehab center Promises for 60 days, saying in an interview afterwards that ‘rehab saved my life’.

But in 2013 TMZ found her intoxicated outside a club and a year later she was snapped taking a tumble outside a party in Los Angeles.

In 2016 she was spotted drinking at an airport bar as her flight left without her.

The surprising success of B-movie Sharknado gave her a new lease on life however, and friends said by 2018 she was ‘in a good place.’

Speaking to, Tara explained it was her first time wearing heels ‘in a year’ due to the COVID-19 lockdown and she became unsteady while trying to pose and balance her dogs at the same time

Scottish pride: : ScotWeek is a non-profit cultural educational organization started in Los Angeles in 2020 to highlight creativity, education, culture and charity

Speaking to DailyMailTV at ScotWeek, Reid revealed she had recently even spent six weeks with a shaman in Arizona to help with her healing process, turning her into ‘a true hippy’.

‘We got into all these like shamans and walking the vortex and seeing the most amazing things ever, and I was with these psychics and these healers,’ she said.

‘It just felt right and I truly believe in the full moon and my crystals and all this stuff. I love that. So I feel like this was a big year of learning on every level spiritually.

‘I started getting shown how these stones get along with each other and how they can impact your energy and I fell in love with it. I became a true hippy out there. It was great.’

The 45-year-old was keen to promote her new efforts to build a business as a producer as well as remaining on-screen – working on a new movie called Masha’s Mushroom.

‘This whole epidemic has been so hard on so many people on so many different levels of loneliness, of this, especially with artists, you just kind of want to create,’ she said.

Promo mode: The previous day, the Sharknado star shared video clips of the ocean from her hotel room at the Fairmont Miramar in Santa Monica

Need for speed: Reid also shared shared a photo of herself sitting on a car from the McLaren Racing team on Monday

‘When you’re an actor, that’s your therapy to take out. You use your emotions to take it out. So when I didn’t have that, I was like, ‘You know what? I need to create stuff for myself.’

ScotWeek is a non-profit, and all proceeds of the event went towards educational scholarships and other charitable schemes.

The event, produced by Jane Owen PR in accordance with regulations and on site covid compliance team, is one of the first slew of in-person red carpet events after Los Angeles’ year of lockdown due to COVID.

Reid gushed about Scotland, calling it ‘one of the most beautiful countries in the world.’

‘I have a lot of friends in Ireland too, but it’s right next to there and I just think it’s a great cause. Anything that helps Scotland and children, and everything,’ she said.

For more details on Scotweek visit 

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