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Tichina Arnold Gets Peed On By Goat During Goat Yoga On ‘Lilly Singh’

Sure, goat yoga looks fun until the goat starts acting like a goat.

“The Neighborhood” actor Tichina Arnold seemed to find that out the icky way on “A Little Late” Wednesday. (See the video above.)

Host Lilly Singh, Arnold and her CBS sitcom co-star Beth Behrs did goat yoga, a workout trend that includes live goats, allowing the animals to climb on them as they maneuvered through poses.

But then a totally un-zen thing happened. “Tichina, your back’s a little wet,” Behrs observed.

“Did it get me?” Arnold asked.

“I think it got you a little bit,” Behrs answered.

Respect to Arnold for not letting the moment get her goat.

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