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Daniel Andrews has to be held to account for ‘china-like’ tower lockdown

Daniel Andrews has to be held to account for ‘china-like’ tower lockdown

The Victorian government has “just done what China’s done” by locking up 3,000 people in housing commission towers in order to get on top of the state’s COVID-19 outbreak.

Police moved in, on Saturday, to secure the nine public housing towers placed into a five-day mandatory lockdown by the Victorian government amid the state’s second major outbreak of COVID-19.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has taken the unprecedented step to lock down 3,000 residents in nine public housing estates in the suburbs of Flemington and North Melbourne for five days from Sunday.

The extraordinary measures come as Victoria recorded 108 new coronavirus cases in the preceding 24 hours, the highest since March 28.

“I can’t believe people aren’t more angry about this,” Senator McGrath told Sky News host Paul Murray.

“Daniel Andrews has got to be held to account.”

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