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US Army’s new night vision goggles look like Predator’s vision

The United States Army will now be able to spot enemies in the night much easier with its brand new night vision goggles that have been described as “technology stolen from aliens.”

Last month a short video was posted to the US Army’s Lancer Brigade Twitter account that showed what was described as “enhanced night vision goggle-binoculars”. These night-vision goggles immediately reminded me of John McTiernan’s 1987 movie “Predator”, which saw a team of commandos being hunted by an extraterrestrial alien warrior in the Central American jungle.

Gizmodo reported that these new night vision goggles are called ENVG-B and are different from traditional night vision goggles that show a green background. ENVG-B can quickly adapt to lighting changes and show a white background as well as an outline of the target. These new night vision goggles allow the wearer to see through things such as dust clouds and any other potential obstructions that would otherwise be difficult for traditional night vision goggles.

Here’s what the Army said about ENVG-B:

  • A dual-tubed binocular system for improved situational awareness and depth perception.
  • Higher resolution, white phosphor tubes instead of the traditional green phosphor providing better contrast.
  • A fused thermal imager for better target recognition in degraded visual environments (dust, smoke, zero illumination, subterranean, etc.)
  • Inclusion of augmented reality aspects from the Nett Warrior display.
  • Wireless interconnectivity with the Family of Weapon Sight-Individual, (FWS-I) displaying the weapon site reticle in the ENVG-B allowing Soldiers to accurately engage without shouldering the weapon and significantly reducing exposure to enemy fire.

For more information on this story, check out this link here.

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