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‘Was it Love’ Episode 12: Ha-nee finally learns who her father is as Ryu Jin puts a stop to all the gossip

‘Was it Love’ Episode 12 sees Dae-ho step up and confess that he is Ha-nee’s father much to Ae-jeong and her daughter’s shock

 'Was it Love' Episode 12: Ha-nee finally learns who her father is as Ryu Jin puts a stop to all the gossip

Dae-o, Ha-nee and Ae-jeong (JTBC)

‘Was it Love’ Episode 12 begins with a flash into the past where we see Dae-o (Son Ho-jun) face a horrible time as his family goes through a financial crisis. He had confessed in the past that the reason he couldn’t reveal the truth to Ae-jeong (Song Ji-hyo) was because he was scared that she would leave him. The amount of introspection that we see on Dae-o’s part looks good, especially considering how at this point fans are expecting Ha-nee to get a happy ending with her father.

For Ha-nee to be able to accept her father, we have to be convinced along with Ha-nee that he did not abandon her and her mother. On the other hand, the progression that we have seen in terms of character arc, at this point is better for Dae-o than Ae-jeong. Yes, we do see her brilliant side as a mother, but what about Ae-jeong’s singularity? That is not really coming through and if the show does move in this same direction then we will only get to know Ae-jeong, the mother. Will Ha-nee help her mother rediscover herself or is that too much too expect?

A still of Ha-nee in ‘Was it Love’ episode 12. (JTBC)

In the meantime, we see Ae-jeong shirk off all the doubt that she harbors about the decision that she had made in the past and decides to start off by solving the most urgent problem — gossip. So she gathers Koo Pa-do, the producer of her film, Dae-o, the director of the film and Ryu Jin, the lead actor of the film, to come up with a game plan to prove that all the gossip is untrue and bring Jennifer Song down in the process. 

So she decides to hire the same tabloid that spread the gossip in the first place to bring out the truth and has Ryu Jin take part in a press conference where he reveals that all the gossip is untrue and even says that he will now sue anyone who spreads baseless rumors. It is at this point that Ha-nee also learns that Ryu Jin is not her father. She’s as confused as everyone else and just when she is about to call her mother to check what is happening, her class’ bully students tries to insult her and taunt her, but before she throws the punch, her friend Ko Dong-chan ends up throwing a carton of milk at the kid. It turns into a fight within minutes and another parents-teachers meeting is called. 

A still of Dae-o and Ha-nee in ‘Was it Love’ episode 12. (JTBC)

This time, the parents of the same bully student end up slut-shaming Ha-nee’s mother. They blame her for her daughter’s upbringing and even tells her that she should at least now try to be better. This incenses Ha-nee’s anger further and things are about to escalate between Ae-jeong and the teacher who tries to discipline Ha-nee instead of the boy who started the fight in the first place when Dae-o interrupts. He gets the teacher to drop being an a*****e and that is when he announces that he is Ha-nee’s father to Yeon-woo, Ae-jeong, and Ha-nee’s shock. Yeon-woo is also present in the meeting as Ha-nee’s teacher and this shocking revelation is not something that he had expected. 

It is problematic that the show portrays Dae-o as a savior instead of showcasing Ae-jeong as a self-dependent mother. It is surprising because at the beginning of the show, when a similar incident had occurred, Ae-jeong had owned her role as a single parent brilliantly so this move seems contradictory. Will the next episode explain why Dae-o had to play the knight?

New episodes of ‘Was it Love?’ will air on JTBC at 9.30 pm on Wednesdays and Thursday and will be available to stream on Netflix. 

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