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AUM MEANING: What does AUM or OM mean? Why is AUM important? What is OM

AUM meaning ?

– ॐ – Aum is a natural sound. And it is widely used in Hindu culture. Aum has three letters according to Sanskrit. Ah, Oo, Ma. If we write it in the roman script, it is also A, U, M. Aum. Is a very natural sound. I have talked about aum several time. Ah means Brahma. Oo means Vishnu. Ma means Mahesha or Shiva. So aum is the combination of three powers. Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva. And in Hindu culture they think Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva is God. They think. “A” is creative power. Oo or “U” is sustaining power, operative power. And “M” is destructive power. Let me explain to you in very significant way and scientific way. Actually aum is in your blood. Aum is in your every single and each pore.

This sound, you cannot live without it. A baby when is begin to speak, first word a baby utters “Ahhhhh”. That is “A”, ahhh. Then he starts, after that he start “Ohhh, ohhh, ohhh.” And the first word he utter, most of babies, “Ma.” “Mama.” So the aum is a natural sound. And natural sound is have ability to connect you with the God. In Hindu culture baby is considered very pure. And they consider…they think baby is the other form of God because the purity. That innocence. Looking eyes. Innocence, or it is not polluted yet. Is not have any concept of ideology. Is very pure. And God is that way. So the aum is the combination of three powers.

God is same. “G” stands for generation or generative power. “O” stands for operative power. “D” stands for destructive power. God. Is a combination of three powers. And this sound has meaning or not meaning, but it is very powerful sound. It can open up your all the chakras, especially the Sahasrara. Sahasrara is the top of the head. And that’s what they think the God resides there. I think we have seven chakras in the body and the sound can activate all these chakras. It, this sound, has everything. It can hit your first chakra, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, and top of the head – seventh.

Who invented AUM or OM ?

So basically this sound is invented by the rishis. It was there already but it was discovered by the rishi. Rishi means the person who can see it, the truth. That is called rishi. So the aum is a natural sound. It connects you all the way to the God. It is the combination of God. Let me tell you the real how you can see in your self these all three power is hidden. Look our body suppose. Our body something is being born always inside our body. That is called generation – generative power. Always being born. Something is new in our body. Something always new. Maybe the new cells, maybe the new pores, maybe the new hair…everything’s always new. Something is always being born. And something always dies in the body.

That dying is called destruction. That our pore, our skin – it dies in every moment, in each moment. But we don’t notice it unless it is gone. Unless we see that “Oh, it is coming out – my skin.” So, something is being born always, something is being dying always, and something remains same. Which is being born is Brahma or generative power. Which is dying is destructive power, or Shiva. And which is remains same is Vishnu. Like our memories. We have memories from the past, from the childhood. That is, memory keep you same person. Even though you are changed fully – you are not the same person. But memory connects you somehow.

That is called operative power. That is called sustaining power. So you are all combination of these power. So not only you – everything. A piece of wood. Something is being born in the piece of wood. Maybe the color is changing. Maybe the particles of the wood, atoms of the wood is new all the time. Otherwise it won’t change. And something is dying. The wood, the color of the wood is dying. And something remains same. Basically it is a soil. It is a piece of dirt. So, it remains same.

Let me give an example. If somebody is tired by wearing an earring, suppose it is gold earring. So, now that lady wants to change it. Wants to go to the goldsmith and wants that can you make a bracelet out of it. Says “yes.” He melts the gold earrings and changes the shape of the bracelet. Melting is destruction. That is called Shiva. And new shape of bracelet is called Brahma. New or generation. And something remains same. Gold remains same. That is called Vishnu.

So it is up to you. In everything, in every person aum is hidden. And aum is very very powerful sound. It can open up all of your chakra. I teach it. And you need to learn it. You can pronounce this sound in such a way that it can hit all of your chakras. And they will be activated and they create some kind of colors. Each chakra. And you will know that you are getting hit there and you are improving yourself. This sound I always recommend. All religions in the world, more or less, they are following this sound. In Christianity it is called “amen”. Or in Islam it is called something different.

But all major religion, they follow this sound. It is basically aum. It becomes God. I recommend you all the time follow this sound. It is practical. Just repeating inside of you. Not saying it loudly – it still benefits you. But if you will repeat in certain way it really benefit your…benefit you physically, mentally, and spiritually. That is the significance of ॐ – Aum. .

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