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How To Get Everything You Want In Life… And How To Avoid What You Don’t Want.

This video is going to reveal exactly how to change your life or change your business by shifting what you’re focused on.

You see there’s a truth in nature that what we’re focused on is where we’re going. And I learned this first back on a rafting trip when I was younger. There was this really popular to night rafting trip. It was epic and all of our friends wind and one of the instructions that the rafting guide set is when you’re getting into the rapids, focus your attention on where you want to go, not on the big scary rock you don’t want to hit. So I hear it.

It goes in one ear, goes right out the other. We hop in the boat paddling along, having a good day, and we hit some class three rapids, which kind of scared the bejesus out of me. I didn’t know what I was in for at the moment. And all I can see this is gigantic rock. It’s just right there sticking out of the water. And sure enough, I’m looking at thing and I don’t want to hit that. I don’t want to hit that and I am so full. I’m laser focused on this rock. I don’t want to hit and I’m paddling furiously in the water. And what happens right up against the rock, flips us over, cooler goes out one side, it’s just ass over tea kettles, legs upside down. We’re all doing back flips into the water and we regroup ourselves in the little calm water below. And it didn’t really click until the next year until I went back and I held on to that idea.

They called the rock mother, I believe is what they called it. And I held onto that kind of memory of that, uh, just getting flipped upside down and being so glued to that rock. I just, it just kept getting bigger and I can, I can still picture that rock to this day. And then he said again as we launched the next time on the same trip that you’re later, remember, focus on where you want to go. Don’t focus on what you’re going to hit that time it clicked. And as we approached this biggest rock in this biggest section within this kind of rafting trip, we focused and we focus right on the little channel.

It was a narrow little channel, right where we want to go. 100% of my attention went exactly where I wanted to go. And guess what, missed the rock. Just bypassed it… Didn’t even notice it! It honestly may have not even been there. It was there because I’d seen it years after, but it literally just wasn’t even there. I went. So this whole story about me rafting on how, what’s that have to do with you, your life and your business? Well, what are you focused on? Because whatever you’re focused on right now, your dominant state of focus is what you’re creating more of. And if you’re focused on the lack and the challenges and the health challenges and the financial challenges, and you’re a-hole boss and all the things that are wrong in your life, then you’re going to create more of that. And I’ve got an exercise for you coming up that’s going to help you understand where you’re at with this. But if you’re focused on wealth, if you’re focused on savings, even if you barely make enough to it, even if you barely make enough to survive right now, you put 5% of your income, 10% of your income into a savings account and you won’t notice it at the end of month.

I personally guarantee that I’ve done this exercise myself and that will get you to focus on savings, putting money away for your future self or are you focused on giving value? How am I giving value every day and that’s it. That’s the dominant thought of how am I going to give more valued my people? How am I going to give even more value? That’s what I think about you all the time.

All the time I got notepad in my phone, I’m always ready for for how can I come up with a new idea of something cool to give you that might help you take that step that unlocked you to create that lifestyle freedom that you want? Always thinking about that and guess what? I get these inspired ideas about new ways to help you with that. Like this video right here because that’s what I’m focused on. And you see, when I was younger, I was always focused on the problems. I bounced checks all the time.

I would overdraft my account. When we use checks with a check, right? I, I just, I would create nothing but problems. My car would always be broken. A little bit of money comes into the account. Guess what? Some problem pops up because I always focused on the problems. Now I focus on what I want to create in this world, what I want to experience. And sure enough, the right kinds of things, the synchronicities, the path seems to keep unfolding as long as I’m focused in the right direction. So here’s a quick exercise for you and we’ll give you a quick minute with this. I’m gonna ask you to mentally rattle these off for yourself. You write it down, you can pause it and write it down. Do you want to go like a plus student? If you want to be a pet student, teacher’s pet on this one, go for it.

So name three things right now that you don’t want to happen. It’s not even watch but don’t wait. That’s it. So three things and most people are keenly aware of three things they don’t want to happen. Okay. Now, three things that you absolutely want to experience in your life. This one stuff you see, most people don’t know what they want. Most people don’t have a target set for what they’re shooting for. Most people don’t know their exact number. Most people don’t know exactly how many videos they want to have publish on their youtube channel. I know mine, it’s a thousand I’m racing towards a thousand published videos right now. That’s where I’m going. Blog posts, same thing. Thousand value packed blood, those no rubbish. Basic videos. I’m giving it my all each and every time. Thousand of them, barely halfway there. I’m just getting started. That’s why I’m working on a Sunday when I could be doing all kinds of other things because my dominant focus is how can I put out a thousand ethic videos and blog posts to help you change your life? That’s my dominant thought.

I get inspired ideas that I take action of making the video. Most people are focused on what they don’t want and where do they get more of what they don’t want. And it’s the same thing in our world. It’s called the reticular activating system. I should do a video on it. It doesn’t really matter what it’s called. Have you ever bought a new car and then all of a sudden you look around and you see nothing but that new car and you didn’t notice them before you bought the car, right? And you get a jeep.

I got a jeep and like all of a sudden it’s like jeep, jeep, jeeps everywhere, right? That’s the reticular activating system. It’s a thing in your brain that helps you identify patterns and it’s designed for this and it works. When it’s like, I’m broke, I’m broke, I’m broke. It’s like, Yep, all of these signs for your broke, which create more of your broke versus I’m abundant. I am enough. I have enough.

If you’re alive, if you’re breathing, if you’ve got a phone or a computer, you’re able to watch this on your blessed. I’ve traveled the world, I’ve been through developing countries. I’ve been into 20 plus countries. My goodness, you are blessed. I am blessed. We are all blessed. And if we focus on that, which is the blessings we have, even if it’s the fact that I’ve got a bed to sleep in and it’s a pretty nice bed, even if it’s the fact that I got a car that can get me to a job, even events, I got enough food in my refrigerator government. Good, we’re good. And when you focus on that, you’ll attract more of it.

And I don’t exactly know how it happens, but I know it works. But at the same time, I don’t know how this happens, right? So this is my phone and this is gravity. I’m gonna let go. I don’t know how that actually happens, but it happens, right? We trust so much in things like flipping a switch and the lights going on.

You don’t know how that works. We trust that gravity’s going to keep us connected to this rock that’s hurling through space. We don’t, I don’t know how it works, but I know it works. The same is true with this same principle. What you’re focusing on is exactly where you’re going in your life and that’s what you’re going to create more of. If you want to know where your life’s going to be at in one three, five years from right now, what are your dominant thoughts? Track down all your thoughts. What are you focused on? What do you think most about that is exactly where you’re going. If you thinking about that rock that’s in the middle of the river, you’re going to hit it. It’s going to flip you over.

Ass over tea, kettle in the water. You go swim around and look for them. Beers that are floating around. What my cooler go where my friends at, right? Literally that is if you have stinking thinking, that’s what you’re creating in your life, but you can change these thoughts by focusing on ideas like how can I help other people? You can write down every single day for 10 minutes. Everything you have in your life that you’re grateful for. You can write down on the fact that you’ve got health. The fact that you woke up every morning, you wake up. That is a blessing in and of itself right there. You can focus on that or you can get on Facebook and you can see that all these people are bickering about this, that and the other.

And this politician said that. And you can get engaged in that. And guess what? You’re going to create more of that, right? We’re coming into a political season and it’s gonna be interesting because a lot of the negative, a lot of the news is focused on the negative of one specific person and they’re getting all of the energy and if they get all the energy, all the focus, guess who’s gonna get reelected next time? Because this is how the universe works, whether we like it or not. Just like gravity, I dropped my phone.

It’s on the ground now, right? Like that’s just the way it works. So like that’s what it is. Let’s just deal with what is and let’s leverage that to our advantage. So stay focused on what you’re grateful for things. How can I, how can I help other people? Help your coworkers, help your boss out. You never know where that’s going to go. Help your neighbors out. Help be friendly like, like it’s amazing at what we can create through these small shifts in our focus because again, last time while you’re focusing on is what you’re going to experience and if you’re focused on all of this wrong in your life, you need to come up with ways to shift that focus to what you’re appreciative of.

Gratitude Journal is a great way to do that. Take time to write it out. Think about it, relive those experiences, right? Like daydream about those times in your life and you were just so happy whether it was you and your kids playing at the park or you and your love at the beach, whatever it is, relive those daydream, get lost in those. You’ll be amazed because that by default leveraging this thing that is in our universe, that is they truth of a law of this universe. By default, it’s going to create more of that.

Okay, and I want you to create more of that, which is why I’m taking my time today to try to help you understand how this works. Because this works, whether you get it or not, whether you’ve been conscious of it or not. And that’s the problem. Most people are completely unconscious. They’re living reactionary to their email inbox, to what’s going on Instagram and Facebook and all this other stuff and their reaction and uh, and boom, the news and, and all these crazy, scary dark shows on Netflix. A, I don’t want that to happen. Black men, I don’t want, I don’t want that to happen. Well, when that’s the focus, that’s what’s going to happen. That’s the truth. That’s just the way it is. So shift your focus, consciously fill your mind with great, positive, uplifting books.

Listened to great audio books, listening, listening to the inspiring books, Napoleon Hill, think and grow rich Wallace wattles, the science of getting rich. Um, the law of attraction by Abraham Hicks. Like there’s so many great books you can listen to. Listen to them over and over. Bob Proctor’s, uh, you were born rich. There’s so many great programs out there for you to fill your mind that’ll get you focused on what you want right there. There is content out there that is going to help you get this going in the right direction. Think thoughts like how can I give more value? How can I be more helpful? Who can I help? How can I help? What can I help them with as you are right now and then go make those things. Create the videos that could help somebody.

If you know how to repair a Kenmore x five dryer cause you’ve done it, I’ve done make a video, share it. Some person going to find that and when we just focus on who we can help, how we can help them, what we’re helping with adding value to the lives of others. Sure enough, that’s where your life will be going in in one three, five years. If you do enough of that, that’s the reality that you’ll create. That’s what I’ve used to get to this exact point on that right here and I hope that clicks for you. I thank you for your time and want to a longer than I expected. If you like these videos, give me a thumbs up. Any questions in the comments? Share, subscribe. Do what you do. I appreciate you and I’ll see you in next video. Until then, be well. .

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