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How to reach your destination?

Everything in the universe is made up of atoms. And atoms are energy. Everything is power, And you are power too. You are a power radiator. Did you know that your brain generates an estimated 3 to 4 thousand thoughts every day? Did you know that the amount of electric energy that radiates every day in this imagined process is greater than the amount of electric energy radiated from all the mobile phones on earth? The brain produces electric fields and the heart also produces electric fields. The electric field of the heart is 4 to 5 times more powerful than the electric field of the brain.

Both the brainstem and the heartbeat also make magnet fields again. The magnet field of the heart is five thousand times more powerful than the brain’s magnet field. And that is why you are a strong radiance and magnetic reservoir, and you are creating a field of energy around you. This energy field is affecting everything around you … This power is minimized, knowingly and unknowingly with you, the environment around you and the people inside it … You are living in an ocean of energy, and your guiding device is your thoughts and feelings. You’re like a sailing boat … Where your “body” is the boat, your “thinking” is the mast, sail and haul.

And your “feeling” is air. Depending on the integrated process of all this, arrive at your destination. When thoughts and feelings work together, everything is possible. When the conscious and unconscious mind coordinates the energy of the plane around you, you will reach your destination … You can achieve whatever you want … The way to succeed is not a combination of hard work, good luck and coincidence, which is what most people think. The efficient way is your energy, the vibrations and the waves you radiate … This universe is moving on to some universal formula … Which is just as true as the physics formula. Knowing this formula means acquiring the knowledge of the game we call “life” …

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