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As You Sow, So Shall You Reap / Motivational / Doc Alan

learning from nature is one of the greatest things that we can ever experience within our lives most of us are looking for answers on how to reap the benefits of success and happiness all the answers have already been given to us the problem is that most of us haven’t been able to figure out where to look living in such a fast-paced society losing purpose as we get sidetracked is not uncommon universal laws are designed by God to manifest in a controlled and structured way when we plant apple seeds we get apples when we plant grapefruit seeds we get grapefruits when we plant orange seeds we get oranges it is evident that like produces like even while harvesting after the seeds are planted we must take care of it regularly with water fertilizer sunshine and lots of love as we would continue to nurture the crops as we reap the benefits of having healthy fruit trees from the fruits that God has given us we now have thousands times more seeds to replant giving us more abundance our entire world is based upon this law and is not based upon luck we can see how this universal law works on a physical level as we can see the results that there are more fruits well this law also works on a spiritual and mental level to planting the seeds in the soil to harvest the fruit is no different than planting our own ideas in our minds as we sow the seeds with positive love the seeds in our mind need to be cared for in the same way we grow our fruits we sow the seeds with our words thoughts and ideas understand that these seeds do not know the difference between positive or negative thoughts it only continues to multiply in an abundant way we cannot afford to harvest our negative thoughts as we would unfortunately get an abundance of negative things back into our lives so when we initially plant our seeds we must wait patiently for positive things to occur in our lives there are many times that we may see some weeds sprout up we would normally pull those weeds out of the soil as we are caring for the garden that is exactly what we need to do we must pull those weeds and negative thoughts out of our minds so the positive harvest will undoubtedly grow from within whatever we want in our lives we can have it when we sow our thoughts with a positive attitude all the seeds will be nurtured with success having a positive purpose in giving from our hearts in a non selfish way will give us harmony peace and understanding

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