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Attraction Marketing – Leverage the Law of Attraction in your online business and internet marketing

hey miles here miles Becker calm and this video is about attraction marketing now attraction marketing is kind of a broad philosophy of how to structure your content and your marketing obviously in a way that attract the right people to you the people who want what you’re offering are naturally going to be drawn to you when you implement an attraction marketing campaign the right way now attraction marketing is kind of a mash-up of two ideas first off there’s marketing right and we kind of get it what marketing is that’s what this channel is about and it doesn’t matter whether you’re doing paid Facebook advertising or you’re doing content marketing it stands and this philosophy works with both and then there’s the attraction side and attraction comes from the law of attraction effectively so attraction marketing is using marketing or doing and structuring your marketing in a way that’s in alignment with the law of attraction now real quick before I go too deep into this I want to point out something about the law of attraction if you’ve heard about it before you think you understand what it is a lot of people who think they get what the law of attraction is think there’s a law of attraction is a lot of thinking affirmations hoping kind of positive thinking and positive emotions and that’s it the real kind of tweak that I have on that and that you could tell from my content on this channel it takes a lot of work right like we hold our intention in our mind we hold the vision of what we’re creating in our mind and then we have to go put in the work and we do everything we can within our power at every moment we create our own luck we create those synergistic kind of moments of meeting the right people or encountering the right video that helps answer your question to get you back on your path towards your goals so just to make sure that was clear like there’s a real big aspect of action taking and in marketing that’s what marketing is right we have to put out work product we have to put out content whether it’s your ads your blog posts your videos or your podcasts whatever it is you’re producing content and you need to do so rapidly we obviously explain money many times on this channel a 90 day challenge do a 90 pieces of content in 90 days is absolutely absolutely the way to kind of kickstart your content marketing whether you’re just getting started or you’ve been around for a while okay so let’s go deeper into this law of attraction idea and the attraction marketing idea now there’s been a few books out and videos out that have really kind of caught the mainstream media the law of attraction book by Esther Hicks and by Abraham Hicks that was published in 1985 is one of them and then the secret DVD came out in about 2012 2013 now there’s two versions of the secret DVD if you ever look for that DVD or if you’ve ever seen it you need to make sure you get version one the first one that was only run in a very minimal number of productions and it’s the one that has Esther Hicks and Abraham Hicks in it that’s the only one with the correct philosophies they modified it and they removed her content from version 2.0 in an interesting turn of events the third book and this is one that I think is super important for you to take a look at is called the science of getting rich by Wallace wattles it’s a free book it was written in I believe the late 1800s and the premise of this book is that there is something out there in the world that you can impress your intentions upon and it goes to work assisting in aligning things to help you attract and obtain and experience that which you desire now if you’ve studied any of the metaphysics this makes clear sense but if you’re more scientific and logical minded you can look down the path of kind of quantum physics to understand from a science standpoint how this stuff works I highly recommend the DVD what the bleep do we know to give you kind of an understanding and really I just kind of wanted to lay down some of the the maybe foundational ideas and some of those foundational pieces of content that communicate the ideas of the law of attraction very effectively so you can go get more information on this if you would like I’m not trying to be the comprehensive be-all end-all the basics of the law of attraction is simply that we are all magnets and that like attracts light and whatever your dominant thoughts are throughout your day and your dominant emotions are throughout your day is going to be that what you’re bringing more of to you right so if you are going around in life right now and you’re feeling I’m broke ain’t got no money you look at your credit card statement you’re like damn I owe much money there and you look at your bank account you’re like man I’m not any money and you feel this scarcity of I don’t have that money I don’t have enough money that means your vibrational point of attraction is that of lack and scarcity so the universe the eath or whatever it is that divine intelligence that is organizing things in our world is going to deliver you more of what you’re thinking and feeling about most of the time and I promise I’m going to bring this back to marketing but I got to catch you up real quick in case this is new content for you then the converse of this if you’re feeling thoughts of I have enough I’m supported and you’re thinking these thoughts obviously right I have enough I’m supported I’m good the universe delivers me what I need everything always works itself out I’m okay I’m supported everything’s good the vibration behind that is that of abundance that we have enough that everything is good and the universe is going to line up more of that for you and that is how the path can appear now it can be challenging when our bank account says one thing and we need to keep in those vibrations of kind of creating that new reality which we desire but it’s challenging right you just need to realize there’s moments throughout your day everywhere when you get a paycheck that is an abundant moment you need to feel that abundance right when you get a new subscriber to your email if you need to feel my platform is growing this is working some people endeavor in internet marketing and then they feel like frustrated like why is this not working or this is too difficult or I’ve only got 20 subscribers or I’ve only got a hundred subscribers this isn’t working great that’s what you’re going to get more of but if you’re able to look at every single video that you put out every single piece of content that you put out as a success you reward yourself you feel grateful for the opportunity to be able to record a quick video in nature on your cell phone as I’m doing right now right you these kind of moments of feeling gratitude even if it’s very very small kind of things you’re feeling gratitude for it could be your tenth subscriber to your list it could be your first subscriber on YouTube it could be gratitude that you’re able to publish your first video gratitude is one of the most powerful emotions because gratitude is the emotion we feel when we have achieved a goal or we have received something we desire right if you think about it that moment in which you’re like wow I finally got that thing that I’ve wanted whether it’s a ten thousand dollar month business whether it’s a ten thousand people on your email list whether it’s the ability to wake up and walk your kids to school and be there and walk them home from school every single day because you have a lifestyle business that allows you to do that that is gratitude so staying in a state of gratitude is totally important now I’m going to go ahead and shift this video in this conversation deeper into the marketing concept and how all of this stuff that we’ve talked about applies to marketing so you understand already that publishing content is the job that’s the work and it takes a lot of work and it takes a lot of action how we publish the content is of the utmost importance right now a lot of people are putting out content with the goal to get something from the people that they’re putting content out to write their advertisement might say hey look at my shiny new thing don’t you want to buy it it’s 25% off click here and get it now that piece of content that they’re putting out in the world is designed to get from people and that has unfortunately in a major scale that has the reverse effect and that does not work in this day and age as well as maybe it did back in the day there are times when you can utilize this and I’ll touch on that but how do you want to structure your content it’s giving to give it’s simply putting out the absolute best content that you can with the sole goal and purpose being to help that individual who has found and is consuming said content this channel all of the videos that I’ve put out on this channel is a prime example of that in action right I put out videos I don’t call to action very often in the end I not promoting a membership or a product I don’t do consulting I don’t have anything to sell you my goal 100% and this is true from the core of my being is to deliver as much value for you to help you get positive benefits in your life by implementing the ideas that I’m teaching in these videos I am totally released and disconnected from any reciprocation right I’m not doing this in order to hopefully get you to buy something from me in the future I’m putting this content out to simply help you to give of myself my talents what I’ve learned that works for my wife and I in our real business and giving of that and you may notice this channel has been absolutely exploding upwards of 20,000 subscribers in a year in a very very competitive niche right and the reason this is working is because I’m using the law of attraction prop like principles in my marketing I’m using attraction marketing and this works in every single like I don’t care if you’re selling supplements I don’t care if you’re doing a network marketing business if you’re simply trying to promote Clickbank products you need to structure content and give content that’s going to help people have a positive experience Jay Abraham who is an absolute brilliant marketer and consultant he’s got a philosophy that you need to give results in advance right it’s so important for us to give those results first so people have that kind of experience now if I was selling a product on the back end after I’ve given people a positive experience right giving to give simply to give them a positive experience at that point I can mention and offer my product offerings at that point what I’m doing on this channel is I’m giving all of the information someone needs to accomplish a goal whether apps to get their Facebook Ads up and running or that’s to get their first funnel up and running I’m giving all of that content and I’m linking to services and products that help people accomplish that goal based on the DIY information I’m laying out and I do receive an affiliate Commission when someone clicks through and uses those offers and that’s a similar kind of way that you can structure your content and this is how the law of attraction and marketing can work together so brilliantly for you is it put you in a position to simply give give give of yourself and the law of reciprocation right things will work themselves out for you as long as your intention is focused on giving there’s a lot of people who are so tied up in their current financial situation in their current challenges and their current struggles they approach this internet marketing thing from the standpoint of wow I could make a lot of money I could go get money from this system let me figure out how to get money from people okay cool Facebook adding a Clickbank product boom I’m going to get money and surprise surprise it doesn’t work because they’re never giving of themselves they’re never putting that value out first in kind of like it’s just that got to deliver the results in advance so how do we do it it’s through blogging it’s through videos it’s through podcasts it can be through social media updates right like your social media updates on Facebook or Instagram or snapchat can give value to your audience it doesn’t necessarily matter the channels that you choose with that said I personally prefer blogging podcasting and videos on YouTube not videos on Facebook videos on YouTube because they have the longest shelf life you know the first videos I did are still out there connecting with people who are searching writing each one of these becomes a little asset it’s a beacon of my ideas of my philosophy of my willingness to help and then others find those and they’re like wow finally I found someone who simply is trying to help me great they click the subscribe button to engage with me in the comments which helps my reach they click the thumbs up button if you haven’t already click the thumbs up button that helps get the reach out on the videos and more videos get connected with more people and my audience grows and grows and grows Here I am able to focus on giving of myself selflessly I’m not giving up this information with the hope of getting something in return and that’s why it’s working so if you’ve been putting out content right and you haven’t figured out why it’s not working or you’re putting out content and like nobody’s buying nobody’s subscribing to your list get really serious with yourself and ask are you giving content to give or are you simply putting out content trying to get something from people because if your trying to get something from people your day of awakening your day of reckoning is coming and it may already be here and it just may flat-out not be working because you’re taking the wrong approach because you have to take these attraction marketing principles to heart because this is how the world works right just like magnets are attracted to magnets people are attracted to people who are willing to give of themselves and who are willing to put out those results in advance based pieces of content that is who is attracted right that is how you attract and grow an audience and once you’ve grown an audience a subscriber list at that point you can begin to offer them solutions to their big problems it makes sense to have an email in your autoresponder series at some point that directly links them to something that’s going to help them achieve the goal farther than where you’ve taken them through the free content that is how a business online works when it’s in alignment with the law of attraction and the attraction marketing principles this is exactly how my wife and I have built our first two businesses before I ever even started this YouTube channel it’s been the core philosophy on this YouTube channel and on my blog no one else in the internet marketing space is doing this and if you’ve noticed I’m standing out we’ve been able to connect here through YouTube I don’t pay for advertising I don’t go out of my way I’m not trying to get something from anyone I’m simply putting out the best content that possibly can and ultimately YouTube is connecting with people and then the people who watch it have great experiences they’re sharing my content for more people to find me and it really grows this kind of reach now the coolest part about how this works is when you put out a piece of content that helps someone in their life and that helping of them in their life gives that person like a more positive experience you literally kind of on a karmic level are literally able to receive some of the benefits from all of the people that you helped and that has been my whole goal is to put out as much content as I can to help as many people as I possibly can trusting that somewhere somehow someway in the world it’s going to work itself out for me I don’t need to get from you right now I don’t need to pitch you anything in this video to align with that kind of abundance that is my experience that I we know that I have in my heart that I feel everyday in my meditation everyday my abundance meditations I do I feel that at a core level I don’t need to like go try and get it appears right it shows up for me and it’s because I’ve based everything I do on giving of myself this isn’t the first platform we’ve done it on this isn’t our first rodeo it’s exactly how my wife and I have built our main business that still supports us in our lifestyle today it all was from give give give and then we come up with a product to solve their problems or we recommend a product an affiliate product that solves their problems and then back to focusing on give give give it’s amazing what happens in this world what happens in your life what can happen in your business when you focus on giving to give you’ve got to develop your talents and then you need to give of yourself and you really need to be of service with people with no attachments I think Einstein had I worked with a guy who used this quote and he said that Einstein said it I don’t know I’ve never looked this up but it’s if you tickle it over here it laughs over there and we used to sell cars together and I was a photographer I would help him sell cars online and we sold Harley Davidsons to Germany and Mustangs to New Zealand we sold really really cool cars all over the world and sometimes we’d have a car that wouldn’t move right it was just there was still there the owners walked around on our we got to move that car you know and lose like go take it out for lunch right just go to hop it take your wife out to lunch in that car today maybe take a couple new pictures it needs some energies and we would hop in and we’d do it and guess what that car wouldn’t sell but what would happen is to other vehicles we had on the lot would sell and he always had this philosophy that when you tickle it over here it laughs over there and that was his take that was his kind of good old boy way of understanding and philosophizing the law of attraction because when we take action and we just go give give of ourselves go appreciate that thing go being gratitude for that thing go give of what you know to the world just because you know it’s special we live in a unique time of information we live in the information age when you can grab your cell phone out of your pocket I’m recording on my cell phone right now you can just cut a video and you can give value that can change someone’s life it’s amazing for you to even have the opportunity in this day and age to change people live for the positive in this way so now go seize that go do that and go believe in trust that when you give of yourself and you truly truly give him yourself with the right intentions for the sake of giving everything will work itself out because when you tickle it over here and laughs over there that’s kind of the basic really really broad overview of attraction marketing how it works in the nuts and bolts we’ve covered it right content marketing your 90 day challenge build a simple funnel giveaway something of high high value in exchange for their email address build a relationship with em via email by giving giving giving more positive content more valuable content via email and when the time’s right offer them something to buy that’s going to solve their biggest problems it really is super simple and so many people are making it so difficult on themselves because all they’re trying to do is they’re trying to get they’re trying to get that’s the whole goal and when you try to get from the universe guess what happens the universe gets from you get it when you give to the universe the universe gives to you universe humanity God’s source energy whatever you want to call it that divine intelligence that runs through everything whatever it is it turned these trees right behind me I’m going to for us right now say no green screen for you haters out there think I’m on green screen now whatever it is it takes that seed and helps that seed germinate and that seed germinates into a tree that works in perfect fractal form there’s an intelligence there and that intelligence knows the difference between the oak tree and a ponderosa pine tree that same intelligence that inside of a woman’s womb through the gestation period of a human nose to ears to lungs the right tissue form the bones the heart the thin form in 99.99999% of time everything physically forms the way it was expected because there’s some divine intelligence in there this is the same divine intelligence that you can leverage in your life in your business to create the life the business the reality of your dreams we just live in societies that require us to play the 3d money game so you’ve got to apply these kinds of principles to the money game so you can free yourself and break through that money game to work on your soul’s purpose and luckily in this day and age we can merge those together we can give of our passions we can give of our talents and do so in a way that can align us with abundance and it can align us with abundance of time and abundance of money abundance of freedom and this is exactly what I’m trying to help you do so all the nuts and bolts are already here this is kind of a broad mindset from a different angle I’ve never really come forward with this content before so this was it was totally unscripted I did not exactly understand how I was going to explain it let me know what you think of this video in the comments again give me a thumbs up if you haven’t already if you want to rap about this if you want book ideas or anything just hit me in the comments I’m happy to help the best I can if you liked it let me know I’ll do more videos on this kind of content because I truly believe that it’s a lot of these kind of unseen intangible things that my wife and I have done in structuring our business that have created all of the result right like yes it’s it’s how to publish the YouTube videos and it’s a keyword research on the title and blah blah blah but ultimately it’s about giving value to other people it’s about being of service regardless of what we’re going to get from it just giving to give and that has aligned us with so much abundance in our life that’s what I want to share with you and that’s why I delivered this message for you today thank you very much for watching I really am interested to see what your comments are what your thoughts are so hit me below if you haven’t already and I look forward to connecting with you on the next video thank you again be well

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