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Unleash the Power of Acceptance for a happier you

is Paul here from South are for life calm and today I’m going to talk about unleashing the power of acceptance for a happier you now practicing acceptance is important for success happiness and having a sense of fulfillment in life it’s about being a peace with your current situation and improving it at the same time now negative emotions such as impatience frustration guilt and blame can be reduced or even eliminated by practicing the power of acceptance so on the talk the first little bit about change so there’s a few things in life we cannot change you can’t change your height you can’t change your parents and you can’t change the past now there’s maybe a few other things you can’t change but not very many there are a lot of things that you can change examples would include habits your self-image you can learn new skills you can change relationships you can improve your money situation you can create new friendships and you can change your attitude to life as well now it’s important that we can accept the things that we cannot change and also work on improving the things that we can change however it’s not quite that simple because the things that we can change often take time to change so for example if you’re working on losing weight at the moment you’ll be eating healthily and you’ll be doing regular exercise but you’ll need to do that for a few months before you really start to notice that body that you really want or let’s say you’re stuck in a job that you don’t like and you’re looking for a new job well it might take several months to find that new job so you need to be able to accept that current job whilst you’re looking for that new job or maybe you are starting a business yeah it might be a couple of years before you start to see the financial rewards of that business and that you’re putting into it so in these situations it’s important that we can accept the current situation and work on changing it at the same time so what is acceptance well let’s start with what acceptance is not so acceptance is not apathy is not giving up it’s not surrendering control it’s not blaming someone or something else and it’s also not accepting that it’s going to be that way forever so acceptance is fundamentally an attitude or state of mind and it’s the opposite of resistance so just give you an example let’s say you’re stuck in traffic if you were going to resist that situation you would be thinking things like I’d rather be somewhere else this is a waste of my time and I’m going to be late for this important meeting or you could choose to accept that situation you could turn on the radio and enjoy some Pleasant music you can say some affirmations to yourself while you’re stuck in traffic you could observe the people in the other cars looking for strated and being grateful that you’ve been able to accept the situation or you could be grateful that you have a car in the first place so you can see how this would give you a very different emotional response to that situation of being stuck in traffic ok so accepting something doesn’t mean that you like it want it choose to have it or even support it instead it’s choosing to allow it to be there in this moment and making space for it so how does the power of acceptance benefit you well when you can better accept what is you will notice that you will have less arguments let’s stop trying to make other people wrong you stop complaining you look for the good in other people you’ll notice frustrations is melting away and being replaced by curiosity and fascination you look for the good things in your life and you attract more good things to you for example opportunities and people and I believe this happens because your thoughts and your energy changes to increase your level of vibration by letting go of resistance and be more at peace with yourself so the power of acceptance can neutralize unpleasant and irritating experiences and perhaps turn them into positive ones let’s talk now about acceptance and pain so struggling against pain whether it’s physical or emotional can be a hard area to practice acceptance the only kind of chronic pain of chronic health condition could often feel like it fits into the things I cannot change bucket that I mentioned at the start of this video however resisting or rejecting the pain or health condition will cause you to suffer more so using the power of acceptance may not actually reduce the pain but it will reduce the suffering and by reducing the suffering you can then develop the patience to work on solutions that may take some time and some trial and error to give you some physical healing and it’s also good for the immune system as well so let’s talk now about practicing acceptance so for some people acceptance will just happen naturally over time but it can take a while and there’s a lot of suffering during that time and then some people just never accept certain things in their life and so they just continue to suffer so acceptors it’s a skill and it requires practice until it becomes a habit and by practicing acceptance you strengthen the neural pathways in your brain so that acceptance becomes that’s easier to do in the future so it’s really like an you have it and it’s natural to yoyo between acceptance and resistance but the more you practice acceptance the more you will find that you will accept things more as time goes on now acceptance can be practiced in all areas of life and these include your current experience or reality your health the past other people your thoughts and emotions other people’s beliefs or ideas and your appearance and here’s a little exercise that you can do when you first wake up in the morning which will help you practice acceptance during that day so all you do is you just repeat the following affirmations so the first one is today is good and where I am is good so today is good and where I am is good the second one all my mistakes are just fine so all my mistakes are just fine and the third one is I am learning the lessons that I need to learn to graduate to something better so I’m learning the lessons that I need to learn to graduate to something better and if during the day you’re having a hard time accepting something right now then here’s a great affirmation you can say so right now I have absolutely no idea why this had to be a part of my journey but I embrace it anyway so I just say that one again so right now I have absolutely no idea why this had to be a part of my journey but I embrace it anyway and below this video there’ll be a link to the blog post which will have all those Ephrem Shinzon it so if you want to keep a record of those you can do it that way now another little tip is to eliminate the word should when you use the word should or when you think the word should as well it tends to make you argue or resist reality so for example I should have done this last week or the government should have acted sooner or that person shouldn’t be so angry quite a good thing to do is to replace the word should with could or might or can do or I choose to so now I’m going to talk about acceptance and other people so happy confident and successful people tend to be more flexible and more accepting of others and rather than making demands on other people they tend to have preferences instead so here’s some examples by prefer quiet neighbors but if they are noisy I can handle it I prefer people to be polite but when they are rude I can be okay with that and I prefer people to see my point of view but when they don’t that’s fine too so can you see how this diffuses potential negative emotions simply by a change in perspective now I’m going to give you some examples of situations involving other people that you can also choose to accept so firstly people that work less than you this is a common one in the office environment when you see someone that seems to be quite lazy but still seems to get the same recognition recognition as you do or people that make more money than you especially if they seem to work less than you or people who are more intelligent or people that are angry or rude or ungrateful people so finally I just want to talk a bit about acceptance happiness and peace of mind so whatever you are trying to achieve in life it is probably to achieve some level of happiness fulfillment and peace of mind when you realize that this is the ultimate goal you can often be more flexible and less resistant on the tangible results that are going to help you achieve that and when you can accept where you are see the best in other people and make an effort each day to do your best then you can achieve your goals and dreams and be happy and at peace in the process so hope you enjoyed this video if you did please like the video give a thumbs up leave a comment and please do subscribe to my channel for more updates and in the link below this description as I mentioned earlier there’s a link to the blog post for this there’s also a link to my 10 strategies for your success ebook this is a wonderful read it gives you some really practical strategies like you’ve just learned today that can help you in all areas of your life so I encourage you to download a copy of that as well so that’s all for now I hope you enjoyed this video and I look forward to talking with you again soon

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