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Walking Meditation: Movement with the Mind of Meditation – Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche

People have been asking me about the connection between the heart and the body. Currently, I am training to participate in the marathon run; It is quite unusual to think that a Tibetan lama is doing some sports. Not to mention running a marathon. But the relationship between body and mind is the relationship with running and meditation. Therefore, I am not surprised by this. I mean that I think there is a tradition that emphasizes the connection between body and mind; I also think that in the West, sometimes the body and mind are divided. So when people think of meditation or spiritual practice, They think this is not related to physical alienation. But as far as my training is concerned, the way I understand this topic And the overall experience is that the body and the mind are actually the same.

For example, when we meditate, such as meditation, that is the experience of the whole body. The entire psychological experience. So people asked me, “Can you meditate while running?” I replied: “Of course, I hope so. I have been trying this way, it seems to be fine.” So, you know that this is a question of the principles of the principles of adoption. Because basically you should be able to practice meditation anywhere, anytime. I thought You are using your heart. Once you are using your heart You are meditating. So when you are running, It is obviously more focused on the movement when running. When you run, there is a sense of purpose, And focus, this is like meditation. Traditionally, you can use breathing (out of income), You can also use the idea. And when you run, you have a way forward.

You also have the movements of your feet and arms, so it is a whole body experience. For example, when I run, I always keep focusing on my heart. I understand that my whole is moving forward, Even if my legs are below, my center is here (heart), The action is from here. Then try to keep my vision, about ten feet in front, So my line of sight is slightly down and stays above the path. It’s like a meditation of breathing, concentrated when you meditate, Then, the only difference is that you are moving, and your breathing is much faster.

But I think this is the same thing. You cope with pain, you cope Thought, you deal with all these elements. This is how you deal with it. Some people may use running to think about things and escape. You can do this: sometimes when you start running, You have a lot of thoughts. Just like meditating, when you start meditation, You have a lot of thoughts. Then, once you start running, You begin to balance your body and mind. So I think this is related to any kind of sport, Or the activity is the same. If you are riding, the emphasis is on balance.

If you ski, or if you play golf, No matter what it is, there is a coordination of mind and body. And this is inherent, Because the purpose of meditation is that you synchronize your heart with your body. You use this moment as your basis, so that you are in the moment, everywhere, In the present, now, as people say, peace at the moment. One day, when I was practicing my interval training, I realized that It’s very important to be completely in the moment, as long as you let your heart scatter, Thinking about the long-term future, like how far I have to run, automatically, Sometimes you get bored.

At the moment, it can be very full and full. In fact, if you can live at the moment when you are running, because it is the whole thing you do, Time will go very quickly; therefore I don’t think I ran for a long time. You are tired, sometimes you are concentrated in the situation, sometimes not. People may regard it as A “place”. So there are such factors, but I think this is the same; You know, body and mind, today is generally healthy, you need to do Some exercise. I know that obviously some new research shows that people should try Have a 30-minute aerobic workout every day. I think we all live in a culture that is still, We sat in the car and went to the computer desk, where there was a long time sitting. And meditation really made me understand, Breathing is very important. You know, we humans are destined to breathe.

Running is an extreme example. We can breathe And moving. The more we breathe, the more we feel alive, and the more we feel the mind is inspired, More can participate in the work. So I am not surprised, people go to work, go to work in the gym, Do some exercise because people lack this element. And I think this principle of teaching is there for hundreds of years: you can read This is mentioned in the ancient meditation book, which is about the unity of mind and body. It is called “heart” (shinjang, Tibetan). Shinjang refers to the process or training or development. You have the training of your heart. This is basically the process of meditation training and heart development.

The more you train and develop this heart, the more secure it becomes, More useful. In fact, they said that the more they go to practice, It becomes stronger and more flexible; the body is no different. If you train your body, it will become stronger and more flexible. And I think this is a fact, even when you get older. I talked to someone a few days ago. He is about sixty years old, he said. Because it is generally believed that you are getting old and getting older. So maybe you should Exercise less. So they started not to exercise, but they found themselves physically worse.

And now they have started to do more exercise, and they feel much better. I think this is what people think should happen, and it is true. So I think traditional meditation has long known this, Even say, as long as you keep the activity as much as possible. Therefore, I will definitely encourage people to do some exercise (in combination with mind and body). It doesn’t necessarily need to be As I have done so extreme (long-distance running); although I am currently teaching the middle. good luck! .

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