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What is the meaning of OM AUM ?

What is the meaning of OM AUM ? Do you ever tried to find out the meaning and benefits of AUM or OM ?

Have you been to a yoga class in which they chanted ohm at the beginning or the end of class ohm is an ancient Sanskrit word meaning source or universal consciousness Sanskrit is a language of precise sound vibrations each letter of the Sanskrit alphabet has a unique vibration designed to affect the speaker on the physical mental emotional and spiritual level the uh in the first part of ohm represents the creation of the universe as babies the first sound we make is a it starts in the back of the throat it represents the beginning ah the Moo sound signifies that energy of the universe connecting with something greater than ourselves and if you make the sound ooh you’ll feel it in the top the roof of the mouth the MM sound represents transformation the sound is produced by closing the lips and feeling the vibration in the crown of the head these three phases of ohm are said to represent birth life and death or the three states of consciousness waking dreaming and sleep ohm represents everything the power of creation connectedness and universal consciousness allow the vibration of ohm to cleanse your energy and let you soak into a deep sense of presence and connectedness what does all mean to you leave a comment below and let us know be sure to LIKE this video if you enjoyed it share it with a friend and subscribe to yoga x channel if you haven’t already subscribe to my youtube channel as well for completely free full-length yoga classes meditations and more from my heart to yours namaste

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