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August 1, 2020 | 4: 16pm

Byte, a social media app launched in January, could doubtless swallow up a appropriate chunk of TikTok’s 800 million users as President Trump threatens to ban the China-primarily based mostly tech.

On July 9, appropriate two days after the feds first talked about taking circulation in opposition to TikTok over considerations China changed into the use of it to knowledge-earn and ogle on People, 622,000 net rats fled the sinking app and downloaded Byte, per knowledge from Sensor Tower, a net site online that tracks app knowledge.

No longer like TikTok, Byte is American-made. It changed into created by Dom Hofmann, the co-founding father of Vine, one other wildly well-liked app that changed into bought by Twitter in 2012 but shuttered in October 2017. That’s when Hofmann began engaged on Byte.

Confusingly, TikTok is owned by a Chinese language firm called ByteDance, which has no relation to its equally-named US competitor.

Whereas many TikTok users are in a fright over doubtless losing their cherished app, some are taking the transition to Byte in chase.

Rutgers University junior Rotem Cudkevich, 20, says she abruptly downloaded Byte in July after listening to of the doubtless ban. “I didn’t know what I would conclude with my spare time without TikTok. I use hours scrolling thru the app on daily basis.”

University of Chicago pupil Jake La Fronz, 21, likes Byte for its “increased and cleaner icons that construct it more straightforward to navigate … whereas TikTok can in actuality feel clunky and slower at occasions.”

The design back, he added, changed into that Byte “lacks the cultural relevance that TikTok has generated.”

Though identical, the three video-sharing apps own key differences.

On Vine, users could doubtless myth and put up six-second looping videos that followers could doubtless repost, love or send to chums.

TikTok, which launched in September 2016, enables users to put up videos 15-60 seconds prolonged, but with many more bells and whistles, alongside side thousands of filters, sounds outcomes and the skill to insert text straight into clips.

Adore its predecessor, Byte capabilities 6-second looping videos, but with special outcomes this time spherical.

Byte and TikTok both own complicated algorithms that provide users with a personalised, never-ending circulation of videos to scroll thru. On Byte, this characteristic is known as “Your mix” and on TikTok, “For you.”

Some TikTok users own stumbled on Byte to be a viable backup.

“I heard that Byte changed into launched by the creator of the Vine and I venerable to love Vine so I downloaded it and created an legend appropriate away,” acknowledged La Fronz, of Marlboro, NJ. “I figured it had the risk to be as ample or better than TikTok.”

Even TikTok stars own begun to migrate to the app appropriate in case. Addison Rae, whose TikTok has 53.4 million followers, opened an legend on Byte beneath the title “notaddison” with a smaller, but detached massive, 15 million-user following.

Byte didn’t acknowledge to more than one messages in the hunt for commentary.

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