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The most unique replace for Animal Crossing: New Horizons comes down on a typical hack the place avid gamers forced traditional bushes to endure things other than fruit, a lot like fossils or, most prominently, neatly-known individual fragments.

The transfer comes on the heels of a highly controversial moment inner the Animal Crossing fandom, the place avid gamers had been sharing “Dream Addresses” with one every other, allowing fans to skedaddle to a saved version of their island. Particularly, visitors would account avid gamers sporting islands with neatly-known individual tree fragments to Nintendo for cheating, a transfer that resulted in dream island takedowns, or, at instances, a non eternal revoking of on-line connectivity. Some claimed that they had been careworn or bullied over having neatly-known individual bushes by viewers of YouTubers who made a game out of reporting hacked islands as successfully.

The reporting phenomenon upset segments of the community, because the hack became once seen as merely cosmetic. Gamers who hacked their games knew they had been bending the guidelines, but since Animal Crossing isn’t aggressive, many felt that it became once unfair for their games to be restricted by Nintendo. That talked about, some made a alternate out of disseminating neatly-known individual bushes for right money, since most folk can’t compose them with out working a modded version of the game.

Basically basically based on those impacted, dilapidated neatly-known individual bushes for the time being are traditional money bushes. While this transfer is surprisingly aggressive from Nintendo, who has allowed the same hacks inner old games, like Animal Crossing: New Leaf, it must nonetheless at the least stop folk from combating over reported islands.

The patch furthermore addresses about a other things, per Nintendo’s notes:

Mounted an discipline the place sparkling soil disappears after returning to your hold island after a dream and buried Bells seem in that region as a replace.

Mounted an discipline the place the participant swings their shovel thru the air when attempting to hit a rock placed at a favorable region.

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