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The iPhone SE and iPhone 11 occupy various digicam hardware nonetheless each and each are powered by the A13 Bionic processor, making photos and videos incessantly reasonably identical.

Angela Lang/CNET

Despite the general approval of Apple’s $399 stamp for its current iPhone SE, there used to be a lot of speculation about the digicam hardware. Its rear digicam has the identical specs as those of the iPhone 8 from 2017, nonetheless some theorized that it is going to also need the sensor from 2018’s iPhone XR.

It took an iFixIt teardown of the current iPhone to prove that the SE used to be basically packing the identical lens and sensor as the iPhone 8. Which implies the total improvements to image quality as nicely as the addition of capabilities fancy Portrait Mode, came purely from the A13 Bionic chip. This processor is the identical one chanced on in the $699 iPhone 11.

Since each and each phones occupy the identical processor, naturally I needed to evaluate photos and videos. Up to now, the iPhone 11 phones occupy no longer handiest the very finest cameras on any iPhone, nonetheless one among the trusty all-round digicam programs on any cellular telephone.

The iPhone SE has a lot to dwell as much as, nonetheless as you can behold, it is going to lunge toe-to-toe with its pricier Apple siblings. This comparison shows that in terms of pictures and recording videos, the valid consideration is no longer any longer the need of megapixels or need of cameras.  As a replace, or no longer it is all about the processor.

Technology News iPhone SE vs. 11: SmartHDR makes photos evaluate grand

The combo of the A13 Bionic chip and iOS 13 fully raises the iPhone 8’s digicam hardware to the following stage on the SE. The iPhone SE’s rear digicam has a 28mm f/1.8 lens, while the iPhone 11 has two rear cameras: a most critical one with a 26mm f/1.8 lens and an ultrawide-angle digicam with a 13mm f/2.4 lens. 

Since the 11 has an ultrawide-angle digicam and the SE would no longer, there’s no longer any longer powerful to evaluate. Nevertheless here are a couple of my well-liked photos that I took with the ultrawide-digicam anyway

Technology News img-8397

Right here is an ultrawide-angle photograph I took of every and each my scallops and my traffic sooner than social distancing used to be the norm.

Patrick Holland/CNET

Technology News img-2918

The iPhone 11’s ultrawude-angle lens makes the tops of skyscrapers bend in direction of me.

Patrick Holland/CNET

When I targeted on the most critical cameras of every, I noticed that in trusty light, photos were with reference to indistinguishable. Interrogate at the photos of a tree I took in my yard below and you can no longer be in a location to picture powerful of a incompatibility. The iPhone SE photograph is framed ever-so-a minute little bit of tighter than the iPhone 11. Nevertheless in every various technique (even when I zoomed into every to 100% on a abundant video display) I could perchance perchance no longer behold any various differences.

Technology News cellular telephone-se-left-11-trusty-yard-tree

Other than framing, there photos evaluate identical. The left one is from the iPhone SE and the trusty one is from the iPhone 11.

Patrick Holland/CNET

Desire a behold at the photos I took of some wood slats. Again, excluding framing, or no longer it is exhausting to behold any incompatibility. When I zoomed in, info from every photograph were trusty. Both had dinky amounts of image noise in the shadows of the slats.

The reason photos in trusty light evaluate so identical is that whether or no longer you’re on an iPhone 11, 11 Legit or the current SE, the most modern version of SmartHDR is archaic to route of and optimize info and textures. It also pushes the dynamic range as powerful as that you can take into consideration without the image falling apart.

Right here is the build we originate to behold some differences between the two phones. The photograph below of a tree showcases the energy of SmartHDR processing. This scene has lighting fixtures extremes with sad shadows below the tree and realizing highlights in the clouds. 

Interrogate closely at the iPhone 11 photograph and you can behold the shadows occupy extra detail and are no longer as sad as the iPhone SE. In the sky in the course of the branches, you behold that each and each photos occupy blown out highlights, nonetheless the iPhone 11 has less. Though here is a minor detail, or no longer it is evidence that the most critical digicam on the iPhone 11 handles an outstanding wider dynamic range better than the iPhone SE.

Technology News Portrait mode: 1 digicam vs. 2

Both phones occupy portrait mode and compose very supreme outcomes. The 11 can seize portrait mode photos of of us and pets while the iPhone SE can handiest fabricate of us, which is a gigantic downside in case your an animal lover. With the portrait mode photos below, you can behold that they evaluate very identical. The iPhone 11’s portrait captures extra info. As an instance, evaluate at the hair on John’s forehead. Also, the falloff over the shoulders from in-point of curiosity to out-of-point of curiosity areas appears extra pure from the iPhone 11 and which is also which capacity of the undeniable truth that it makes say of every and each rear lenses to develop the enact.

Technology News portrait-mode-iphone-se-l-and-11-r

Portrait mode photos from the iPhone SE (left) and iPhone 11 (trusty).

Patrick Holland/CNET

Technology News Deep fusion processing for medium to low-light

After we salvage into medium- and low-light environments, the differences between the two phones are even starker. That is for the reason that iPhone 11 has Deep Fusion processing which improves image quality, info and minimizes image noise. The iPhone SE lacks Deep Fusion.

The photos below are of my bike trainer taken indoors in medium lighting fixtures. Besides the tighter framing in the iPhone SE photograph, there is a indispensable incompatibility in terms of image quality. The photograph from the 11 occupy a pinch extra detail, fancy around the wall outlet.

As well to, the backside trusty corner of the iPhone SE’s photograph suffers from image noise in the shadows. I will be succesful to even direct that for indoor and medium light photos, the 11 has the edge on fable of its say of Deep Fusion processing

Technology News Night mode vs. no night mode

Night mode, which is on the iPhone 11 nonetheless no longer the SE, is one more enormous incompatibility between the two phones. Night mode makes say of adaptive bracketing, taking a series of photos with various shutter speeds. It combines them trusty into a single photograph that is brighter, has less image noise and improved info. Fancy the iPhone 11’s ultrawide-angle digicam, your have preferences will dictate whether or no longer having night mode is a deal-breaker. Nevertheless let’s behold what it is going to fabricate.

Below are photos of a tree in my yard taken when it used to be extremely sad. The iPhone 11 night mode appears better in every technique.

Nevertheless that used to be a gorgeous vulgar technique to take a look at the phones. Below is a a minute little bit of brighter low-light scene of a guide, an stare plunge bottle and my pc. It used to be gloomy ample to trigger night mode on the iPhone 11.

As you can behold whenever you evaluate closely at the bottle of stare drops, the iPhone 11’s photograph is sharper, has better info and coloration accuracy. At final, evaluate the creator names on the backbone of the guide. The text appears softer in the SE photograph and the guide’s backbone is a minute little bit of a various coloration.

Technology News Rear digicam video is only about identical

Fancy photos in trusty light, or no longer it is miles on the total hard to discern video recording between the most critical rear cameras on each and each phones. Both phones can shoot as much as 4K, 60 fps and occupy extended dynamic range (aka: “HDR” nonetheless for video). Nevertheless, the 11 affords extended dynamic range as much as 4K 60fps, whereas the iPhone SE can handiest red meat up it as much as 4K 30fps.

Desire a behold at the video below which contains photographs filmed from each and each the iPhone 11 and SE.

Technology News

Now taking half in:
Watch this:

iPhone SE (2020) vs. iPhone 11: We evaluate cameras to…


As you can behold from 4K, 60fps the pictures, each and each videos evaluate identical. Nevertheless whenever you evaluate nearer, the speaker on the shelf in the abet of me appears extra contrasted in the iPhone 11 video. The lamp over my shoulder in the iPhone 11 video is also no longer any longer blown out, whereas in the iPhone SE video it is. That is which capacity of the iPhone 11’s extended dynamic range at 4K 60fps.

To occupy a look at extra videos filmed with the iPhone SE, see the video below.

Technology News Entrance-facing digicam: Extra detailed selfies and ‘slowfie’ video

Videos taking into consideration the front-facing cameras, alternatively, prove a better incompatibility in quality. The iPhone 11 has an outstanding wider front-facing digicam, and or no longer it is succesful of 4K and gradual-mo videos. The iPhone SE can handiest shoot 1,080p video and would possibly perchance perchance no longer shoot “slofies.” Both can seize portrait photos, nonetheless the iPhone 11 captures powerful extra detail (in my hair and pores and skin, for instance). Some of us would possibly perchance perchance no longer lunge away out seeing all those info in their pores and skin.

When it comes to video from the front-facing cameras, you can basically behold the variation in resolution and hear it in the audio. Video from the iPhone 11 sounds better and has extra readability than from the iPhone SE. Again, verify out the video that accompanies this text to see video shot with the front-facing cameras.

After doing this digicam comparison, or no longer it is glaring that the iPhone 11 has a greater and extra versatile digicam arrangement. Nevertheless in many eventualities, the iPhone SE used to be in a location to take photos which would possibly perchance perchance be as comparable and finest, despite being a entire bunch of greenbacks more cost effective than the iPhone 11.

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