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Personnel Fortress 2 has a place with bots, nonetheless not all of its bots are there for cheating. Some indulge in been programmed to search out the cheaters.

It appears to be like this has been a thing in the TF2 community for a little bit of whereas now, nonetheless it with out a doubt’s exclusively after this Tweet that the wider world got some insight into the plan in which it’s all been going down:

Amongst other makes an are attempting, it’s the Bot Extermination Service that’s getting essentially the most consideration, with the appearance of a bot that’s ready to recognise which gamers are participants and that are cheat bots in a spherical, and exclusively purpose the bots:

As Eurogamer veil, this isn’t a finest resolution for the bot place, since the spots being taken up by these “appropriate” bots are taking on place of abode on a server that will likely be utilized by a human player, and that in flip creates a scenario the place video games can doubtlessly be elephantine of bots chasing other bots as an different of of us playing the game.

G/O Media could presumably per chance glean a commission

However hey, it’s one thing, and it’s a elegant ingenious one thing at that.

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