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Nintendo is frequently scouring the web to procure anybody/one thing that they feel is infringing on their characters. The most contemporary plan to plunge to Nintendo’s DMCA takedown is a raunchy Princess Peach sport that has been spherical for 8 years.

Peach’s Untold Myth was a fan-made sport that put Peach in some very NSFW eventualities. The game has been updated extra than one times all throughout the 8 years of its existence, but Nintendo straight away swooped in to shut things down. If you happen to switch to visit the web remark for the game, you need to perhaps well now be greeted with a message about the game being yanked due to copyright infringement.

Nintendo followers on the total feel that the Ample N goes too a ways when it involves squashing fan-made works in some unspecified time in the future of the web, but I deem most of us can agree that an adult-oriented Princess Peach sport shall be one thing Nintendo doesn’t desire their followers having access to.

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