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While you’ve ever idea to yourself: I might presumably if truth be told exhaust a pair of binoculars that might be separated into two monoculars and might presumably then be mixed into one telescope, neatly, you’re in luck. This day Ricoh announced the Pentax VD 4X20 WP—simply rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it?—which is a 3-in-1 tool that the firm describes as the “Swiss Military knife” of binoculars.

Don’t in discovering too infected—there are no staunch knives internal. To be upright, that will invent the Pentax VD 4X20 WP a must-have, but because it stands, the tool sounds extraordinarily cool and helpful.

As binoculars, the $250 4X20 WP magnifies objects four occasions. While you separate the barrels and snap them collectively to turn out to be a telescope, you in discovering 16x magnification. It is seemingly you’ll presumably presumably presumably moreover exhaust every barrel as a monocular—here’s valid for sharing—with the same 4x magnification. The binoculars’ neck strap separates into two hand straps for the monocular motion. Here is excellent within the occasion you’re out and about with a less nerdy friend and effect a particularly awesome rooster or in all probability a Rear Window extinguish predicament. (It’s 2020—literally anything else is feasible.)

Even within the occasion you don’t must peep from a distance, simply the act of breaking these binoculars in half over and over looks so soothing. (I in my opinion can’t quit watching the GIF above.)

Ricoh has one more multi-handy new product also debuting this day. The $140 Pentax VM 6×21 WP Monocular is a one-handed tool that would simply also be aged on the jog to peek objects magnified as much as 6x, but its tools (available a la carte or with the 6×21 for a $200 bundle) invent it much more helpful. A smartphone adapter lets you snap the tool to your cellular phone’s camera lens to device finish magnified photography, and a macro stand lets you use the monocular as a microscope for viewing objects magnified 18x. A built-in LED light eliminates shadows from that understand.

G/O Media might presumably simply in discovering a price

And a pair of $80 pairs of more overall binoculars are also going to be available, within the occasion you will cherish more lightweight alternate suggestions than can amplify objects as much as three meters (a itsy-bitsy over 9 feet) away.

All of Ricoh’s new units jog on sale in September.

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