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He sees you checking Instagram.
Screenshot: Walt Disney Photos

When he’s spent too considerable time in his underclothes playing video games—or observing other folks play video games on YouTube—my buddy Cole imagines his grandfather sighing, rolling his eyes, asserting “I fought in a battle for this?”

That, I mediate, is the spirit that made Reddit user itsalwaysmyday trade their lock screen to a picture of Logan Roy, the disapproving father on Succession. The redditor says it’s been a useful reminder to maintain off their phone. It is possible you’ll per chance per chance originate the equivalent, in spite of your taste in upset parental figures. For you it’ll also very well be:

  • Mufasa, upset in Simba for taking part in in the elephant graveyard
  • Miranda Priestly, upset in Anne Hathaway for dissing cerulean
  • Gordon Ramsay, whispering “damn” because a promising MasterChef contestant has cooked a tainted dish
  • Hank Hill, upset that Bobby can’t throw a baseball
  • Judi Dench’s M, upset that Bond couldn’t maintain it in his pants
  • Maggie Smith in all her roles, upset that any person’s inclined the trail fork, or married into a household who needed to purchase their furnishings

Bag a factual calm picture, and even a GIF, as soon as you need to to perchance per chance perchance luxuriate in to possess an fascinating lock screen. Imagine this character having a leer at you destroy your existence for your fucking phone. In actuality feel the disgrace. Let that disgrace power you away out of your phone and attend to accurate existence, or on the least to your computer.

Fashioned “phones are now not inherently tainted” caveats educate. Simplest originate this as soon as you with no doubt want to maintain off your phone for your possess factual, however you need to to perchance per chance also’t feasibly flip it off all day or proceed it at home. (It is bonkers that folks inclined to dazzling crawl around all day without moderately communication-files-entertainment hub on hand.) Solutions for disapproving figures are welcome.

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