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4,000,000+ Youtube Views In 2.5 Years! Month 30 Content Marketing & Analytics Update –

hey miles here miles Becker calm in this video we’re gonna go inside of my analytics from my youtube channel my blog in my podcast it’s month 30 I have now been doing this content marketing stuff for 30 consecutive months so you’re gonna see what the results of that effort are the reason I do these updates is to help you see the power of consistency over long periods of time I’m currently traveling I got tired of being cold so I flew to the tropics this is the types of lifestyle freedom you can create with an internet based business and I’m still here in the room working because we got to keep things moving forward because it’s that consistency over time so let’s jump in and take a look at what’s transpired here so you can see I am now at eighty six thousand five hundred and fifty four videos pretty remarkable there and excuse me that’s subscriber number so eighty four thousand five hundred fifty four subscribers 479 videos is how many videos I’ve recorded at this point in time and you can see I’m up at sitting at literally two million minutes watched and about three hundred thirty four thousand views now you can see that I’m actually up about 57 percent on my view rate and I’m up about 44 percent on my watch time so what I’ve been doing is last month I started paying for traffic to migrate videos now I’m not running specific advertisements to my opt-in I’m not creating new videos to run as advertisements I’m simply investing a bit of money each and every day somewhere to the tune of forty to fifty dollars per day is what I’ve been running the theory here is that I’m buying exposure to my videos to audience segments who have never seen my videos before and in theory it’s gonna get me more subscribers more engagements more comments more likes more views therefore it’s gonna trigger the organic algorithm better after next month I’m gonna stop and do a really big deep dive on the numbers view duration is down about eight nine percent right now so that is definitely an effect of buying traffic to my videos I’m getting people who are less interested in my topics because there’s you know there’s always that you’re just choosing a random audience and I show up as a pre-roll ad they maybe don’t want to see my pre-read subscriber numbers you can see is up almost 40 percent right so thirty-six point five four percent on that month-over-month so that’s really kind of the long-term benefit I’ve never really been sitting at the 4700 subscribe in a month mark so that that’s a pretty incredible arrangement really and that’s it so the numbers are still going along let’s do a quick lifetime look just so you can see that curve now now they consider the lifetime of my channel to a start when I started my gmail account which is a long time ago the actual videos were getting produced I think my first videos got produced right around here you can see these are my first videos I’m August of 2016 and you can see I got up into this channel took about 6 months of consistent publishing I did about 200 videos in 6 months to get into this channel that I’ve been operating in and now you can see I’ve jumped to this whole next level channel so what it really shows is that there is a fixed amount of people searching for my types of videos there is a fixed size of the audience and I’d been in that operating channel but now that I’ve started paying if I keep paying month after month I’ll remain in this upper channel as well that’s really it man I think it’s pretty cool 4 million plus views I’ve crossed that mark I’m about to cross the 30 million minutes watched which is like 53 years and 280 days which is absolutely absurd but with that said let’s jump into the blog because here’s where I grow to a larger audience segment right there are more people who search google then search YouTube so theoretically the written word on a wordpress blog can actually reach more people in most niches which is why I invest in a team to take my video content and turn it into written content on my blog so you’d see in the last 30 days I’ve had twenty-five thousand five hundred and twenty-seven visitors I’m not paying traffic to this at all so let’s do a month-over-month comparison and you’re gonna be able to see that month over month I’m up about 9% in sessions 10% in user numbers which is that’s great month over month growth but really a better data point is year over year so let’s flip over to year over year together real quick and on year over year so now we’re looking at the last 30 days over that time last year and you can see clearly I’m up like almost 40 percent increase in the sessions almost a 50 percent increase in user numbers that’s absolutely astounding but that does beg the question miles where is this traffic coming from because if it’s all coming from my email list that that’s okay right I am about to cross nine thousand subscribers on my email list but let’s go see it exactly where these individuals are coming from I’m gonna go into the all traffic sources medium report and this is gonna help us see what’s driving the traffic and you can see right here on top Google organic is up 54% so my base it’s actually higher than my baseline so Google is growing faster than the other traffic methods which is exactly what I want to see um YouTube traffic is up 50% also up being organic is up a hundred and seventy percent so all of my traffic is is going in the right direction but this is the big one right Google driving 4,000 more people per month to my website compared to what it was last year that’s absolutely huge let’s do the month-over-month on this real quick just to see if that trend is continuing on the shorter scale and not just that longer scales a previous period apply and again the whole goal here is to help you see that like just start publishing your content give great value to your audience and stick with it for three years like that that is the shortcut so you can see me a month over month almost a 10% increase in traffic right there that’s exactly what we want to see 16% direct that’s probably from my emails is where most of my direct traffic comes from but if you speak out my my video name and then the YouTube you know YouTube is actually down on traffic referral which is kind of interesting since I’m paying for traffic so it shows that that paying for traffic on YouTube is helping manipulate those YouTube numbers but it’s not necessarily translating in more people visiting my site which is just flat-out interesting Bing is going up Facebook somehow is going up even though I haven’t posted on Facebook in three months four months Yahoo organic sup so all my organics up and that’s what I want to see because my pop-up displays behind my content that gets picked up by the search engines so I have most control so this actually grows my list better than any other traffic source which is why I’m investing in that there and then finally we are in here in my podcast and you will see over here on the right I did end last month at 8200 downloads which was a new record so today is a twentieth which means we’re 2/3 of the way through the month and I’m at sixty-five twenty so half of that is about thirty to fifty which means there’s a chance I’m gonna get way up into the I’m gonna get up into the 9,000 downloads in a month mark and you can also see that I’ve crossed in the all-time I’ve crossed over a hundred thousand downloads and these episodes on my podcast are actually the same content that’s on my youtube channel I don’t put these screen share videos on the podcast it’s only the talking head videos but it’s really great because it gives users who are commuting who are working out in the gym who don’t have time to sit and watch a video my users who have kids right and their kids don’t like seeing them zone out into a device they they turn into the hey hey look at me hey look at me type moments but these same parents and individuals can listen while they’re driving they can listen while they’re commuting whether at the gym while they’re walking the dog while they’re doing the dishes washing the car etc etc so this is the three pillar content marketing strategy is effectively what I’m actually doing here right pillar number one is what’s the easiest content for you to create for me that was YouTube videos for my wife it was written blog posts then content pillar number two is what’s the easiest for you to syndicate from so for me my second pillar was the written word and I started by just running them through otter AI or chemi te mi comm to get a transcription out and cleaning up the transcription and publishing it to my blog I now hire a team to do that for me and then pillar number three is further syndication how do I get my video content onto the podcast I’ve got a virtual assistant who does all of that for me I literally just put him up on on YouTube and forget about him and she populates it out to my podcast feed and that’s the three pillar so now I’m reaching three different types of learning individuals right people who like to listen people who like to watch and people who like to read can all consume my content but here’s the big caveat it took me 2 plus years to get all three of those pillars going took me six months of doing nothing but videos before I even add it on my first opt-in page remember I had already built a successful business I was already doing this for seven years before I started my personal channel and it still took me six months of just brute force videos right 200 videos in six months is what I did before I even started my opt-in then it was another six months of three videos a week each and every week before I even started my first blog post then it was another six months of just trying to get all of that activity moving forward and then there was another Adam which was the podcast this is how I remained in the flow state and it’s been very very conscious to stay in the flow state and not overwhelm myself with all of the things to do because if you look at what I’m doing right now and you’re just getting started and you try to do everything I’m doing you’re gonna overwhelm yourself and you’re gonna get nothing done so on this end screen I’ve got a video that’s gonna pop up and it’s the flow state video and I want you to watch that video because it’s so vitally important to remain in that flow state and you’re consciously either in it or out of it based on the choices that you’re making and it’s gonna make perfect sense so click and watch that video next give you a thumbs up if you like this comment if you have questions I appreciate you I’m gonna go enjoy the tropics I’m gonna get in the pool get some sand on my toes down on the beach I hope you’re doing well I hope you commit to creating transformation in the lives of your audience through content and I hope you stick with it for a few years because the lifestyle you can create is absolutely incredible it takes years of brutally hard work but then your life will be changed forever and I invite you to join me in this path I hope this is helpful for you watch that flow state video and I will catch you on the next video until we meet again my friend be well and I’ll see you on the next one Cheers

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