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Big Traffic Increase & Website Stats Revealed! Where Did This Traffic Boost Come From?

hey miles here miles Becker calm in this video you’re gonna see behind the scenes of my analytics you’re gonna look at the analytics behind my blog my youtube channel and also my podcast you’re gonna learn where I’ve been able to get a 28% increase in traffic month over month and we’re gonna talk about what I’ve done the steps I’ve been taking in order to create that increase in traffic ultimately I want to show you the rewards and results from all of the effort I’ve been putting in this is twenty eight months of content marketing so just two years and four months ago I had zero videos and nothing going on on my channel this is the result of consistent effort applied over long periods of time so let’s jump on the computer and take a look at some of the numbers first off you can see I’m at 77706 subscribers that’s seven seven seven right there that has got to be lucky I’m going to go into the analytics if you haven’t subscribed yet take a moment click the subscribe button for me and you’ll get the new videos as they come out but you’re also gonna see now on the videos page that I have published four hundred and fifty three videos total that’s in again twenty eight months and we’re gonna come down to analytics to get the specifics of what’s been going on now I put out a video recently that came out maybe a week ago that was about my approach for optimizing my YouTube videos to get more views and you can see right here since I’ve been doing this work you can see on this first watch time graph that my lows are getting higher so right here my lowest low was thirty one thousand minutes in a day you can see this low here is thirty six thousand minutes in a day that’s a five thousand minute increase and then you can see right here I’m at thirty seven thousand minutes in a day so what that means is my lows are getting higher then you can see here forty eight thousand to fifty thousand all the way up to fifty nine thousand notice there’s an asterisk right here so there’s a reporting error in in YouTube right now so they’re they’re miss reporting the last three days of data so I assume that this little flat spot here would actually have a spike up but they’ve missed reported the data so I can’t really do much with that so all in all my numbers and my watch time are all trending upwards my view duration is a little bit down which I need to work on but let’s do a quick compare excuse me one second so the previous period is the yellow line and you could see that it was about 1 million even right not even 1 million 100,000 and you can see them at about 1.2 million now so that’s well that’s got a 15% increase in in view duration and again their miss calculating and misrepresenting the views right now you can see here it’s about 20,000 more views also just the actual number of individuals coming to my videos so both are up if you haven’t seen the video I’m gonna have a link pop up above my head up in the top corner of this video that’ll take you to the exact strategy I’ve been implementing to get more views from my past videos this is proof that it’s actually working quite well but now I want to go into the blog and this is where I’m seeing the largest increase in my traffic volume you’ve been following these kind of reports where I’m showing you what’s been going on the last three months my blog traffic has been down you can see right now in the last 30 days I’ve had 23,000 sessions from 14,000 individuals I’m gonna go ahead and do a comparison month over month and you can see this is where I’ve been able to get that increase it’s twenty seven point nine eight percent increase in sessions and literally 23 percent more people right from 11,500 individuals to 14,000 300 individuals on my blog so you can see I’ve got this big bump here right now I want to be totally clear I did a Black Friday Cyber Monday promotion that was within the last month so that’s on this month’s data and ultimately I emailed my list a few times driving them to a page on my site so a lot of this traffic is from the email and we’re gonna go break down the different traffic varieties but I want to show you a year-over-year comparison because what that does is it will show you the inclusion and you can see it here this was the orange line was the Black Friday Cyber Monday promotion last year and the blue one was from this year so this is a more similar kind of a situation and you can see even year-over-year I’m sitting at fourteen point six percent increase in sessions sixteen percent more users almost 30 percent pageviews the number of pages per session is up over two on average these are all really good metrics this means the blog health is go in the right way so what have I done to do this well the first thing we want to go look at is where are these people coming from so I’m gonna go under acquisition and then I’m gonna go to all traffic source slash medium and I’m gonna turn off the year-over-year comparison for right now I just want to look at where people are coming from as my baseline right from from this current month and you can see that Google organic traffic is sending about 61% 50 or excuse me Google traffic is 43 percent of traffic the direct is about 32 percent which is probably coming from my emails and then YouTube is 17 percent of traffic let’s run the month-over-month comparison now and it’s gonna give us the the specifics on where that traffic’s coming from and you can see in the last month over 21% more traffic is coming from the search engines now remember if we’re counting how many people reach the site based on my email which would be the direct here from me emailing my list that is up 21% but over 21% increase from Google as well that’s the whole goal of a blog right we write our blog we get our site map tied into Google search console in order to get the Google spiders on our site so Google can connect its viewers with our content so what have I been doing well number one it’s this relentless non-stop focus on consistent content over long periods of time my content team and myself have been publishing to my blog at a fervor ish pitch right we’re literally publishing three to four posts per week so we’re we’re feeding the algorithm we’re feeding the search engine spiders lots of great content I’ve been on I’ve been pushing my content team to always improve the quality of content better headlines better descriptions better content better hooks better imagery everything I’m always seeking to get better at what we’re doing but then you might remember about three months ago I put out a video where I talked about SEO silos and then I showed you my SEO silo audit where I did it a little tagging structure and I integrated some new tags and new tag based pages to categorize my content and relinked it into SEO silos if you know what I’m talking about when I say SEO silo there’s gonna be another link that pops up at the very top of the video click that it’ll open my SEO silo video in a new tab that’s the other thing that I’ve been working on is essentially interlinking my content to connect the relevant pieces of content with each other this is kind of a manual and laborious process but it works and there’s usually a bit of a delay in from when you actually create that content to when you actually or when you create those kind of links that web of links on your site to when you see the results and the true the same is true for your content there’s a delay from when you publish content generally until it gets ranking it finds its home on the search engine results page and it gets to drive traffic back just for fun since we’ve been looking at the year over year as well let’s take a quick look at what the year-over-year numbers are here and you can see year-over-year my Google traffic is up 26% the direct traffic is spot-on even so that means I’ve sent about as many people to my site for my email list as I did before you can also see that my YouTube traffic is up over 60 percent year-over-year so within this kind of 15 percent increase I’ve experienced year-over-year the two biggest increases are from the sources of traffic I value most from Google directly and from YouTube these are search engines driving people who have never been to my site before over to my site so I can actually kind of connect with them share with them give them the pop up offer to get on my list etc on that note my email list right now is at seven thousand nine hundred and fifty subscribers I’m gonna round that off and say that I’ve now hit the eight thousand subscriber mark which is a great continued growth of my list and next up we’re gonna go inside of the podcast so the podcast has been growing very consistently I’m still publishing a lot of my great content from the YouTube videos on to the podcast not these videos where I share my screen but the ones that are just me talking and sharing an idea all of those hit my podcast it’s 100% hands-off for me my virtual assistant the Philippines takes care of this for me and you can see last month I increase from October at 7,000 visits to 7400 visits in November and right now we’re about two thirds of the way through the month which means we have one third of the month left and some rough kind of like back of the napkin math on that I assume that I’ve got about about 2,000 more 2,500 more visits that will be coming to my site maybe even 2,600 visits so the rough math on that puts me at about 70 900 downloads in the month possibly might be able to crack the eight thousand downloads in the month if you haven’t subscribed my podcast go search miles bechler I’m on the podcast feed you can get my knowledge bombs while you’re driving commuting walking the dog at the gym doing whatever you do but ultimately what’s really cool to me here is that I’m now at the 84,000 downloads this is again the same content it’s a hands-off process for me it’s just connecting with people who are busy and don’t have time to watch these YouTube videos and yet another opportunity for me to just create a touch point with another segment of my audience because generally speaking and this is why I like the three pillar content marketing strategy which is what I’ve implemented here right pillar one is the YouTube videos pillar two is the blog pillar number three is the content that goes out on the podcast because generally every person prefers to kind of consume content in a different way there’s people who love to read there’s people who love to watch videos there’s people who love to listen while they’re doing other things whether it’s doodling or walking a dog or washing the car etc etc so I’m not necessarily limiting my reach when I syndicate my content out through the other pillars of the game right so what I’m actually doing is I’m reformatting my content to be easier for that learning style to connect with my messages and this is really one of the big reasons why my platform is growing is because I’m actually growing right now on three separate pillars three separate platforms I stay focused on creating the best YouTube videos that I can and I built teammates and systems around me in order to get that content onto my blog onto my podcast channel and you can see everything is up now it’s not one big thing I didn’t go do something major in the last month that I wasn’t doing in the three previous months when my traffic was down it’s the little things I stayed consistent I didn’t doubt the process I didn’t doubt the path when I was having my 10% and 11% down months I actually doubled down on that which I knew would work which is more great called quality content better optimization going back into my titles to my descriptions to my images right to my YouTube images my cover images to optimize them to get even more clicks that drives more traffic more traffic comes back to my site my list grows ultimately my business grows the big key takeaway for you here is that consistent efforts over long periods of time are what create positive results in your business I hope this video has been helpful if you have questions for me get at me in the comments below I’m happy to answer your questions about my analytics or your analytics or anything about the process or the three pillars strategy I’ll put the links that popped up above in the district so you can click on those if you didn’t see them when they popped up and ultimately I just thank you for your time it’s December 21st we’re on the the winter solstice it’s the shortest day of the year here in North America so we’re gonna start our March back up to the longer days towards spring I’m super excited excited to keep these videos going to help you grow the business of your dreams in 2019 and beyond on that note I’m gonna call it thank you happy holidays and I’ll see you on the next video

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