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Keyword Research With Google’s Keyword Planner – Keyword Results In Seconds!

hey miles Beckler here again in this video you’re gonna learn how to do basic keyword research using Google’s free keyword planner tool now this is really really powerful and it’s really important for you to consider at all aspects in all stages of what you’re doing what people are searching for whether you’re naming a YouTube video or a blog post or a product or a giveaway you want to go ahead and reference this tool to try to understand what are people searching for because the easy button is give people what they’re searching for and make it excellent and you’ll get shared picked up and everything will work so there’s no real trickery here but we’re just gonna use this as an insight to the mindset of our target market now I’m gonna move myself out of the way and in the last video I kind of covered what my 30-day challenge had been doing so we’re gonna do keyword research for that video I’m about to publish that here in a second I figured I went straight to this tool okay I got to share how I named my videos and get words from my description so the first thing I do is I go to the keyword planner by just searching it literally I still to this day just search it it shows up it’s Adwords slash Keyword planner it is gonna require me to log in oh so I’m already logged in which is great now if you don’t have an AdWords account yet that’s okay yeah this is a free tool but they’re going to block you out if you don’t have an AdWords account so just set up an AdWords account set up your first ad they make you put your credit card in once that’s done turn off the first ad you don’t actually run any ads it doesn’t you don’t have to write anything just lorem ipsum you know just gibberish in the ad set because once you’ve actually put your credit card into the system even if you haven’t paid then you get access to all their free tools you may actually have to pay a dollar to I’m not sure whatever it is it’s worth it I’ve been using this tool or whatever variant of this tool Google allows or has available for over 10 years and I literally can attribute a ton of my success to the fact that every time my wife or I put out content whether it’s a video a blog post a podcast or anything or a product we’re looking at this tool what are people searching for so the first place you go is right here find new keywords get search volume data I’m gonna click the search new keywords now I’m not going to use this tool on a show for a quick second but if you have a competitor someone who’s doing exactly what you want from the come back to our competition research videos and if you found them and you’re like okay what keywords are they ranking for what are they doing really well you can just enter their website right here and Google will show you all keywords associated with that website but for this video right now I just really want to show how I do my research so the video I’m trying to title was it’s about my 90 day challenge but it’s about a 30 day challenge it’s kind of like a marketing challenge and if videos on YouTube right so just bear with me for a quick second I’m gonna bang out a few key words here we just put one per line and use enter to get through so perfect that’s it now I’m gonna scroll down and click get ideas so just a few basic broad two-word phrases is what I was searching for right 30 day challenge 90 day challenge WordPress because I WordPress websites I’m just curious write blog challenge although I’m doing a video challenge it everything I talked about was very pertinent to blogs so right off the top I’m seeing instantly more people search for a 30 day challenge than a 90 day challenge like massively that’s over 10x right so that’s a magnitude stronger search volume right there YouTube challenge does actually get searched which is interesting now this suggested bid if I was to place an ad for this item this is what I would expect to pay per click one thing I’m noticing is that the cost per click on the 30 day challenge is way less than the 90 day challenge so there’s a reason to that competition these numbers or excuse me these phrases it’s low medium or high this is only in reference to paid traffic on this system so like this doesn’t mean that there’s low competition for a YouTube video about the title it doesn’t mean if it says hi that it’s a bad place to go into I literally ignore this I like to see a number here but I really don’t care at all all I’m looking for is this average monthly searches and I just clicked it excuse me so I can sort with the highest up top excuse me had to mute out a cough there and you’ll see that out of my ideas I’m already thinking 30 day YouTube challenge could be my title 30 day YouTube video challenge could be a very good title but let’s scroll down because below so these were the ideas right here that I came up with and below Google gives me what they think makes sense so instantly I’m noticing how to lose weight weight loss AZ so these aren’t extremely relevant so I’m gonna go over here on the keyword options and I click that button and see this one the top one only show ideas closely related to my search term I’m gonna turn that on I’m gonna click Save and I’m gonna click get ideas again I don’t exactly know why it balked it should have refreshed all that right away perfect so now what I did is I just had only show me closely related ideas right I don’t want a Z or whatever that is so now I’m noticing workout challenge challenge ideas Google online marketing challenge very interesting YouTube challenge ideas 30-day cardio so what I’m able to tell by this right now is it sounds like it’s a big-time exercise thing and that makes perfect sense right like the the 90 day workout challenge the 30 day workout challenge if you want to change your body in 30 days or you got a wedding coming up in 90 days and bla bla bla so that kind of makes sense if I wanted to go deeper I could put in these filters right oops excuse me I totally lied about that um negative keywords so the negative keyword tab now I can say body weight loss I can tell it don’t include phrases that have these words photo workout I’m gonna click Save and now it’s gonna refresh again and I honestly play with this tool for I mean in my lifetime I hundreds of hours easy I’m always on this tool because this tool gives me the insight to what people are looking at so I’m noticing I like the Google online marketing challenge idea that’s kind of cool so it’s again it’s exercises cardio so now in this one I’m not getting anything fantastic from the recommendations from Google or the keyword ideas from Google and part of that is because it seems to be dominated in the weight loss area now that’s fine what I really wanted to know was are people searching for 30 day or 90 day challenges more because when I name my video based on 30 day challenge right if this keywords in my title if I use 30 day challenge repeatedly in my text if I essentially optimize my video for 30 day challenge versus 90 day challenge I’ve got ten times larger audience now a lot of these people are searching for weight loss stuff this that the other that’s fine I’m okay with that I just wanted to know do I do I name at a 30 or do I name at 90 so right now it’s 30 and I love that YouTube and video are here so what I’m gonna do for my video and what I now get and why I came to this tool is my video is gonna be called 30 day YouTube video challenge I might sneak marketing in there but in the description of my video I’m gonna use 30 days I’m gonna use all of these phrases directly as they are I’m gonna mash them up to combine a few of them for my title but in the actual long text of the description on that last video I’m gonna use every single one of those in my description that way when people search for these kinds of phrases my video has a high likelihood of coming up because there’s relevance to my video and these phrases based on the title and description I’ve created and that’s the trick to the game is creating relevance in the eyes of Google and YouTube is obviously owned by Google YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world so all of this data that we’re looking at right here totally applies to YouTube as well it’s just a scaled-down version of the numbers so I expect the trend I expect the averages and the difference between these to be very similar on YouTube which is why I’m basing my data on this so that’s it for the video this is how you use the simple keyword planner tool this again it’s a free tool it is an amazingly powerful tool because you got to research what you’re putting out you got to make sure what you’re creating whether it’s a product a blog post of video are relevant to what people are searching for if you’re creating things that aren’t relevant to what people are searching for guess what no one’s gonna find you if you create highly relevant focused content time and time again on phrases that people are searching you will drive traffic so this is a really powerful tool in the 30 day and the 90 day challenge but it’s also just a great tool in your tool belt as an internet marketer again I’m Miles bechler go ahead and leave me a comment below let me know what you thought of this video and click on subscribe above so you can get the next videos in the series when they come out I thank you very much for your time go forth use this tool it can really really really help your business it can help you grow as an online market or much more quickly than if you don’t and thank you again for your time have a great day

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