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Learn SEO! Free SEO Training Course Created In December And Updated For 2019!

this is a live SEO class SEO is search engine optimization and I taught what I’m about to teach you at my abundant circle event and we had a girl there who she’s a funded startup she has a big team she’s been to some big-time internet marketing and specifically some SEO conferences and when I laid this plan out for her she took a look at how her team was approaching their kind of on-page search engine optimization and she was missing a lot of these pieces and it clicked with me that there’s a lot of people out there teaching all the the ninja the super advanced stuff but like man foundation right like fundamentals are key if you’re in the sports like fundamentals are key so what we’re gonna go over is what I consider the fundamentals of SEO here um this is kind of like the 80% that if you just master this that’s the 80/20 right if you just do this stuff over and over and over and you stick with a content marketing kind of game plan over time you will achieve success this is the stuff my wife and I do that’s helped us generate literally I mean we get millions and millions and millions of visits per year to our websites and it’s knowing this so I’m just gonna go glance one more time of the chat you guys my my friends here in the chat I’m glad to hear everybody can can hear me now you guys are my help in the chat if we get people who were coming in spamming links spamming services hit that like knock him out get him out of there hit the spam report of a spam quick I report people who spam all the time in comments so help me keep that clean once we’re done with this I am going to go into question and answer so I’m gonna lay this out we’re gonna look at how this applies to a blog and how this applies to YouTube and then I’ll do some question-and-answer to make sure I’ve I’ve effectively communicated this with you I don’t know maybe hour hour and a half and I’m excited to be here with you thanks for spending your Saturday morning with me unless you’re on the other side of the world it could be Saturday night it could be I don’t even know and where are you guys would be curious let me know throw some shout outs of where you’re at I know I’ve got the south of the US you probably got snow on which is absolutely amazing to know there and I’m excited so yeah like thumbs up helps the chat helps getting the word out if you know anybody on social media who should be kind of picking up on this any small business owners any marketers any entrepreneurs and you want to preneur go grab the link real quick and throw it out and put that link up in social media send it out to Twitter wherever your active let people know I’ve got London Florida Israel Canada Indonesia I was just in Bali nice France Francois 2 upon France Toronto snowy Michigan Cambodia Miami Florida Canada Colorado London England Tennessee Singapore Chicago Palm Springs South Africa this is amazing ok so videos lose and we’ll focus I’ll try not to move Malaysia California Somalia West South Africa Pakistan Houston Texas videos audio focusing all right so we might have to deal with this audio for auto focusing deal right now not sure why that is Romania Somalia Illinois San Diego Mississippi the UK on booters this is absolutely amazing you guys I’m so impressed I’m humbled to be able to do this we had 102 people on India Pakistan Dominican Republic Honduras the Netherlands Wow the UK cool um that’s enough pre pre stuff let’s let’s jump in Latin America forever yeah I put her vida I like that so great we’re gonna jump in I’m gonna get the chat window off so I’m not confusing myself now I can see what’s going on with you guys I got my kind of monitor down here you guys are right here and this is where the information is gonna go down so yesterday I mentioned in my email and in some of the posts that put up about this there is a prerequisite for this course and that prerequisite is the keyword research video that I did if you search my channel for keyword research it’s about an hour long video that I taught my exact method for keyword research what we’re doing today is we’re taking the steps beyond keyword research we’re taking what information did we get back from that keyword research tool and the goal from here is do we actually what do we do with these keywords right so what I’m gonna do here real quick is I want to do I’m gonna write a few kind of key words up here because the way you should figure it out is you should always have about two to three key words for every post but they need to be the exact same thing said different ways right so a post or a video should be on one topic and we’re gonna use this one so learn SEO had the highest numbers for me when I did keyword research on what am I gonna actually title this video was it’s SEO master class SEO webinar learn SEO was the biggest and baddest keyword for my kind of goals here now I was ignoring and am ignoring for this example the competition side of the keyword again I discussed that at depth I just need something to use as my example here for you guys so that was the first one the second one was SEO training and then third one was SEO course now these were essentially one two three right and when I say one two three I’m basing that very specifically off of the search volume so one two three so these are my goals right like if I rank for one either all of these I’m absolutely stoked and that really needs to be your first kind of focus while that focus is going in and out I will fix that over time but we’re just getting started here so my goal ultimately is to rank for this but I know that Google also sees this and this as super relevant to the main topic so what I create now and I’m doing that with you guys is I’m creating a piece of content focused on learn SEO SEO training SEO course now I’m obviously making a video to start but this will turn into a blog post I will have my team Josh if you’re on good to see it if not I’m sure you’ll catch the replay I’m having my team transcribe this through Trent and turn it into written content I’m gonna start with the act WordPress side of things I’m gonna start and lay out how I do this with a blog post and then we’ll also do how I lay this data out for a YouTube video so if you’re doing a 90 day content challenge if you’re just on that marathon runners pace and you’re using content marketing this is like your best practices for SEO so let’s jump right in and let’s kind of get started here so what I’m going to do is I’m gonna draw this out in a way that I want you to visualize what’s going on so here we’re gonna start with the format of a WordPress page visually so that’s your WordPress page now I think it’s really important if you’re on WordPress for everybody to be using the Yoast plug-in it’s a free plugin I don’t use their paid updates Yoast is what allows you to control the main kind of what’s called metadata it’s the data behind the data what we’re gonna do is this is the page this is everything you can see on your page the metadata is the stuff that’s off page and the metadata is similar for YouTube and for your blog so the first thing you need to do is come up with a title right so a title goes in when you actually kind of write up your blog post the first thing you have to do is title your page that title needs to have your main keyword as close to the very front as humanly possible if you can get your secondary or third tertiary keywords in and in that title as well in a way that reads really well to humans you’re gonna be kind of above kind of steps above on the game right there so what I did is learn SEO free SEO training course and then the date and the date I put in because it’s really specific to YouTube because I’m people who see that to know that it’s live right now I’m I’m pushing the live thing so for the title here it could be learn SEO the best free SEO training keeps you from buying an overpriced SEO course that could be my title Yoast is going to show you how many characters you have you want to make sure you’re within their character limit but you want to make sure you’re using as many characters as you can you don’t want to be titling your posts learn SEO and that’s it because you’re wasting a lot of this kind of real estate here now the title is probably one of the most important indicators to Google and YouTube on what your content is about and the same rule applies for your YouTube video so I’ll even draw will do YouTube here right so I’ll draw a YouTube this is gonna be our YouTube so we got title goes there there’s our video there’s stuff and we’ll put those as tags so the title is the absolute kind of biggest way for you to say hey this is exactly what my content is about so for the title for this learn SEO the best SEO training that negates the need for an SEO course or learn SEO the best SEO training course for free online for 2018 now you notice when I did that last one I blended SEO training and course together I don’t need to have exact match keyword phrases everywhere in fact that’s rarely readable and that rarely makes sense to people what really makes sense is to make sure your number one goal is to make it readable and understandable to humans your number 2 goal is to make sure these keyword phrases are in there as often as possible so title and title I’m gonna leave that off will draw more on this here in a second so the first thing is a title number two and this is blog only your description number three URL okay the number two is your description now this is something you set inside of the Yoast plugin that’s below at the bottom of your wordpress post editor there’s an area it’ll automatically pull some content from your posts that you put in you always want to rewrite over that now I kind of skipped a little bit here but it comes into play here as well in writing your titles and your descriptions you want to use a little bit of copywriting persuasion because you want to compel visitors on Google who are searching for your keyword phrase you want them to compel you want to compel them to choose you right so you need to use good headlines headlines that get people to take action that’s why in the learn SEO the best FREE SEO training that negates an SEO course like you’re talking to their mindset of I don’t want to buy anything I just want the best free training I possibly can they see yours they read that in your description after searching for SEO training they’re like wow this person gets me the copywriting side of that works so they click and they go on because both YouTube and Google are monitoring your click-through rates and when you have higher click-through rates than the people above you often that’s enough to get you to go above up up and kind of jump over them in the search engine results so in your title and description and your URL we want two goals number one is the keywords but number two is to have it be compelling now you have I believe a hundred and sixty characters for the description and again you want to get that keyword main keyword towards the beginning of your description when possible and make sure that is compelling content that’s gonna get them to actually click I spent a lot of time on this personally I spend a fair amount of time thinking about this because if you write titles that are SEO optimizing keyword optimized but they don’t compel people to click you’ll never get the rankings because if everyone around you is getting more clicks than you Google and YouTube will eventually kind of put you lower and lower and lower and lower in the rankings because other people are getting more clicks they see the click-through rate from the search engine results page as a positive engagement so you need to show them that so studying books Victor Schwab’s got a book called how to write a good advertisement you can get it on Kindle for like nine bucks or five bucks I was written in the 1940s and he covers like a hundred of the most famous or most the best headlines of the 1940s but he doesn’t just use them he talks about why they’re compelling and that’s that’s that’s the big part that’s difficult to teach is it’s the why behind the words it’s the mindset that the users in when you you link this there searching for learn SEO because they have a business problem they realize that they’re not getting any traffic and the SEO is the barrier for them to get more traffic so when you enter that conversation they’re having in their head with your title and your description the likelihood of them jumping into your content versus your competitors content goes up significantly and that’s that’s really the trick to the beginning the URL you can just get your keyword in it right so for this I would totally just go with like forward slash learn – SEO so it’s human readable it’s really neat and tidy it would be miles vector column for size you learn – SEO I’ve got my click funnels – alternative is that one obviously optimize for that phrase how to advertise on Facebook just how – to – advertise on Facebook to get this working you need to go into your permalinks setting and I set the permalinks setting to automatically pull my keyword or excuse me my title and it’ll put the full title in but then down in the Yoast settings you’re able to override what it default pulls and I just make sure I’ve got that dialed in before I jump on now this is meta data which means it’s data behind the data we haven’t even gotten on the page yet we’re just filling out the basics this is at the very top of your editor on WordPress these two are down below the actual content area in the Yoast box that’s below the content editor so I often end up doing these last I’ll kind of start with the title I’ll go into my content and then I do these last but I figured we talked about that metadata and then really quickly if you’re doing YouTube the first two lines here or actually your description right so this is on YouTube you don’t have a description metadata field but YouTube pulls two-and-a-half to three lines the first two-and-a-half to three lines of your YouTube description is what YouTube pulls out and puts in the search engine results it’s weighted more heavily than the rest of the description content so title and the first two lines are effectively your description and here it’s a separate actual tag all run through Yoast it’s free it’s super simple to use so what you’re gonna see next is depending on what theme you’re on one of two things will happen it will either take your title as is and add it to the top or it won’t now there are a series of tags in HTML called heading tags and it is h1 tags so they look like this and you don’t need to do anything with tags I’m just showing you because I like to teach you what’s going on behind the scenes in WordPress there’s a drop-down at the top that says heading and these go h1 or heading 1 through about heading 6 I believe is the the lowest that they go I generally use H ones through about H fours I haven’t I just don’t don’t go below and I’ll tell you exactly how to use these so the first thing we’re trying to figure out is does your theme automatically take your title and put it at the very top of your published page as your h1 tag or as your heading 1 if it does you don’t want to re add an h1 or a heading 1 tag if it does not you do want to add a heading 1 or h1 tag so what this means is that when you’re actually typing your content in you may not see any text here on the editor but when you load your page it automatically pulls this title and puts it big and bold and you can view the source of your page and you’re looking to see if it’s an h1 tags tiny bit of techy the reason we need to kind of understand what our theme does by default is you want one and only one h1 tag on your page all of the h2s and h3 and h4 s all the way down to h6 you can have as many of them on your page as you want this is a hierarchy in Google’s eyes of you’re saying this this sentence this title is the number one most important set of words about this overall post or topic that I’m creating so you need it to be focused on one one post is about one topic it’s about one grouping of ideas so for me I’m gonna get as many of these in there as I can in fact I would allow my title to show up right at the top you just need to know so if your theme does not automatically create an h1 tag or a heading one the first thing you do when you load your editor is you go put in a title you highlight it you drop down and select heading 1 and it will automatically put it nice and big up top so you have an h1 this is great then we get into body copy if your theme automatically does this for you you don’t have to put it in there make sense you just don’t want to really big duplicated titles on your page and you don’t want 0 big titles at the top of your page so work with what you have figure out how it works make sure you have one title at the very top of your page then we’re ready to get into the content I’m gonna draw a bunch of squiggly is that are gonna represent some different things that we’ll talk about here in the future so give me one quick sec now we make sense shortly here alright so what we just did here is I’ve laid out the page all right that’s the goal here is to give you the the basic overview of what this is going to look like once it’s all laid out these are characters are paragraph text paragraph text this is an image this is a Pinterest image 700 pixels wide by 1100 pixels tall that I make smaller inside of the WordPress kind of editor and the reason is because this Pinterest if you go through our Pinterest training you can have this become a backlink for you you can put a plug-in called the pin it plug-in on your site and then when you because you want to pin it right away when you go pin your image to a Pinterest board it’s actually gonna automatically kind of put that out onto Google it’s gonna ping the search engines and it will help you get indexed quickly from there so then we have the image this squiggly is my h2 notice it’s a bigger more advanced and bolder squiggly an h2 can also mean heading 2 it’s the same thing if you’re manipulating the HTML yourself you use the h2 tag if you’re using just what WordPress has by default you simply highlight that line and then you click over to heading 2 I’ll explain more about this I’m just giving you the overview right now we’ll go back through all of these pieces then there’s more text that supports this idea and this is my heading 3 okay this is we’ll explain it more again but I’m just showing you there’s a hierarchy right so this is the initial idea about the overall piece this is heading 2 heading 3 then we might have a video then we’re gonna have an image here I’m gonna do one more little squiggly at the bottom we get down low here we need to switch it up and use some color here I don’t do color very well but wife you help me pick out this color which I absolutely love so color is good I just don’t use it enough alright so what do we just do here right so what I’m trying to give you is kind of like an imagery based framework that you can work with that’s gonna make it easy we’re trying to structure our content in a way that shows Google what the most relevant ideas are throughout our content and then we structure it to where the second most relevant ideas the third most relevant ideas all are in there in a way that’s organized in a way that Google’s spiders are able to read our content and we’re able to really kind of give them all of that structure to say this is my number one most important item this is my number two most important item my number three most important item you probably will have a dozen or more additional keywords that say the same thing like this like SEO tricks SEO tactics that you don’t limit yourself to three I just did that for the purposes you want at least three kind of core I’d core ways of saying the main idea but you could have five six seven of them and you can sprinkle them in throughout your content in a way that’s very readable and it lets Google know that you have all this supporting content that supports this idea to prove that you have just created the best post on this topic and these topics ever made and when you number one actually create that good of a post and number two organize it in a way that Google is able to interpret it through their search engine spiders which we’ll talk about in a second then that’s how you get good rankings and if you’re starting out in here at zero and you’re just starting just do this over and over and over and over and over again but like one of the things that how how long is it going to take you to do a hundred posts like this well optimized super focused on keywords that are really truly dominating posts if it takes you a year you can do one in every three days great put in two years work shovel the pile for a year right you’re gonna see the results if you can do it in a hundred days that’s absolutely epic great do that right like the goal is just how quick can I get myself to so much content that Google can no longer ignore how awesome my blog is and how awesome my content is this plug-in running on WordPress alone right like literally the WordPress framework and this plug-in with these basic ideas tied in that’s enough that will show Google Google will find it their search engine spiders will spider your content so let’s go into that what’s a search engine spider this is a bot that Google has made that crawls every page of your website that it can find every single time so every time it reintroduces itself because it goes back to your site every day every time it revisits your site it starts at the home page it starts at the top left and it reads absolutely everything it follows every link that you have and it then goes and reads all of those pages then it follows every link on that page and it goes and follows what it finds on those page and these spiders crawl through all of your content this is why I’m miles better calm I have my blog roll on my home page so just below my image and my heading my mine it’s kind of got my image my little uh for second elevator pitch and hello that’s my blog role so when I put up a new piece of content it’s right there one of the first things that the search engine spiders picks up on everyday then it goes and reads my content and these tags these heading things and all these different things that we’re talking about will go deeper on it’s reading these saying like okay so miles use this as as heading obviously this phrase is the most relevant phrase to this post okay miles put an h2 down here obviously this is the second most relevant topic to this entire post then supporting this idea would be right here so like h3 like h3 is a sub idea of h2 so in this like best SEO training for 2018 so we go from SEO training here to best SEO training for 2018 here I’m using the same phrase but I’m also assuming that there is search volume for best SEO training 2018 there’s not I would find something that had that exact phrase in it but longer tale had three or four words on that and then you get that into your h3 does that make sense I think this is making sense I’m gonna glance over and see like how y’all feeling with this is it are you guys okay cool so we’ve got a bunch of questions which is fine we’ll get into that Southern Mississippi awesome cool cool I’m just checking the comments want to make sure kind of this this makes a little bit of sense so David Patrick green some guys that a lot of the SEO keyword tools do not work and their results are invalid just use the one I teach man like I said go go use my keyword research that thing works like a champion can I turn the board I can’t this is bolted to my wall you can’t see the board on the left side alright cool so let me go here real quick interesting so this would be the left side correct is that you guys can’t see that let me I’m gonna go move my camera real quick give me a quick second all right now I got microphone issues all right if I sit down here cool we got miles in the corner hey its miles in the corner right so I want to give you a better view of this and I’m gonna move the camera one more quick time I think that’s better so here’s the challenge my microphones gonna be in the way but I think if I crank up the gain right here and leave it down some turning up how much that picks up all right how’s that can y’all see me can you all hear me how’s that working let’s see what that does I think you can see it better so give me comments if that helped in any way now that fettle is cool now move mic yep got that cool so Mike can you hear me as well still your voice hears well the mic is good oh cool all right sweet so we’ll run with this for the next being thanks for your patience like new studio I’m learning how to do this I may end up moving the mic to the right side over here sounds awesome pretty basic yeah Phil this is designed to be basic like like fundamentals right like don’t look at championship football teams are they doing fancy no they tackle they run they pass that’s it they catch that’s it like there is no fancy stuff and this is one of the the things that people look at is like oh what backlinks do you use in blah blah blah I don’t and I generate tens of millions of visits a month and I give zero F about backlinks so like my goal is I’m that basketball coach right now that’s gonna make you dribble in place and run liners all effing long because that is what wins the games is running your liners and rebounding and passing right like that’s the only kind of drills I’m ever gonna teach you as the coach because that’s what works here and everybody else is teaching you like all this like ninja stuff and oh here’s the newest backlink trick and blah blah blah but like it’s all fake they’re just trying to sell you I don’t have anything to sell you I just want you to be able to do this effectively so when you do my 90 day content challenge you end up with great results and this is what gets you great results doing this a hundred times over and over and over so that’s that’s really where I’m at and like it’s so simple I know it’s gonna be a guru who’s yeah you have and obviously you need to hear it again because doing this over and over like my wife and I day in and day out this is what we do and what’s cool about it is once you flex the muscle enough you don’t really think it’s like I like these SEO optimized titles in a heartbeat and really it just we go quick through it right so I’m gonna go back to my other screen it looks like you guys got to view I got a little bit room here there’s my edge cool all right so we’re in so I just did the the hierarchy of the the heading tags again in WordPress all you need to do is highlight the line of text you want and then you simply go there’s a drop-down up top and you set the heading 2 heading 3 s support heading twos so in this post I would have SEO training in heading 2 and it would be a mini headline right like what all other SEO trainings forget to mention you know that could be my h2 something that the humans gonna redo this is gonna be juicy down here and it compels them to keep reading but it also gets my second keyword in there so down here my next h2 is going to be number 3 and you could have like 5 10 h2s and it’ll visually break up your content in a way that makes it really easy to digest so you never have a huge block of text it’s kind of like here’s the main idea here’s a couple paragraphs about that here’s the next main idea here’s a couple paragraphs about that here’s the the deeper main idea based on this main idea here’s a couple paragraphs on that once you realize how this works you can kind of almost outline this stuff right so your outline would effectively be your h1 is your main topic you would do all your h2s so you maybe have like three subtopics and then underneath each of those subtopics you got like one or two subtopics those become your h3 is then when you go to write your blog post all you’re doing is you put out your title and you’re like cool I’m going to write to 200 words on that check put on my h2 that I already figured out cool I just need to write 200 words on that check my h3 comes in 150 200 words on that check and by the time you get through that structure you’ve created a really good kind of organized coherent optimized post I’m seeing a little red on my audio input is my mic peaking I get like excited when I talk to y’all I don’t want to like peek is that mic peaking or can you hear me pretty good we’ve got that yep I do appreciate your your time difference between posts and pages there really is none pages are static content posts are chronological so for me I’ve got like my about page my recommend resources page and then for my blog post is everything I’m putting up so all my videos go on all my videos go on the new pages cool it is peeking a little bit one sec just turn that down I get so excited talking Elmo like yeah so posts and pages for our purposes here you follow the same layout and it really doesn’t matter there’s some organizational stuff that might make sense in the future we could talk about a little bit but that’s not one of the it’s just not a big deal right it’s just not one of those things like if you if you do this on a post versus this on a page neither one is gonna be optimized greater than the others so a little mug of my throat code tiro here like the gigantic mug my wife cobot me I like big mugs and I cannot lie cool so we’ve got the structure right and at this point my goal has been to help you understand how to organize the words that you’re putting on the page here so that your structure proves to Google’s spiders and shows them the organization and relevance of the keywords that you found again the prerequisite to this was keyword research I have a video on that probably should a link to it oh it’s probably the description I think I did link to it in the description here so you should find that so then we’ve got our titles we’ve got a main copy at this point you’ve got all your coffee structured and already mentioned we got the pin here what I didn’t mention on this is two things you want to do on your pin since Pinterest has like a reddish color I’ll use red so number one is your file name number two is your alt text okay there’s three things I remembered one has I got to number two so the Pinterest image you make save the file name as your main keyword right so this Pinterest image I would make as learn SEO – pin if I wanted or just learn SEO so I would make this the learn SEO dot jpg file name when I upload this inside of my wordpress dashboard in the actual kind of media manager you have an alt text area and a title area I believe it automatically pulls the title from your file name but the alt text is automatically off and you want to make sure the alt text has your main keyword in it also what you’re doing is you’re optimizing this image to prove that it belongs here with your title right if this is just you XB y jp2 dot jpg there’s no relevance of that filename towards learn SEO so these are ways to sneak in a bit of relevance towards our main keyword phrase this is another image down here I would use probably whatever the main keyword is above this I would use that as my alt text as my image file name etc etc so this one being under this h2 before that h2 would be SEO training and this this image down here would have a title SEO training alt text SEO training my file name would be SEO – training dot jpg so that’s a way to optimize your images and Google likes multimedia posts right humans like multimedia look at magazine for example right we flip through magazines like how many people read all of the words in magazine not many how many people flip through magazines looking at all the pictures in the magazine everybody right that’s what we do so remember that in your layout that you want to kind of play on these things that mainstream media has got us to look at right like play on what what we already do and what works now that’s a little bit more structure getting the images in I want to talk a little more about keywords and then I want to talk about links inside and so my green pen is going to be bold and it’s gonna be just keywords it’s I’m going to show you when it’s bolded and when it’s italicized as well so inside of the title we want our keyword to be in that first paragraph as well and and I’m totally jumping around a little bit and that’s exactly how I did this for the abundant circle and that’s just kind of how I roll so thanks for your patience to kind of work with me on this and understand this at some point this will be transcribed and organized into a killer blog post so if you need to wait for that but I’m I’m just trying to really get you all of the ideas that you need to be able to move forward effectively so we want to get our keyword in our content right we you know if we’re truly making a course about learn SEO we’re definitely going to be using the phrase learn SEO and SEO and teaching us and all these sub phrases of SEO so this green this keyword doesn’t have to be exact match phrases right I could say learning SEO is not that difficult once you get these five things right or like how do like when I learned SEO right using I wouldn’t actually use that because because you want to write in a you voice not a high voice but some like I think you get what I’m saying if you want to find more of these phrases that are like sub phrases to your main keyword go to Google and on Google type in learn SEO up at the top like actually on Google not just your browser bar go to google calm winds on that type in learn SEO space and stop you’re gonna see an auto populate come up these are the main things that Google already thinks people look for when they search learn SEO look at what those main five or four or six things that Google says those are some of your sub keywords then actually search learn SEO on Google look through the page at what’s bolded right Google will build the keyword and any additional keywords it thinks means the same exact thing schooled the very bottom of that Google search engine results page and you’ll see a list of related search phrases and I think they do upwards of eight to ten and it’s like sometimes like two rows of five and they’re blue links down there those are the other things that Google says that you want so I pull these from my keyword tool because I want to I want to get data on my search volume and I want to get data I want to focus my content topic on something that’s going to be relatively easy for me to kind of rank for which is my difficulty score and number two I want to make sure there’s actually search volume for it once I know what these are I like Google tell me what all my sub longer tail phrases are by simply treating them on Google and looking at what automatically comes out from Google so you sprinkle in the key words throughout when I say key words again we’re talking about sub we’re talking about these sub keywords too right so it’s not always the same it’s not learn SEO learn SEO learn SEO learn SEO it’s variations of that because if you’re really teaching people how to learn SEO there’s SEO trainings SEO course there’s all kinds of other phrases that are naturally being used I mean this this video is a great example I’m saying Lauren I’m saying all kinds of things about SEO in many different ways yes I’m repeating this phrase but I’m saying dozens and hundreds of other phrases also so you need to get that end you can bold these things to show extra and like extra importance that’s pretty ugly but that’s a bolded keyword right there so you can bold your keywords to show additional you can also use the italics tag I don’t use those much sometimes it works really well if you have a long text area and you’re like man it’s just like it’s just long text it doesn’t look great throw a couple of bolded lines in there that are separated from each other and it’ll chunk it up and it’ll break it up for the eye and if you do so on the lines that have your keyword it will also show additional relevance to that keyword in the search engine spiders and obviously to the human also so if someone’s like scanning it they’ll jump from title to the bold line to the sub to the bold line to the sub to the video to the image and they can get a good picture of what that whole post is by skimming it so you’re making it skin friendly and you’re adding additional relevance for the Google and the search engine spiders who are kind of searching for your stuff video let’s talk about the video down here real quick so also red because YouTube is red so alphabet is the parent company of Google and YouTube both their algorithm works very very similarly if you have your own video that you’ve made on this topic already definitely embed your video if you don’t be comfortable and confident embedding someone else’s video that’s hyper relevant because your goal here is to show Google that you’ve really done the research to create the most optimized post on the Internet about this topic right like if I was literally going after learn SEO which this video will end up I’m thinking 6,000 words is what I’m gonna end up with here maybe 4500 maybe 7500 I’d put money on it that’ll be give or take 500 words around the 6000 word mark so epically long content is gonna need images of bolds and headlines and videos in throughout if you don’t have a video that really is kind of like learn SEO that’s super good what I would do is I would go to YouTube and I would type in my main keyword phrase learn SEO enter and I would see what is the number one video that Google well alphabet or YouTube thinks is the most relevant video then I would watch the video I would click play does it have an advertisement I don’t like playing advertisements for people on my thing I don’t know if they play ads when you embed now that I think about it because I’m always embedding my own videos right so this isn’t I don’t go there but like if you’re doing a 90 day challenge with written content embed other people’s videos I wouldn’t want to put any that have really big kind of like advertisements up front I wouldn’t necessarily want to put in a video that’s got like pop-ups and calls to action everywhere and I definitely wouldn’t put in a rubbish video I would put in a video that actually is really good so on a learn SEO kind of side of things I would probably do like a model webmasters video I would look for search engine land video like who are those people on a level in the industry the SEO book right Erin Rand Fishkin or whatever his name is like I would look for videos from those people who have built massive massive audiences in this space over the course of the last 20 years or 15 years or whatever it is I would embed their video in there again making sure that it’s reinforcing it here but if you can put your own video in that’s obviously better right because then you’re getting your own video embedded it helps this it also helps this so you could put multiple on one page my how to advertise on Facebook post has 28 videos embedded on it and in between each video I wrote about 250 to 400 words so how I made that post was I had all these videos and they were all kind of scattered around on YouTube I went and started by just collecting all the YouTube videos I had from my channel put the title in the URL and then I organized them and then I was like cool so I took all of that just super simple notepad and then I wrote a couple of hundred words about each video and and kind of linking the user from one video to the next like walking them through okay first you need to do this now that you got your pixel in place now you need to do your custom conversions blah blah blah blah and then that mean okay now that your customer and so I write as if I was talking to them to get them through put that all together it turned out to be just it’s like three thousand thirty four hundred words and 28 videos I’m not ranking for how to advertise on Facebook but I am ranking for a bunch of other phrases around that phrase and that’s what will happen here for me right I probably won’t start ranking for learn SEO but there’s like hundreds if not thousands of sub phrases that are about these three and I will absolutely start to rank for dozens if not hundreds of them and it’ll trickle in traffic left and right here to there it also gives me a really cool resource that I get to email my list about then I’ll go into this video and I’ll link my video over to it getting a little above and beyond right there so at this point we have our fully optimized post right we’ve got our titles our subtitles and our sub subtitles organized effectively with our keywords I didn’t write that the keywords were in there but I want to make sure it’s clear so the keywords are in these each you got keywords behind here okay keyword behind here that’s an image if you couldn’t tell we now have a hyper optimized post now the one additional thing that you’ll want to do especially when you start to grow your content is internal linking so for me my learn SEO I’ve said at least four times in its video keyword research is like a core part of it and in fact in this learn SEO for me I would at least have an h2 section or maybe an h3 section about keyword research but I wouldn’t try to explain everything about keyword research because that is not exactly on topic for this post it’s a supporting topic for this post have defense it being in h3 but what I would do is I would link to my own keyword research post for people who need more information on keyword research and obviously it’s blue and it’s underlined so that’s a hyperlink so I would hyperlink the actual text I would say click here for my complete guide to keyword research and I would make that whole sentence click here for like all of that I would make all of that my clickable link because it has my anchor right it has the word keyword research being linked which is my main keyword for that post which I want but it also has more than that so I’m not risking over optimizing because if you go into something like this and you put keyword cuber cuber cuber cuber cue it like and literally you’re you just keywords stuff your post you could get an over optimization penalty which would have negative effects for you and and Google be like okay like you’re not being serious you’re just saying the keyword over and over and over again this is obviously not useful for your audience therefore we’re not gonna give you the rankings we’re gonna give to the next guy he’s got a little less text we don’t think it’s a it’s just it’s just better content so that’s what you’re kind of protecting about against so then this post links to my keyword research I would go to my keyword research post and I would say that you know in the top maybe it might be and remember keyword research is just one component of great SEO if you want to learn SEO check out my free SEO training post here so that from this page would link back to this page and I would go into every page I have so what I do when I create a new really really powerful blog post and I haven’t had time to do this for than furnishing this place and all kinds of crazy stuff but like all go into like my instagram marketing post for example and I’ll go to my own blog I’ll take my URL from instagram marketing post and i’ll just kind of put it on notepad then i go to the search button on my blog or to Google and I search my site for social media marketing Pinterest marketing all those other phrases organic marketing right organic traffic and I would find what posts do I already have written that have already been picked up by Google to get re indexed every day what posts do I have that have relevance to my Instagram marketing and I would then link all of those additional blog posts back to this so let me draw that for you okay that’s pretty chickens scratch down here so this is my keyword research post this is my organic traffic post and I would just make sure that once this is done that I’m going in and I’m linking them back to this post and I’m creating a web of internal links so there’s been some questions about backlinks and I’m sure we’ll have more questions on backlinks I will also if I have a video that’s optimized for this I’ll link my video and any video I have so I could go back to my keyword research video and say hey remember keyword research is just one part of overall search engine optimization you’ll want to link back here oh that’s funny so speaking of search engine optimization obviously like learn search engine optimization is going to be one of these phrases up here like it just clicked so so learn SEO learn search engine optimization how to do search engine optimization how to do SEO like there’s I think it’s clear now even though I have three here my actual list of phrases that I’ve got in a notepad file that I’m sprinkling throughout here is probably gonna be 12 to 20 phrases that all kinda say this same thing but they say it in different words and that’s how I by targeting one and focusing and having twelve or so different phrases about that that’s how I might not rank here but I might rank for 25 to 50 other ones and on those 25 to 50 that’s actually where I get my traffic I do this long enough my whole blog increases in authority when I got a hundred killer posts like this my whole blog increases in authority and at that point I may start to creep up and rank for these ones but I’m not I don’t care if I don’t hit the first page of Google for this with this post that got us into our internal linking inside of assets that we own Pinterest you know you go repin your own Pinterest if you followed my Pinterest strategy you have rich pins turned on you have a business account so when you pin this if Pinterest pulls this information into the pin and then it actually links that pin in Pinterest back to you so you get a backlink there other places I do sometimes go create backlinks is my Twitter I do post a lot him on Twitter Quorra Cora is kind of a question and answer site that I’ve built up a fair little profile on I was mainly doing Cora for my videos and people were like how do I learn SEO and you’re like well it’s a big loaded topic but I created a blog post it’ll teach you how to learn SEO in one blog post for free it’s too much to write here in a flora answer so check it out here and I put the link in and I link back from there Yahoo Answers is is really similar in that sense but like beyond the super basics of Pinterest my own videos and Twitter and Cora I really don’t do any backlinking and we never have and a lot of people swear by it even Bryan Dean who runs backlinko he thinks outreach is the name of the game and my wife and I have proven that when your content is good enough this is what Matt Cutts said Matt Cutts is the old-school web spam guy from Google who when Google rant rolled out penguin and panda and hummingbird updates that crushed people’s businesses he was kind of a guy who was communicating that to the world man there was a lot of hatred for that guy on the SEO forums this is back 2012-2013 so Matt Cutts said very clearly back in the day that the Google algorithm does not want us to build links that building links and buying links and paying for guest posts etc is very risky and they began D indexing people who were kind of masked link creation and he clearly stated that the right way to gain links is to write content that is so good that people simply link back to it there are some like styles of content you can create that have a higher likelihood of getting you backlinks like if I get a roundup post and like let’s say I did a post that was like top 10 search engine optimization specialists for 2018 and I go in and I look and I’m like hey Bryan Dean you know I just go through all these different people who are Tommy Griffin Rand Fishkin and I essentially write who they are a link to their and what they do and then I could go reach out to all of them to like hey you made it on my top 24 20:18 list yay with the hope that somehow they link back to me but that would end up with a lot of outbound post and that would end up with me promoting other people and that’s not what my blogs about right so my personal philosophy is I want to stand as the person who’s teaching so I’m I’m just gonna make like my how to advertise on Facebook post is like it took me months to create that because all those videos right like when someone on a YouTube Facebook group is like where can I learn Facebook Ads other people who have seen my content or like yo you got to check out miles his stuff is off the chain that same thing happens when people like I’m frustrated with clickfunnels is there any other alternatives people will share my clickfunnels alternative post my Pinterest post my Instagram put like all of my posts are so good they’re designed to be entire courses that they’re so good that people even in my niche they’re like damn that’s I’m never gonna I’m never gonna recreate that I’ll just share miles is because miles has authenticity because he’s not pitching things so I’ve built the trust to make it easy for people to share my stuff and I see the pingbacks and Trackbacks I can tell you for sure this approach works I get links I get people linking to me creating content that promotes my stuff all over the place Twitter mentions Twitter shares without really like reaching out for it because I hate that stuff like begging for backlinks is the most annoying thing in the world I’m much more interested in creating the best content in the world for the positioning and for the and I’m actually creating this so I’m gonna ease off of this for now I’m gonna go kind of wrap up the the basics of this here on the YouTube side of things for people doing YouTube challenges this is actually really simple once you understand all of this and then we’ll get in a question to answer here and we’ll do questions and answering we’re an hour in I got another hour this will record for another hour man first two minutes for silent that’s funny but this is how the process works so we’re now in YouTube and I can get it about there without really messing with things so the first thing we want to do my keyword colors green so so super simple on the video file itself it works best when we are able to actually put the keyword as the file name so I would do I would actually that as learned – SEO mp4 when I’m creating this my intro if you’ve noticed my intro is super simple and quick on every video is my name my URL cuz I want to burn that into people’s minds so when they’re like I wonder where could I learn about this I’m well look their mother like home right like I want that to bounce in their head when they ask a question to themselves like where could I learn Instagram marketing so that’s that step one but step two is get my keyword in immediately after that so my intro on this video would be like this one was obviously silence for two and a half minutes but uh hippie hey I’m miles back there with miles Becker calm and in this video you are going to learn SEO you’re gonna learn exactly how I train people SEO training this will be a free SEO course kind of muff that up right excited look over but you get what I’m saying I would literally try to get all three of these keywords within the first 15 seconds spoken clearly as clearly as I can even though I speak very rapidly then I’m getting the keyword in the title I’m getting the keyword at the beginning of the description and a keyword at the end of the description so when my meta that gets pulled for YouTube instantly sees keyword in the title keyword in the metadata read the data behind the video keyword in the audio keyword at the beginning I mean honestly with this you could probably I did I got two keywords right so you I got two keywords in the title keyword in the description keyword in the end of the description remember first two lines are your most important this needs to be compelling and clickable this needs to be compelling and clickable because this this and this plus your thumbnail is all people see when they have the option to find you so someone who goes YouTube and searches learn SEO they see your thumbnail they see your title and the first two lines of your description so that needs to be compelling from a copywriting standpoint but it also needs to have your keywords in it effectively and then when you put a thumbnail on the thumbnail image also has the keyword it would just be the dot jpg um the more the higher click-through rate you get right so the better your title and your thumbnail and your description are at getting the click the the higher you’re gonna rank because YouTube will reward you for having videos that get clicked on more than competing videos around you but then also the keyword density now here I believe you have a total of 5,000 characters I never duplicate this content here I never duplicate my content on medium on any other platform period will never do it and I no medium has a really simple import to medium and it won’t hurt SEO because it links back people thought that about ezinearticles back in the day people thought about link wheels back in the day people thought that about everything that got banned at some point medium with one algorithm update and it could be unintentional see here’s what most people don’t get is if you were like well Google would never go kind of banned medium from the search engines you’re right but Google might try to ban this spammy group of sites and the change they make to the algorithm could have collateral damage and could wipe out all of medium in one shot and everyone who built 100% on medium or some other platform could completely get wiped out by a change that the web spam people tried to do in another place you see Google none of the original web spam team from the twenty twelve twenty eleven twenty thirteen days when when this game was crazy rankings were easy traffic was easy and then people got banned none of those original people are still there there’s all kinds of legacy code in their algorithm and these new guys don’t understand what all this legacy code is so they’ll go in the bigger we want to make a change I don’t know I’m just gonna get rid of that and that thing they get rid of that they don’t know about that was created by the original web spam team could affect all kinds of things that’s why I play it super conservative in this realm is because I understand that that’s a reality total tangent there cover a pen so in here I’ve got the basic content now a big and important thing that I like to do here is I do not link out of my youtube videos unless it’s incredibly clear why I’m linking out so the two times I link out number one is top of my funnel I don’t do that in every video description number two is to a blog post that is written based on the content from the video that is absolutely epic this never happens within a week or two of publishing the video right so when I publish a video I want zero outbound links and my reasoning is this YouTube cares about people binge watching on YouTube right like binge watching is such an interesting phrase the fact that that’s like socially acceptable right now is crazy because when I was you know like man like high school or in early and caught like 10 15 years ago like if I went told somebody would you do oh I sit there and watch TV all day every day for Saturday and Sunday I watched you know eight seasons of a show people would be like are you okay like we have an intervention here but today somehow that’s normal that’s become okay so thinking about it from YouTube’s perspective YouTube is going to reward content publishers who help people binge watch on YouTube so if your video if this video right here actually gives you to stay on YouTube longer than my average video then like the average across-the-board YouTube likes me why because more minutes YouTube shows videos to you the more advertisements YouTube has the potential for to show you and the more kind of trained you become at being on YouTube it becomes normal so what kind of links do I have in here to relevant relevant relevant videos and generally my relevant videos is where all starts so for me down here my links so this is Vanek traffic this says SEO this says keyword research those are three very very supportive similar topics that I already have videos on that I’m gonna link people to Google and YouTube they index this page the exact same they’re like okay cool so is he sent them over to this though they’re searching and spiders will follow this link to that video and go through that they’ll follow the link to that video now even though I put these three right in order I don’t stack links it’s not like a stack of links I want them sprinkled in long body content so when I’m really trying to optimize a video I’m gonna make use of my five thousand words of con are my five thousand characters of content here I’m literally gonna write I mean hundreds and hundreds if not thousands of words I mean I want to see that I’m maxing out there the number of characters I can put in here and I will get really wordy it’s not as quality of content that I’m writing here it’s much more storytelling like okay when I first started to learn SEO I really had no idea what I was doing and then I learned keyword research this was the first big aha moment I had in learning SEO because keyword researchers allows me to find the phrases people who are searching for which allowed me to create content that answers their biggest problems blah blah blah if you want to see the keyword research video where I show exactly how I do keyword research go here after I learned keyword research the next step for me was to learn how to write great content that drives organic traffic and blah blah blah and then I would link to that and that map I actually used Dragon NaturallySpeaking I don’t use it for these much because I I do a transcription but I will often write out my long text here I’ll speak it out with Dragon NaturallySpeaking I don’t really care about the grammar as much I want it to be good right I don’t want to be like like rubbish but it’s it’s definitely not meaning to be high-quality because most people put like five outbound links and like 40 words and all you got to do is over optimize your competitor with one or two little things and that’s kind of a good thing to mention about this whole game is like all I have to do there’s there’s something like 520 ranking factors that Google considers I’ve talked about like 9 maybe right so all I really need to do generally is to outrank and outdo my competitors by just one little smidge on a dozen or so little things you don’t have to become the best in the world well the best in the world is simply one better than the next guy or gal so that’s all I’m trying to do is give you a plan here and here that’s going to allow you by default by just following these two these are really simple steps you are going to be more optimized than 80 to 90 percent of your competition now if you’re going after learn SEO think about it for a minute right we have the biggest and best SEO s in the world going after learn SEO right so so the competition is much higher but if you’re going after like how to make vegan dog food like no one in the make vegan dog food space is doing this just like no one in the angel meditation space is doing this let alone doing this 500 times over over the course of 10 years that’s why I’m freely willing to teach everything I know like our competition which I don’t see as competition but that’s a philosophy like they could come learn this and do this and they’re still not going to catch us because we’ve been doing this for 10 years straight and most people can’t do it for 90 days straight so it’s so damn challenging to keep that mindset straight so you just want to over optimize people as you get into more difficult phrases like learn SEO this that the other like I would start with 2 3 4 word 5 word phrases that are super targeted to what you’re doing that’s gonna help you get traction sooner rather than later but um I also like I go after how to advertise on Facebook and like you know Facebook column shows up for that like I’m never gonna outrank but I’m sure how they throw my hat in that ring and go after it because I’m trying to prove to Google like I hit the biggies right eventually if I hit enough of these big topics and do it well enough Google’s gonna be like you know what this miles guy we’re gonna we’re gonna put him above Jon Loomer finally right and I don’t know when that’s gonna happen I don’t care that’s why my philosophy is do this over and over and over and over as good as I can invest my ability put a system in place that makes this happen over and over and over to the best of my ability forget about it for three years and just do it go through the motions for 3 by the time I have a thousand videos and 500 epic blog posts I will have effectively outworked pretty much everybody and at that point like ha ha joke’s on them and it’s the tortoise not the hare it’s not a big thing it’s not a ninja thing it’s millions of little things done consistently over time that’s what creates success I didn’t talk about the tags down here tags to work I add tags right from for my keywords I put my keywords in things that are relevant for the tags I think tags are being pretty well devalued do you notice I didn’t talk about the keyword tag we used to use keyword tags and used to put 5 to 10 keywords then you get 120 characters of keywords Google rendered those keyword tags irrelevant a couple of years ago and I think these are are starting to become irrelevant these actually I think get you more of the Browse feature and more of the recommended videos feature I don’t think these help the search engine optimization side I think they help when someone’s searching for a learn SEO video that they find you on the sidebar of YouTube because the relevance here is shown but your channel Authority comes into play if you’re curious like miles do you even know what you’re talking about like how do I know you’ve never done an income report how do we know if you’re successful go search YouTube for keyword research and you’ll notice that little ol miles is out ranking like everybody there might be one person who I might be in the number two spot it depends on where you’re at in the world I’m between the number one and number four spot and like I’m out ranking people who sell Cuban research courses I’m not ranking people who sell keyword research software and do content marketing because I do this though ninja battling tactics at all I just do this and that is a beautiful mess and at this point I think we’re ready to get into questions because I can only imagine that you’ve got a ton of questions 102 people on the 103 on the live stream thank you by the way for hanging out with me and we’ve dealt with some technical challenges I hope the new sound oh I’m I hope the new sound the new audio is I’ve been upgrading my set I hope this works I’m gonna learn the the camera location to be able to show both that’s really important to me and I’m gonna jump over to the bottom of this I’m gonna go all the way in here so no Lamborghini in the background you don’t trust me I love it that’s awesome knowledge it’s all about you can see the Lamborghini but it’s all about my knowledge in these books that I don’t read that I pay people to read and I just read their summaries of the books it’s amazing at what works and the funny thing is if you if you look at if you study copywriting like today its Lamborghinis and mansions in the Beverly Hills that are probably on fire but that’s what sells people on things and in in the 50s looking at the wording of copywriting and what was it are you courageous enough of a man to earn a million dollars like that was one of the best kind of make money online and it’s so fun to see what strings people pull but yeah totally knowledge I love it so cool I’m happy to answer some questions I got a bit of time here while I’m going through I got all kinds of questions so I’m just gonna jump in I’m gonna rap and fire these I’m gonna keep an eye on my mic levels so I don’t get too hot but I think we’re good here video audio focusing that sucks man the world is here thank you so much I’m so honored to have you guys here this is so cool Toronto’s not snowing awesome so I’m just looking for some good ones here keyword research tool I use this keyword finder I got a full video on that I think it’s really important yeah so back –lens like like I think I covered it I think I beat that one to death I don’t do backlinks some people buy private blog network backlinks PBMs were hot that was a craze they’re really expensive to maintain they’re really time-consuming to maintain and what they do they work I will 100% say that the private blog network links good super high quality ones that are they’re held very tightly and a home page link that lasts forever on one will absolutely work we don’t know how long they’ll work for at some point Google is I mean they’re they’re actively working on combating anyone who games the search engines so at some point they’re gonna find a way to D index your whole private blog network but it distracts you from doing this right like if you’re managing a private blog private blog network and it takes 20 hours a week 15 hours oh because you got to put content on all those right you can’t just let it sit like let say you got a 20 blog private blog network like each one of those needs to three pieces of content per month then you need to do updates you need to constantly be in them like that’s distracting you from doing this right and all my wife and I have focused on four years is this my wife didn’t really do many YouTube videos my wife did all blog 100% written word 90 day challenge she’s done two of them at this point written word written word written word and like she gets seven hundred eight hundred thousand visits a month like that site is such a consistent cash flow machine and it’s pretty hands-off we do a month in Bali and we’re goofing off she posted maybe two blog posts and she emailed she emailed several times maybe not normal but like our income went up right like and that’s because we’ve built this foundation and that’s why I’m so pro this because it takes a ton of effort like don’t get me wrong it’s so challenging to do a 90 day challenge in either platform it is a monumental feat but once you do it all of those videos or all of those blog posts or many assets they go get you traffic and then if you’ve got pop-ups and conversion mechanisms in the right places that that is effectively a business it’s shoveling a gigantic pile of pony poo up front but sometimes we got to shovel the pony poo to get the reward on the other side it’s been worth it for us this will be posted as an automatic video my blog is WordPress that’s the same thing we’re press websites and blogs are kind of the same thing what three articles structures work best I think this is just like there’s it just right so what’s a good goal for you to satirize what’s a good goal for me to set for my SEO to me it’s the number of highly optimized blog posts that you’ve created so like to me a good goal to set for SEO is a 90 day challenge right ninety one thousand five hundred word or more articles in ninety days that are all optimized and it sounds like a hell of a lot of work it is but that’s what it takes so there’s no like goal in these bits and pieces the goal is the big picture done consistently over time if you can write a hundred posts in your first year you’re gonna have a hell of a year and you’re gonna hit your two with a head of steam how quick can you get to 300 epic blog posts you know like 1000 I would say 3 to 4,000 word post I hang on this 3000 word post number because Neil Patel did a study of all of his content that ranks and that drives traffic and his content that has over 3,000 words drives like 60% more traffic or something like that so I’m not saying don’t do that but like if you’re doing a 90 day challenge you’re writing like well if you’re writing under 350 words per post you’re not gonna get any traction period like Google doesn’t even really consider it a post I don’t think until like 300 350 words if you’re not even hitting like a thousand words a post and it’s just kind of like like I’m just gonna brain dumb brain it out you know just like shallow content that doesn’t go deep that doesn’t really help your audience with something it’s not gonna work like this this works SEO works when you write epic content that helps people solve their problems so if I’m searching for how to do how to learn SEO I just found the honeypot so the point where I’m bubbling with excitement for how much value I just found I can’t believe this is free mins I’m gonna go to Twitter and I’m gonna post about it like I just found this I’m going through it it’s epic I’m a book market right I might email it to myself to remind myself of it when I have more time to read it those are the kinds of content that you have to put out and it’s a lot of work boom Mike’s good totally basic yep don’t use backlinks that is correct Cool J thanks for putting on your on your Facebook group it is yeah so we got the Adrian he’s like I got six years of experience and what miles talked about is what matters it’s the little things done consistently over large periods of time and the funny thing is that’s the opposite of what the fake gurus are telling you right they gotta sell you the shiny new the ninja the ninja and it’s like no I’m like I’m like battle ax warrior right Vikings who use brute force and minimal amounts of ingenuity to conquer the world type stuff like this is not that difficult but just doing this over and over and over and over with brute force exercise it’s like body builders right you know you see I got a couple buddies who are pretty big into the bodybuilding they’re pretty yoked like one dude he just push-ups like literally he the the types of workouts and he does he’s like running sprint Burpee things where he’ll like sprint and he’ll do a burpee and he’ll spread back and he’ll do a burpee like his body on the ground exercises there’s no ninja diet there’s no ninja nothin and this dude is a brick snot house like he’s so yolk and like he’s just like good just to put start with push-ups so it’s that kind of a mindset into mentality this is pretty much what I do like it’s a change like won’t lie pinterest confounds me to no end it really is it really is kind of confusing so we did Melanie I did a pinch another Pinterest video at the abundant circle we had it recorded I’ll see if I if it came out clean we actually showed what we were talking about on a TV behind us so I’ll work Patrick if you’re on get that video to me stat I’ll ping him after this free keyword tool to scrape all the suggestions I don’t scrape I want I only want five money is awesome like I want I want just a handful of keywords I don’t want a list of a thousand because then I gotta go through it I got to deal with all that stuff like keyword finder k2b finder is it’ll give me the two or three and then I go to Google and I’ll get to three more each for each I’ll put that just in a notepad and it’s like cool like my top ones I know or my top ones and then those are the ones I just need to sprinkle in I organize them so it’s like okay these three support that one these two with that one those four support that one bada-bing bada-boom and I just make sure it’s in and then all my final read through I just I literally I have my notepad that has those five or six keyword phrases on it and I’m like alright did I get it in and when I see it I do leave it for my notepad and it’s like okay Becca dope there is delete it from my notepad and if I get to the end of my post and I have any of my little sub keywords left oh my god that one didn’t get in all right where’d I put it and I go back up and look all right where would it fit okay I get in I’ll change a sentence or two and a paragraph to massage it in so it’s always really human readable because let’s make the world in the internet a better place so that’s kind of it search line is convoluted with all your searches already in your bookmarks so Samantha Bagwell like great question whoa is that bad what up Sam high school man Elementary little junior high so if your Google search line has come loaded with everything that you’re searching and it’s backing up on your your okay so if we’re logged into our gmail account and we go to Google to search Google is going to try to take what we’ve been looking at and what we’ve been emailing about and all that weird scary stuff they’ve been tracking on us they’re gonna apply that to the search engine results and you’re gonna get a little bit of skewed results that’s why your results will look different from my results open an incognito browser or have a separate browser on your machine like for me Firefox and brave are two browsers that I don’t log my email into so I’m not logged in so I just open another browser window and I do all those searches when I’m not logged into Google or just open an incognito window usually will log you out of everything yeah so I don’t like keyword tool de IO it’s just too much data and like data being overwhelmed by data like when it’s like okay here’s a 386 you know actually it’s like four thousand keywords that are relevant it’s like who’s never gonna deal with like how do you deal with that like I even one right maybe three top so to me that’s why I used the keyword fighters because has the difficulty score you get nothing on difficulty from keyword tool that I oh so Kumar is it a bad thing to have quotes that only have seven hundred to a thousand words like so no it’s not and and that could work because in some niches that is a lot of content and that can be more than the next person but what my wife and I have done so let me do a little cleanup little space real quick so back in the day SEO the game of SEO on the racist you back in the day the game of SEO was super simple it was like write as many 500 word posts as you can and you’ll win so what we ended up with on our site is a bunch of these 500 word posts okay and so I’m sharing a story to help so the question again was is it a bad thing to have posts that only have 700 to 1000 words imagine that these are 700 1000 right same difference but this is how we approach it I’m gonna show you what we did in order to see that and I’m guessing my mic is right in the way so I’m taking a look at that all right cool so we kind of approached it that way and if you’re doing a 90 day challenge sometimes like a thousand words a day that’s what you can do great it can go out but here’s what we’ve been doing recently and this we got from the digital marketer conference in San Diego and we they called it like pruning your forest or something like that we call it the redwood forest approach because we love this so we had all this legacy content and some of this is ranking these are all on specific keywords but what we did is we we realized that ok Google likes these longer post so we went back and we had hundreds of these kinds of posts just like you might have if you’re doing the 700,000 and then we were like okay cool so like this one this one and this one are all on keyword a right and then we were able to observe that these three we’re all on keyword be okay and then these two keyword see okay so the first thing we did was kind of like a little site audit we were like all right what what content do we have and I had my VA literally go manually probably have done some sort of a fancy database dump or something like that but again I’m a Viking with things and I brute force pure effort to get my spreadsheet with like what all do we have and then my wife sat there for an afternoon and she was like all right cool and she started to organize it color coding in an Excel spreadsheet just like colors right and the colors were the different topics and then what we did is like all right so we’re gonna merge these three into one new big post so what we did is we went into analytics and we saw how many searches excuse me how many visits entrances each one of these got and what we found is one of these this one got torn 200 visits a month this one got 3,500 visits a month this one got 18 visits a month right so this is the traffic volume from within analytics and like this one’s killing it for sure so we took this content added it there we took this content added it there here’s the kicker we added more content on top and more content on bottom we didn’t just mash this up we added to it on top of that so we essentially merged three posts into one and we added an extra thousand words because you know she wrote these three four years ago so it’s it’s time to freshen them up and give them some new love so what we now ended up with was a was a single 2,000 word post and when you do this it can and often works out really neatly to where this is an h2 this is an h2 so this main topic is our big thing with the main title and then we just kind of like merge this whole post as h2 and we merge this whole post as an h2 down here and we’ve created one new mega post it stays at this URL and then we do one fancy tricky little thing and it’s called a 301 redirect and we redirect this one and this one to that one okay we do this after you can’t see that mm-hmm 301 redirect and we do this after we move all the content so again step one we identify all the similar topics all the posts we have with similar topics step two is we merge them into a new mega post we’re actually just murder it’s not a new post excuse me we merge them all on to the most trafficked post we have so we actually merged this one on there this one on there so this isn’t new this is actually this post it’s just grown number three we add more content so we don’t just add this this we even add more we truly update it often times you go into the title and you’ll put like parentheses updated or like right now since it’s December I’ll be like updated for 2018 is the kind of phrases because that’s gonna bump your click-through rate well if you like they’re looking at search engines they’re like oh this one was updated none of the other ones are updated I’m obviously gonna click the updated one so that’s kind of a little hack for getting your click-through rate up then once we’ve got those moved over we then 301 redirect these URLs that means any backlinks that this post has earned over the last two years and this post has earned since it was originally done all of this backlink mojo makes its way over here so we’re combining the SEO value and the content of three posts the one last hack we do we publish it today’s publish date and this is really sim WordPress’s just on the right side near the update bar it’s like it’ll show you know that this post was originally published in 2013 and we’re like nope boom set that to today it moves it to the top of our blog feed the URL stays the same these all link to it and this we’ve taken you know multiple things that weren’t super great combine them into one more mega post type thing updated it change the title redirect all that link juice and now we’ve taken three decent posts and we’ve turned it into one great post that is working gangbusters for us right now that’s it’s really working really well and it’s a great kind of approach to – if you’ve done a lot of smaller things or if you’re doing a 90 day challenge and you’re like man all I could do is like a thousand words a day great know at the end of the 90 day challenge you want to go kind of implement this and then obviously you know she does that today and then tomorrow she’ll go do this one and then the day after she’ll do that one and or once a week or whatever that schedule is but this becomes a part of her content schedule so she’s still creating new posts mixed in with updating these old posts and a lot of our traffic and our email subscribers will mail this to they’ve never seen these old posts so to everybody know most people are like whoa that’s this is great like I can’t believe I nursed all this you know and honestly all the pieces have been published for years so that’s kind of interesting so money was awesome said the average of top 10 ranking posts are close to 2,000 words these days yeah there’s a it is it’s good Hennessy you don’t have to get credit to others videos you can just embed it that’s a Google it’s because YouTube actually owns it right like this content that I’m uploading to YouTube I guarantee if you read the Terms and Conditions like YouTube owns this and I actually don’t so as long as they put it up as a YouTube video and you click share and embed from YouTube like run with it does the capitalization in the letters I don’t do all caps titles I do the first letter of each word in titles caps because that’s like headlines that’s just copywriting thing I would never do all caps all caps is yelling and you just don’t want to yell at people it did well I mean maybe sometimes you do but I would say don’t yell at people you want to enter your funnel it isn’t my stuff kind of self actualizing meaning aren’t my post ranking higher because you already have a high ranking site well Phil but you got to remember like we started this with zero right so like that it’s it’s so easy to look at what miles your videos rank because you know you’ve got 300 oh yeah cuz I’ve been working because I’ve been doing this I did this right so my wife’s website started with zero posts zero visits and zero credibility then we posted our first blog post as optimized as we could do it at the time and then we did our second nobody’s visiting a site then we did our third and then we do a fourth the reader fifth ninety days later we had ninety and we’re starting to get traffic at that point continued publishing once a week twice a week then she did another 90 day challenge and at that point were up to two hundred posts and now we’re starting to get some traffic now we’re in like the tens of thousands of visits a month and and we keep going couple posts a week and then she keeps going and oh now now we’re getting hundreds of thousands of so it’s like yes if you have an authority site it’s easier to get more traffic but every authority site started as zero like everyone right it’s not it’s it’s a false belief that like oh those people are lucky because they have an authority site already be like no no no no no no no they either one paid out the ass to buy an authority site to start with which you can do you can go to Empire flippers you can go to flip out you can buy a website it’s risky I highly don’t recommend it I think it’s better to build it or number two you start like every single one of us did at zero and then you do one and then you do two and it is a ton of work 100% so much work most people can’t cut it most people don’t have the guts to put themselves out there most people don’t have the discipline to see it through to the end most people won’t make it and that’s a personal thing that’s a mindset game that is not a technical thing and is not because I’ve been blessed with this site that’s an authority site I built this stick by stick nobody taught me this stuff nobody nobody was willing to take time to show me this like I’m showing you so you’ve got a leg up on me and my wife we had to figure this all out the hard so like ain’t no luck here it’s just what you’re seeing is the result of me my first websites in 1999 made my first money online in 2003 I’ve been full-time since 2010 full-time that’s two and entrepreneurs don’t work no 2,000 hours a year ain’t no 40-hour week here I’m working like twice as hard as most employees work so I’ve got ten years of double time on you right so I got 20 years effectively of man-hours plus multiply my wife’s effort in we got 30 to 40 years of man-hours we have been hyper focusing into this business so how can you do that for you and if you can’t go at it that approach great what can you do and yes we all start with zero and we all really you just everyone starts with zero there’s there’s no luck no we’ve been blessed nothing magic happened there’s nothing that I’ve got that you can’t get other than an unshakable mindset and a definitiveness of purpose and a true knowing in my heart with this channel this YouTube channel is my I started over I could have just started blabbing about how successful my wife’s website is and I use that as examples here this channel last year twelve months ago I had like 48 subscribers maybe a hundred and nine somewhere between 48 and a hundred nine subscribers one year ago today I’m almost at 39,000 there were 1.5 million views right now not because some magic happened no fancy Instagram influencer liked my and published it and no shoutouts no paid ads nothing brute force application of simple things done consistently done coherently with a focused intent every time as aggressively as I possibly could I did 120 videos and 120 days to kick things off my life’s never changed and and people who go through that and do that their lives are changed forever and that that’s a biggest result of the 90 day challenge that I challenge people with it’s really not the audience growth it’s it’s the fact that you’ve become a content creator you are an internet marketer once you’ve done 90 posts in 90 days it’s pretty powerful so Craig hurdle you’re building a new site how long would it take to increase your da with a consistent content schedule one a day for 90 days at 90 days right like you’ll see an increase what will that increase be how long to get to a 30 da PA due to many variables there’s no one way to answer that kind of a question the the trick is like I’m gonna go full speed ahead until my numbers are and like I don’t care about my da PA the only reason I know it is I want to be able to look at these keywords like okay cool so that’s that if I have a da PA of 36 I can take that one out I don’t by the way but like just knowing like okay cool I’m punching above my weight class here or I could definitely get that keyword with one of these that that’s why I know that but like I guess let me reframe that question to you if I’m a Craig if it took five years of intense work nights and weekends if you got a day job saying I’m sorry to the family I gotta take two hours a night every night to be not doing Netflix time with the kids every night sacrifice I get it I get that it said rise do you don’t understand the sacrifices I’ve made in my life but if you do it for five years straight and you stick with it and you stay focused on one niche you’re dedicating your efforts to being a service to one audience and you do it for five years straight and you create a lifestyle business they can pay for you your family your kids your kids is college your retirement fund everything for the rest of your life to live on your terms from Matt fifth year on your six on so are you willing to shovel this enormous pile of that is not required because you could just keep go punch a clock you could keep punching a clock and that could work that lifestyle works for million hundreds of millions of Americans go that route it’s very possible how bad you want it right so like that that’s the vision that drove me not the numbers not the traffic you don’t see me post up like yeah I got this many subscribers videos right none of that matters what matters to me is how much I’m being of service to people and my vision for the future that my wife and I are creating in this world and that’s what drives us and motivates us and that’s why in the mornings when I wake up and I’m looking at this giant pile of pony poo like I really feel like I don’t I feel like shoveling it but I got a vision and my vision is bigger than that pile of pony poo so what I do I put on my boots I roll my sleeves and I get to work and I’m grinding on this still like man like I don’t need the money it ain’t it definitely ain’t about the money at this point but it’s really about helping you guys and that that’s where I’m at so that’s that’s kind of like my my take on that I’m Armstrong my my keyword research phrase video is number two in Florida perfect so this is gonna work absolutely being recorded awesome I’m glad you guys are liking this is there such a thing that’s too small image minute so D’Mello like I would say like if there’s no magazines out about it like go-to magazine calm if there’s no kindle book category or Kindle bestseller auto topic you might be in too small of an inch so my wife and I are doing like Angel meditations was our first thing on the intersection of angels and meditations like there was one lady in the world who was like the angel lady writing books about angels and stuff like that’s it like there were a few blogs through this definitely the signs didn’t show that there was monetization potential in our in our niche but we did it anyways and it’s been very lucrative for us so like if it’s really in your heart like that that’s that’s the trick and you know then look at the people like people who like angels and spirituality they’re kind of irrationally passionate so are you going after an irrationally passionate audience fishermen golfers people who own horses cryptocurrency people like irrationally passionate right like that’s that’s kind of what it takes angel people happen to be irrationally passionate to spirituality meditation and us internet marketer folks we’re kind of we’re kind of geeky on it dude I got to learn how to like breathe and speak better my throat’s kind of like getting crushed here but all in due time I think it’s time for some voice lessons all right so we’ve got apologize on the on the chat like it it jumps my mouse around a bunch likes it reloads more so Phil James thousand minimum yeah I mean that that makes sense cool awesome going glad you were able to tune in on this and finally you’re not in the vegan dog food niche yeah SEO worked for for food recipes you gotta remember there’s a lot of recipes talking to site I why there’s a lot of people publishing recipes there’s a lot of like it’s easy to publish a recipe right I can go buy a really big old Good Housekeeping recipe book and like I’m not gonna plagiarize it but like I can go week their recipes and make them mine and just about everybody has the ability to do that everybody’s got a kitchen so like what’s your unique angle right who are you teaching recipes for it’s not just about putting out recipes it’s like whose problems are you solving through recipes is it the business person who goes to work and he buys lunch every day at work and he spends you know nine thousand dollars a year more than he needs to because he’s eating out and you’re gonna teach him how to pre pepp pre-prep his lunches every day Tori he’ll have the best lunch at work like right what’s your take what’s your angle on that that’s the trick do I have search engine marketing courses just like this one colleague this is my search engine marketing course like I don’t sell you things I just give it all away I know it’s weird but Tim Armstrong so yeah Melanie psyche beats during virtues for SEO rankings like that’s she’s the angel lady we’re after and you’re right the one thing that so to flip it around she got a lot more shelf space for selling angel books than we do we don’t have international distribution on our books even though we often out read out ranked Doreen on Amazon Kindle Store for our Kindle books and for our print books but we don’t have shelf space and a lot of our ladies still do go to their local book store their local metaphysical shop to buy books so so we’re winning on the digital side because we’re kind of like digital new kids but Dorian still crushing it on the physical print side which is you know to each their own it’s all good face book store versus website always your own website don’t trust Facebook they’ll crush you the moment they can or it’ll make you pay together Rishi you used to get the moment they can Glen welcome to the party I’m awesome Phil yeah I think thousand minimum three thousand more blog posts yeah totally like how many how many how many words is really function of how many does it take to effectively write the absolute best post on the topic and generally you’re not going to do that in 500 words like 500 words is surface level scratching surface and blog posts that rank are post to go deep on topics in this day once that all right that is my my 15-minute warning right there so cool yeah damn so many questions is awesome like the blog quality versus comment Wessel when it comes to the lengths of blog is quality versus quantity you try to include longtail keywords yep include a long tails here long 5,000 words that’s awesome which take a long time yeah yeah you want quality I’ll go quality over quantity all day long so if you look at backlinko who’s probably the one guy who outranks me for keyword research video on YouTube he does one blog post per month that’s it so he spends I mean he writes some of the most in-depth blog posts you’ll ever read but he does one or thirty days so he’s kind of on the extreme of quality versus quantity I’m like you know I’m trying to compress a year or two of effort in the 90 days that’s my goal with a 90 day challenge and that’s why it’s like it’s a horrible process but it’s it’s got a lot of rewards it’s not that bad but like really I think that how do you compress and do what you’re doing without skimping quality and making sure your quality is top-notch but scaling the quantity side you could potentially hire someone to research ideas and to outline for you you do the final draft you could do the other way around you could hire somebody to write the final draft and you do the research and you do the outlining you don’t have to go that way but like you have to do both right it is quality and quantity I would never sacrifice quality for quantity but how youhow do you leverage and build a team and build systems to do both because when you get quality and quantity going out you’re gonna win and you’re gonna win quick and that’s like let’s not you know if we can achieve the success we desire in a year and a half instead of five years right I just did my like heartfelt emotional tugging moment of like if it if you did it for five years and you can spend every day with your kids and think about for a school from that point on is it worth it yeah but like what if you could do that in a year and a half well you can it’s just gonna be an intense year and a half right and your families may be like where’s husband or where’s wifey right and you’re just gonna be in the lab grinding it out you’re gonna get three four hours of sleep at night for year and a half two years maybe three but like cool you want to shave a couple years off of it do both so it’s just there’s just there’s just no way to avoid both same practices jay burnham the same practices you can do with facebook live and Instagram lab I bet I probably should be streaming this on both of them but I really just like whatever Phil K the transcription service that I use is called Trent it’s Trent comm it’s really freaking cool it’s a it’s like a robot and it’s like 25 cents a minute or something like that so it is alright and just because I write in all caps is because I have horrible handwriting and you wouldn’t be able to read it if I use lowercase I don’t ever mean use all caps anywhere it’s just how I like chicken scratch so Oh Adrienne Dragon NaturallySpeaking is the software that I talk things into my computer to get a written word Trent is when I take the audio I just take my whole video and I upload my video to Trent and it kind of Auto transcribes it and then you got you got to work with it a little bit but it’s it’s a lot less expensive for me than hiring a professional transcriptionist OBS studio I would love if somebody knows OBS studio and you’re on my email list reply to an email from me help me configure it because I had a lag my video was like a split second more than my audio and I fiddled with the settings and I just couldn’t get it to where the audio and video were on at the same time I would love to get that up and running I just I haven’t had time or kind of haven’t had time for it how do I get content at the top of Google and my keyword difficulty is high even longtail keywords are longer how long will it take if it’s a new website so you use keyword finder and 65 difficulty and your niches travel so it’s tough you can have to put in a lot of work the travel niche is very difficult there’s people who are passionate about travel who don’t care about monetizing they’re not trying to build a business they just want to share their travel stories they just want to blog for what the kind of koreff essence of blogging is then you have companies like Priceline Expedia major corporations I mean think of how much money is in travel they’re all doing content marketing at the same time then you’ve got this whole world of wannabe influencers who are vlogging every day about look how cool my life is and now I’m in this country I’m a digital nomad look how cool my life is so your competition level is huge you have to find a specific angle and as cific sub-segment of that travel audience that you are going to be service to and then you need to figure out how to be of service to that audience and then you’ve got to realize that you might have a bigger pile of pony poo to shovel than the rest of us right the angel meditation space there weren’t that many people in there it rang true with my wife she loves it I love meditation as well like we love that space so we’ve been able to authentically move in that direction so so you got to find a deep deep niche and how do you find it research lots and lots of research might take months of research right who was it took George Washington it was like if you gave me five hours to cut down a tree with an axe I’d spend the first four hours sharpening the axe somebody has a quote like that somewhere and it’s it’s that kind of philosophy right like the research and the planning it’s all of that that work it’s not in vain we want to take massive action forward but we want to make sure that forward is a strategic direction and we get to that point through through research all right Authority hacker did a recap on their 2017 predictions on moving towards more concise content and send a podcast they were they were wrong long content fifteen thousand plus words gets better results that’s insane so fifteen thousand words that’s like at twenty thousand words I’m publishing an e-book and so if you go search my website she got a bunch of ultimate guides there’s an ultimate guide method so like search for like ultimate guide to learn SEO and you’ll find it and you’ll find that the people are creating what are effectively ebooks and they’re publishing them on single pages they have like table of contents with jump links to the different sections I think that’s the future I think that’s what people want I think I mean people want to search google find a be-all end-all behemoth epic post about that topic they want to go through it and they want to be done and then they want to get back to solving their problem because most people are searching Google because they have a problem they want to solve or there’s something they want to figure out so they they just want to find one great epic source of content on that and they want to read it they want to be done with it maybe two or three to get a lay of the land and and that’s why I think that long epic content is is always going to be super valuable one thing I didn’t put on here I got my my podcasts on there now since I’m doing lips and podcasts so I put my podcast in there um and it’s just a box that says podcast so you didn’t need to see that but like so what I’m what I’m doing now is like the most multimedia so somebody finds my epic blog pose and I think authority hacker does this really well too so I cool on the go want to just download it and listen to it on your phone on the train boom click boom you’re done so I just quality the quality measure is continuing to go up because it’s it’s so difficult to scale quality everybody’s trying to scale backlinks everybody trying to scale content this Matt and how do I like even saw in the comments like how do I scrape 20,000 keyword like we all have access to technology that can leverage rubbish right we can all like I could spin articles and do spintax and create 10000 spun articles on a topic Google hates that that’s search engine spam so you really think about it Google has been combating search engines fans so what’s the opposite of search engine spam it’s like ebook level content that is just literally next level and I think that’s always gonna work in thrive themes would I add lots of keywords in the head script area no definitely not definitely not so Martin in in thrive I just I just use Yoast I don’t do anything in the header area at all I don’t want to force I want my website to look like the 26 million other WordPress websites I just want to have better content more better content than anyone else at the moment you look like you’re trying to game the system google has a really strong chance of being able to smack you around and they will smack us around Wireless love may happen maybe not I don’t know I’m just playing around with different options here is the only article structure yeah 3,000 words oppose maybe missive what you do about the comment section I leave comments on so one thing I did I stripped out the from my my theme at the theme level I’ve removed all links in comments so when people are trying to like write comments because they actually want to try to get a backlink from me at their name as a backlink like I get to keep the comments and they don’t get the backlink so I like showing comments my wife has some posts that have like two or three hundred comments on them it loads page after page and I think that’s a really good engagement factor and engagement indicator cool yeah Phil and I know you weren’t calling lucky and like I hope you didn’t you didn’t feel like I was kind of coming at you with that but I think there is an overarching I’ve heard it a lot I’ve heard you guys are so lucky knowing our lifestyle we’ve got it so many times like you guys are so lucky and like that really frustrates me because that that’s kind of not honoring the fact that we we sacrifice five years of our lives literally no friends no family living in very very very inexpensive not comfortable places very cold drafty but because we were bootstrapping a business so this I didn’t mean I hope that it wasn’t didn’t come off as a personal attack to you it was kind of a broad statement because there’s a lot of people here and I wanted to kind of like just make sure that was clearly addressed awesome Phil you family randomly I love that cool hey glad a when I’m providing more value than people pay for I feel good about that but at the same time it kind of makes me sad because our our industry is full of people selling stuff that’s sub par and and that sucks but my goal is to help people realize that you don’t need to buy the 17 the 37 107 the 1997 dollar product like ah this high-ticket phenomenon is horrible it’s not helping you it’s only helping them you just need to put in the work you got a shovel a pile pony poof like that’s actually it’s not the course it’s not the trick it’s not the tactic it’s not it’s not even this stuff like if you wrote enough long enough consistently a you pick up a lot of this stuff but B you would just root for smite 87 years but you would you would eventually outrank most people and and brute force your way to the top yeah J exactly Gary Vee says you got to eat for years and you have the life you want it’s I mean I am just living proof of that and I’m a glutton for punishment so I started over and I started a brand new I started this the miles back there brand this year after literally could’ve like semi-retired right but um I got more I got to give to the world I got I got to be that voice literally combating all those 2997 dollar products that you don’t actually need that stuff’s killing me turning into a little garyvee right now I’m pretty sure carry these like this doll so like I might be a bigger garyvee we’ll go with that and if there’s anybody I would like to man like Gary we get so much notoriety like et the hip hop preacher Eric Thomas like that dudes content is some of the best most motivating content in the world that is about mindset Gary B is a little bit too hipster New York flash cool kid for me but man Eric Thomas that dude like raw power i’ma meet him in person imma give that man a big hug because he’s been such an inspiration for me so if you want that like fired up you like that Gary Vee thing go find et the hip hop preacher he’s on YouTube watch his first videos the ones he did in front of the class in Detroit when he just lit those kids up it’s a two-part it’s just absolutely epic what are your steps from this video ending up with a blog post that is a great question top us I have a team my step is to tell Josh hey Josh if you’re on here this one’s next josh will then run it through trent he’s going to copy josh doesn’t he’s got a team that does it so i pass it off to a team literally that’s what I do but to give to go deeper because this compass should answer so my team will transcribe it through Trent and then they’ll copy edit it and then they’ll final edit it and then they’ll send it back to me with the written part a title I’ve already given the title I do write the title but generally the title is the same thing and then they pull out a couple of like tweetable they pull out like two one-liners at 140 characters that we can use for social media then I get that back I pass it off to my layout guy I should probably get Josh sending it directly to my layout guy just so I don’t have to touch it and my layout guy goes in and lays it out with all the h2s and stuff and I haven’t done enough quality assurance check with him on this with my layout guy he’s in the Philippines and then he creates a bunch of graphics he creates my my featured images and my Pinterest images and he embeds things and he makes it all pretty and stuff so I don’t touch it is my goal but the first few times I did I touched it a lot and I did everything and everything we do that we’ve automated we started by doing it all 100% ourselves yeah miles is turning into a bigger miles right now that’s all authority vague yeah six one dude silver blade subject 600 subs I like that old-school alright so Kenzo here’s a question he’ll miles if I put a blog in Spanish and translate plug-in would it still rank a googly in English you know generally those plugins aren’t optimized for SEO if you really want to make sure it’s done right you’re gonna need to manually take care of that process giving the process of transcribing it and almost more importantly like where it goes right the file structure like you probably would end up wanting to do a separate subdomain or separate complete WordPress installs a file folder for your English site so if you ever noticed you go to some sites it’s like for /en and like it could be like a dot-com in Spanish or it would be a dot-com in English and then the 40s for Espanola you you need to manage them separately and you got to literally do this practice for both in both languages it is twice the work but like honestly if you if you speak Spanish your native Spanish speaker be of service to your local market Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world and if you’re able to learn from me in English and these concepts and these ideas in English and you’re able to go apply them in Spanish you will be one literally like you are one of the most well armed spanish-speaking affiliate marketers internet marketers content marketers in the world there’s so many people doing essentially what there’s so much competition in English right everybody once in the English market everybody in Europe not everybody I take that back but like a lot of people in Europe are one of their thoughts is like cool I’m doing really good in Norway in my local language how do I now scale to English so like everyone wants to scale to English as their second tongue so you being that too so it’s triple for drooping the competition whereas if you just go and focus mainly on being of service to your Spanish market there’s there’s a ton of opportunity there the WP Pinterest plug-in was pin it I believe would I configure wordpress differently if I use Divi not really how to start the–and has advantages uh so thrive themes faster and just I found it easier to use than Divi I left Divi for for that and it’s it kind of frustrated me Debbie did but they’ve probably made it a lot better recently so just if you’re using something you’re competent with it a theme just run with it fake gurus yeah there’s so many fakers out there it’s it’s kind of knowing they’re not doing good things for our they’re not doing good things for industry so how do you eat for years without sacrificing your health well first of all eating for years is a analogy you’re not actually consuming the pony poo that would be a bad idea um I eat a 100% plant-based diet I do green smoothies every single day I limit the amount of bad fats I intake I eat only good fats I drink a ton of water I do not drink alcohol I do not smoke cigarettes I do not smoke marijuana I exercise I walk on average to the four miles per day and I do all of this while growing my business so that’s my take I’m not saying you need to do this at all but look at your diet diet is so important like how many salads a day are you eating right we’re supposed to eat like fifteen servings of fruits and vegetables a day are you even close probably not eat more fruits and vegetables do you drink sodas do you drink alcohol do you drink like okay well like how much water each do you drink our bodies are 70% water like let’s just drink a lot more water right so it’s little things and then at work like if you have a day job do you have to 15-minute breaks and a lunch break cool every day when I have my last day job and in office my 15 minute breaks were walks around the building I do two walks around the building and in my 30 minute lunch I brought my lunch so I could control my consumption what I was eating and I would eat and I would go walk for 30 minutes and back every day at work I would walk walk walk every afternoon evening when I got home with my wife I would walk as well um so you gotta manage that it is a part of the game and you do have to play that game hey jay burnham ET lives in your hometown that’s awesome I love that dude I will meet him and hug him at some point oh so and Wessel if your wife thinks you’re an idiot wish you days away just like you use that to fuel your fire if you can but like stay in communication with her help her realize you’re building a better life like that is the goal and find that balance like get her to commit to giving you X amount of time a night free time you can go into your dedicated space with Noah and then you commit to being fully there with them once that times up you find that balance that works to give you enough freedom to move forward so you can do what you need to do to a family because you have that vision and that’s cool good on you right but then you’re there for her to give her the time she needs cuz you’ve got responsibilities to that relationship luckily Melanie our cofounders of our first company so we could have entered the idea at the same place at the same time but really like that’s you got to find that balance and it’s it’s key to find that balance and at this point I’m at two hours y’all I got to end it because it will only record two hours of my livestream and I need this whole thing up this will be recorded and added up here at my youtube channel usually takes about an hour to process once we’re done here I thank you very much for joining this has been a lot of fun I hope you’ve enjoyed this thanks for your patience with the technical issues if you’ve enjoyed it give me a thumbs up here this URL above should be the URL of the video once it’s published if you check back an hour – if you watch it you liked it share it on social media thumbs up give me a comment on the actual video once it’s done I appreciate everybody who joined us live if you enjoyed this kind of approach of doing these classes let me know in the comments preferably when the videos live so come back in an hour – and be like you know that was great do it again or if you find my format for other ones to be more effective let me know I’m curious about your feedback my goal is to help get this information I have up here communicated to you as effectively and quickly as possible so you can digest it and I can get back on to doing what I love because I want to go for a hike today I got work I got email my list I got other things I got to do but I got my content down for the day so I got that done Cheers thanks again for your time I look forward to connecting with you on the next video and until then be well and remember lots of little things done consistently over long periods of time is what creates success there’s no ninja tactics there’s nothing big little things applied consistently if you need an Aesop fable go read the the ant McGrath hopper and be like the ant my friend it’ll serve you greatly alright til next time see you then

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