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Live Office Hour With Miles Beckler – How To Scale Your Online Business Q&A

hey miles here miles Becker calm and in this video you’re going to get an opportunity to get your question answered but I’ve also got several other questions here that I’m gonna share the answers with you today because they’re extremely good questions you see on my email list a bit ago I requested for my subscribers to send me their biggest challenge their number one biggest challenge and roadblock to making a full time income online and I’ve received dozens if not over a hundred questions from that so I’ve been sorting through them this morning and I found a few questions that are super relevant to you to help you grow your business which is what I’m going to answer today so if you’re live with us welcome thank you I will be popping into the chat here and there to make sure it makes sense and I’ll try to answer a couple questions from there but ultimately these questions are the key real quick before we get going if you like me doing these types of Q&A calls these types of Q&A videos give me a thumbs up here on the video it does help me know if I see an above average number of thumbs up and likes on this kind of gives me that heads up that I should do more of these also if you want to be on the list that gets kind of the opportunity to ask these questions you can join them in my email list and get my free course that explains how I went from side hustle to multi-million dollar business online it’s a seven step process it’s 100% free you can get it at miles Beckler com4 slash free – course so with all of that said welcome welcome we got people the chats are starting to roll we got all kinds of people on I’m gonna get into the first question because that’s why you’re here and the first question is from David friend ray and he says how do I get people to discover my services out-of-the-box solutions to understand the value trust me and my business this is actually probably one of the biggest actually there’s two problems wrapped up in here and that’s why I wanted to include this one and these two problems are the number one challenge for most people so I’m gonna read that question again because I want to see if you can identify the two questions within this because they need to be treated and worked upon differently so how to get people to discover my services which are out-of-the-box solutions and to understand the value and to trust me and my business so there’s marketing and sales marketing and sales are two completely different things they work together to move an individual from being unaware of who you are not trusting what you offer not knowing what you offer what solution is there for them all the way to becoming a customer right so marketing and sales work together in this marketing is everything that happens before the moment you ask them to pull out their credit card and obviously it could be a request for proposal or it could be a you know PayPal link there’s other ways to go about it but you get what I’m saying right so marketing is the pre frame marketing is all of the content that you’ve published all the social media publishing so your opt-in the emails that you’ve sent all of that effort you’ve done before ever asking them to make a purchase sales is that moment in the relationship when you ask them to make a purchase generally speaking it’s gonna be a video sales letter a sales page a webinar there’s some sort of a sales mechanism right there’s a sales presentation if you will and then obviously a checkout page of some sorts so that’s the two pieces and they’re asking this question how do I do all of it right so number one is I’ve used lots of helpful content I find that putting out helpful content is a great way to build the trust and to capture the attention of others I prefer search engines to social media you probably notice by my actions I’m here on YouTube a whole lot more than I am on Instagram you want to follow me on Instagram miles Becca Rock or Instagram comm slash miles Beckler but really I’m here most of the time because this is a search engine and this video you’re watching now and my 535 other videos they’re all indexed and they’re all showing up for different search phrases introducing me to new people over and over so that’s the first part right how does he gain awareness to these people who need his services but don’t have them it’s content generally speaking you can pay to boost or amplify your content for sure but some point some way you need be putting out some great helpful content that meets your user where they’re at and helps them begin to solve their problems to get on the path to their goals so they know that you’re actually someone who can help then the other side how do you actually make the sale you got a study copywriting and you got to become great at copywriting and that is a huge challenge you can hire a copywriter it’s gonna be very expensive and I’ve had some significant challenges with copywriters I’ve spent tens upon tens of thousands of dollars and some of the delivery I received the deliverables I received from copywriters were so bad that I didn’t even run it and I was out thousands of dollars because it was just that bad so it’s a little bit of a crapshoot hiring a copywriter um my wife and I have decided to mainly take that on ourselves and what we do is we write out the copy and everyone small we hire copywriters to give us kind of critiques of our copy to give us new ideas and to help us maybe identify things we didn’t see right then and there so that’s the process so number one you need an awareness you need some sort of a marketing plan that’s gonna get you awareness in the eyes of your users to build the trust you’re gonna want to build an email list you’re gonna send lots of emails to help them on their path then you need some great sales copy or a great sales video or a great webinar script right we need some sort of a sales mechanism that is tested tested tested and that’s it I think it couldn’t take a business several years to dial all that in for me it took about two and a half years and I’ve been making money full-time online for six years at the point it took me two and half years to get the audience growth mechanism dialed all of those pieces going my email is growing and then also getting that last component of the sales message and the offer so I hope that’s helpful David and we’re on to the next one I’m gonna go glance in the chat and we have so many people in the chat I’m excited to have you all here if you want to let me know oh we got Poland in the house Moldova in the house Chicago says same experiences with copywriters London UK in the house you know it’s mid day here in the US which means it’s evening in Europe so happy evening to you in Europe caught you at a good time so question number two I have here is Chris Chris is making between a grand and three grand a month and he’s asking should I concert concentrate on a mid price product between 100 and 200 dollar courses product course and a sustainable paid traffic source to get one-off sales on a regular basis or switch to a membership model and try to grow increasingly large tribe of paying members this is another super common question right what do you go for because on one hand membership income recurring income is awesome I have a membership program my wife has a membership program I love recurring income it means you kind of do the work once right you spend the time building the relationship the trust the mechanism sales mechanisms else copy etc and you can get paid over and over and over and over again especially when you’re great at delivering it the challenge is a lot of people have been burned by memberships a lot of people have been burned I think in the United States we have a cell phone company called Verizon and Verizon in the early days of cell phones and I don’t know you might have a Vodafone where you’re at or some other cell phone company the contracts they used to lock us into and they would not let you out of the contract you’d have to pay 500 used crazy amounts of money to get out of the contract and people wanted to switch the service socked and they couldn’t without paying these ridiculous fees and I literally think so many people got burned by cell phone companies from those recurring fees that they’re hesitant to sign up for any membership at all which means in would what kind of what I’m getting at is I do think that a membership program is a more difficult sell I think that more people are gonna have more resistance signing up for an ongoing fee than buying a one-time product I know when I was just getting started when I was looking for my first shopping cart that my wife and I ran four or five hundred thousand dollars in revenue through most of the shopping carts were ongoing fees and I was like I want to pay every month I’m not paying 97 bucks a month for that or or 50 right now I don’t mind paying those fees because there’s value for that but in that moment I wanted the $50 option that I can pay for once and then figure it out I need I knew I needed three four months to figure it out so I avoided everything that had a membership fee and honestly in those early days I voided most things so ultimately Chris I think you can run both is the best answer I think that there’s room in every business like first of all every business needs more than one product right if you have one product you don’t actually have a business you have a product and it makes sense to have front-end products and back-end products that’s how we run my wife’s business she’s got low ticket products from from seven dollars to eleven dollars to seventeen dollars that we promote on the front end we have a membership that runs at thirty seven dollars per month that we’ve thrown on the back end and we’ve got some two to five hundred dollar products in the middle that we promote here and there as well and over the life of a customer having all of those different kind of offerings has helped us significantly so start with the one that you have data that says your audience is most interested in right at this point you should have a big audience somewhere whether they’re on social or on a search engine or on your blog or on a podcast you should already have an audience sky so we’re assuming that’s true number two you should have an email list you should probably have three four five thousand subscribers who are getting multiple emails from you per week and they love you already at that point you might want to just ask them what they want and then go create what they want for them right that that really actually is the fastest way to create a very successful product I found with this audience I’ve grown through YouTube when I asked what do you guys want like they wanted help with me working on their landing pages me helping them on their niche their site their SEO these these videos I put out are there clear they’re concise someone with ambition could go through them and do all the work but a lot of people that’s not like okay well how does that apply to me or they want me to look at their Facebook advertising data so they’re willing to sign up for a $97 or it might even go up to $197 per month mastermind kind of group where they can ask me questions so it was them telling me that’s what they wanted is why I created that product I didn’t just kind of like oh there’s yeah oh I’ll make that see if anyone wants to buy it that’s a way to waste a lot of time and energy so I hope that’s helpful for you Chris thank you very much for putting in your question on that one I do appreciate it and we’ve got a few questions coming in right here on John Haase says these are from the chat now real quick John Haase says do you reckon 10,000 visitors a month your website would be enough to generate 2,000 plus per month with great copywriting it depends quality of traffic is everything right I can send a million I could probably go pay something under a hundred bucks to drive a million visitors to a website and it would be the worst traffic in the world and it will not convert period 10,000 visitors a month if I know if this if we’re talking like Facebook Ads right where I can go in and target the exact people their age ranges they’re like all of those specifics the things that they like I can use an look-alike audience 10,000 visitors per month I I’m gonna make a lot more than $2,000 per month on that so there’s a lot of variables right the quality of your offer is one which you seem to get because you say with great copywriting so good on you for understanding that but the quality of traffic is just as important in the old days of copywriting when they would actually mail letters which a lot of people still do direct mail and Derk mail is great because there’s less competition than there is on Facebook ads and stuff but like in before internet days there’s this kind of like argument which is more important the sales copy or the list and most copywriters would say what list that you’re mailing which means what’s the audience which means was a traffic source right so if I allowed you to mail I’ve got a list of like 30,000 customers okay if I gave you the ability to mail my list of 30,000 customers and you had an offer that was relevant with okay copy you’re gonna crush it because we know these people are buyers but if I give you a list of people who have never opened an email from me who opted in want right or if it’s just like a scraped email list and you just go mail those people which is possible and never do anything like that it’s just not gonna work right because there’s no data point that says they take any sort of relevant action so that’s an important piece I’m going back to my pre submitted questions now Lisa Vargas is next if you’d like to be able to pre submit the questions I usually reach out to my email list for these you’re not on my email list you can get my free course it’s the seven steps to how it’s essentially my seven step process how I went from side hustle to multi-million dollar business online it’s 100% free it’s a full course it’s online it’s not like a PDF or an e-book it’s actually a full course it takes you through kind of the process the mindset and then the actual tactical things you need to do you can get it at miles bechler com4 slash free course let’s go here miles bechler calm I’m putting in the comments right now for such free course actually I put it in the chat right then there and you Kirby what’s up my man he says what’s your system for converting videos to blog posts I hired a guy and I pay him a lot of money because I couldn’t figure out a system he uses Tammy calm TEM I calm to transcribe it and then just from there it’s literally like copy editing so if you can find a copy editor somebody who can like edit and copy edit that that’s the that’s the most time-consuming part but Tammy calm great transcriptions ten cents a minute really easy from there and on the leases and I’m gonna just I’m gonna go through these as quick as I can right I’m constrained by my time I’m an incredibly busy person but I want to be here for you to show that some internet marketers have integrity and they have hard and they I want you to succeed so I’m gonna take the time but I’m gonna go quickly through all this and and I’ve had a cup of coffee today too so Lisa’s question is in a lot of you guys are gonna resonate with this one so first of all she says I’ve got my base set up Facebook page YouTube channel she got five videos up and your WordPress blog set up to me that’s not having your base set up right to me that’s like drawing blueprint plans you’re not doing anything yet my base I felt like I had a base when I had 200 videos so I think for most people one to two hundred blog posts one to two hundred videos that’s the base that’s the starting point so first of all you’re not really where you think you are yet Lisa unfortunately my niche is going to have to be affiliate marketing for beginners and it never has to be that okay that’s a that’s a mental flaw and that that thought will block you and force you to do something that is going to be incredibly challenging if you want to get in the ring with heavyweights bring it I’m happy to compete I am competing right now with this video here but you’re not gonna make it it’s it’s an incredibly challenging thing in the world of make money online is so small you have companies like wealthy affiliate there’s a total freaking scam telling you to just go so make money online things and click funnels is like oh just go sell click funnels right oh my gosh there’s there’s more people trying to sell it then there are buyers of it that actually need it right it’s really really a small incestuous world and it’s so much better to break out I’m starting a brand new website I’m gonna document the process here on YouTube for you guys I chose a niche of physical products something I bought myself I’m not an expert in this at all I’m not even I’m maybe top 64 like I am far from an expert in this and I’m gonna build it from the ground up to prove that you can just kind of randomly pick a niche if something like I kind of know what those things are sure and I’m gonna build a super successful website on that niche and he’s gonna happen really fast because I’m not up against people like me Russell Brunson Neil Patel all of the other people who have large budgets and teams and and SEO prowess a list carrying on so the niche stuff that’s problem so she says I’ve been doing digital marketing for 15 years now and you work with small business owners and internet marketing is all you know and you’re passionate about great but the competition is fierce so real quick reframe here you can probably go present yourself preframe yourself posture yourself in your local town as the foremost internet marketing expert and I highly recommend doing that start a meetup group sell local services build a local agency be the absolute best of the best in your town that is very doable you want to go up against the the world-class competition online that’s gonna be extremely challenging so you work endless hours you’re ready to tribe traffic in three months you understand the foundation of how to build it using whatever tools you’re using I don’t think you understand anything in three months personally it’s it’s a multi-year game but here’s the hard part getting traffic I guess what your specialty is SEO so finally your question is whoo we got there besides SEO is there anything you did in the beginning when you started building your list so that’s I’m gonna stop there’s there’s like nine more questions in here um I put out 200 videos in six months before ever putting my first opt-in up then I did videos every day for a year before ever starting a blog post then I kept do excuse me I did three videos a week for a year before I put my first blog post out at about 20,000 subscribers in the first year from putting up something like 300 videos in my first year by the end of year 2 I had something like 50 or 60,000 subscribers now I’m probably gonna end year 3 with something like one hundred and ten hundred twenty thousand subscribers I didn’t start selling anything until two and a half years in and remember I’ve been bringing I start making money online in 2003 right like I’ve been I’ve gone through the ups and downs of this game for 13 years before I started 16 plus years right now so trying to figure out how long it took me two and a half years bringing full-time gangster level approach to this did I get I went all in on one so the questions go did I do this or that you’re doing a lot of different things lissa doing one thing is key I went all-in on YouTube I’m still pretty much all-in on youtube I hire people to get my content and to syndicate my content out for me because I have money to reinvest right I’m about to drop 50 grand building up this website that I’m used as a case study I’ve got money to invest I’m blessed in that sense but also it’s a result of been doing this day in like I’ve been doing this online marketing stuff to in 2003 I’ve built funds for it right like it makes sense for me to reinvest in my business so focus go all the way in on one build your audience first build your list first eventually figure out what they want and offer it to them that is the trick to everything Lisa and Gregg Marie is next and I want to jump to the comments to you guys and answer a couple of your questions here so Gregory is making about a grand a three grand a month and his question is more of an investment question previously Myles you talked about investing in index funds and real estate many people online who who have the great problem getting lots of money that don’t know what to do with it I know you can revamp reinvest back in your education and business but at some point people will want to do asset allocation but don’t know who to trust or how to go about it maybe in the future you get advise on how to invest extra money I think this is so smart Greg and there’s a lot of viewers and I know some of you are out there you’re making good money I know it I know you’re out there right now we’ve got some multi million dollar per year earners who watch my videos but we also have the news so I love to mix these kinds of videos in now I leverage in the US there’s some tax structures that we can use to really as entrepreneurs putting away a lot of money and lowering our tax burden right so first and foremost make sure you’re working with a CPA certified public accountant who really understands entrepreneurs and small businesses and find ways to get as much of your money into your 401 k KS or whatever it is whatever mechanism you come up with with their help for you that’s right for you get as much money into those accounts as you can to lower your actual earned income right that’s so so powerful and that’s something that we entrepreneurs it’s an advantage we entrepreneurs have that employees don’t you get a w-2 at the end of the year you’re not on Schedule K and you’re not taking dividends you’re not paying yourself you can’t control that my company can 100% match me upwards of 18,000 plus dollars per year in this of those accounts number two if you’re really really crushing it you can actually leverage pensions you can actually set up your own pension account you would need to hire a professional who can do this for you but it would allow you to take even more of your potential profits for the year put them into a account that you could manage and then you would pay a lot less taxes on it as well and you notice that there’s kind of this inverse of taxes and retirement accounts right the more money you can put tax-deferred into the retirement account the better off your future self is and the less taxes you pay today your future selves gonna have to pay taxes on it but if you’re making a million dollars a year right now by the time you’re like 78 and you start take tapping into that you’re probably not gonna be making a million dollars a year anymore so your tax burdens probably be a lot less okay so that’s that’s the theory on it I love real estate I do think real estate is a great type of investment but it’s a business and you have to be weary of how much time and energy that you have because being a landlord buying multiplexes analyzing a dozen or a hundred deals to do the deal to fix up the house to get in renters and do all of the work it’s a lot of work there’s no such thing as passive income in any world of investing at all so that’s important to think about I do think index buns are a stable way to gain exposure to the stock market but then the question becomes do you want to be in the stock market or not my new test and this is why I’m excited to share this is this new website that I’m building I’m building an affiliate website from scratch I’m actually not gonna do much of the work at all I’m planning on spending about $50,000 this year it will in the next year not from not calendar year but in the next 12 months I’m planning on putting about $50,000 in the project manager who’s gonna run it the content team who’s gonna write all the content and actually bought the website and I’m gonna tell you more about that because it didn’t have time to think of the niche and I literally went to their website I look through it okay I know what those things are all by that one and we’re just going full speed ahead so my costs are going to be about four thousand dollars per month to build this right says 48 grand over the course a year it was a couple of grand to get started hosting and and a few other things if it’s pieces so here’s my big idea can I put fifty thousand dollars in which is way less than a down payment on a home in any of the towns I would be investing in not necessarily okay it sits around the cost of a down payment right so that would be the down payment on two hundred thousand dollar house for example so as an investor to buy $250,000 multiply that’s what you would put in then my goal is $3,000 per month cash flow year 1 so that means 50 grand in 3,000 a month cash flow out each month after one year real estate can’t touch those numbers cannot touch those numbers Here I am teaching on YouTube I’ve been full-time online since 2010 I made a couple million online right like wouldn’t I just reinvest wouldn’t I keep going and do more of this I want to sell you guys over here’s my thousand dollar course durpa durpa durpa I’m one of those guys no not at all so this is my new investing hypothesis that I can get better returns and win that proves to be right I’m essentially gonna duplicate out the process over and over we’re gonna pick another site we’re in do it again we’re picking those like we’re gonna do it again and each sites gonna fund the next one that’s the theory and that’s one of the big things that I’m doing here I think the gold silver gold mining sectors are very interesting right now with what’s going on on a global economic cycle I also think that there is some new refound hope in cryptocurrency but that is absolutely gambling it’s adults claiming that they’re intrigued by a technology but they’re actually hoping to get rich on piggybacking on the next big thing is really what’s actually going on there so the odds of that going people going completely upside down it’s it’s an incredibly manipulative market by a few whales so that’s what I got on that one I hope that’s been helpful and let’s jump over to the comments here divine Juno first one I saw registered your agency with the state the IRS got Bank you can’t create a Facebook page bought your domain you’re working on the site how do you start Facebook Ads marketing for businesses you don’t have a client yet so so you don’t necessarily need to do all of that even to find your first client you need if you want to run a Facebook advertising agency you kind of need two things number one the ability to provide a result for someone consistently and number two someone who wants to buy that result from you that’s it so everything else you did is not one of those two so like can you create a specific result for them over and over have you run enough Facebook ad campaigns that you’ve proven that you consistently can get a good cost per lead you can lower cost per lead you can lower the cost per conversion and you can split test your way to a scaleable campaign if you have great you have testimonials you have case studies that’ll do most of the selling for you then it’s how do you get the attention of the business owners there’s a million in one ways to do that right there’s Instagram there’s Facebook there’s YouTube there’s there’s LinkedIn I think running a meetup group in your local town about digital marketing teaching digital marketing teaching social media marketing is the number one best way because local people want to work with people they can shake their hands everyone get spammed out local businesses are getting spammed out for services because it’s easy to find local business email addresses just go like a hunter aiyo it’s a website that literally for 50 bucks a month you can go scrape other people’s domains and find working email addresses to be able to get access to people so so they’re spammed out so when you go belly to belly with them and you actually do like a local meetup group you could really gain some good positioning and some build some great relationships quite quickly on that Q&A solutions which is the best content performance WordPress or you got it on the first one I’m gonna mention the other ones by name it’s absolutely WordPress for sure doctor LuAnn sailor’s has been posting videos almost daily for a couple of weeks nice you’re trying to ninety videos at ninety days you know doctor Luanne you can also do ninety week challenge I did a video on this at one point if you do three videos a week for ninety weeks boom you’re there so at when I hit the hundred thousand subscriber mark I did a hundred and twenty videos in 120 days okay so I did 120 day challenge first followed by three videos a week for 120 weeks so I actually did a 120 week challenge after my 120 day challenge together that was about a thousand days thousand 19 or something like that right around thousand days putting out a video on average about one every other day is where it totaled out 200 thousand subscribers brute force effort you can get there learn keyword research you’ll be amazed at it let’s see what other questions do I have here untapped healing is on day 50 of the 90 day challenge you are awesome I’m happy to have motivated you I’m excited how would I approach a health motivation product outside of clothing if you have no medical certification so grow your audience ask them what they want one surveys get them Phunk give you request fund your questions I get them to give you their questions and answer it figure they’re already buying things right like that’s that’s the thing so everyone watching right now we got dozens if not 100 or more people watching my Wi-Fi like we all have something we’re about to buy in the next week right and we all things we need we have long term goals we have short like they’re just we consume we buy things so like what are they already buying go offer them that right you can offer it as an affiliate you can make a better version you know that there’s a lot of things but like literally go find what they’re already buying there’s a book called the srt8 RDS is a standard rate and ERISA it’s a direct mail tool it allows you it literally is you can go look at all the lists that a direct response marketer could rent you can go get if that some libraries you can literally go look through all the lists and you’ll be like wow this list in the health world has so much I think weight loss is the big thing I think in the United States of America right now weight loss is probably the biggest challenge for most people even above making more money I really do I think hundreds of millions of people are like weight loss is the number one challenge that they have and then you can get so deep in the how to like vegan gluten free weight loss would be a thing right juicing green smoothie like there’s so many varieties there’s probably like an all fat weight loss or an all meat weight loss that would work for some people might clog your arteries up but I guess that’s another question here there so I would think weight loss is kind of where that came to and you could be any idea of how much it costs you to turn each video in a blog post yeah so it has cost me upwards of $250 I’ve got it down now I think to about a hundred give or take and refining the process right like I’m a geek about processes so that’s why I love doing things first myself and I pretty much always do things first myself and then as I’m doing it I’m doing things on two levels number one is like I need to get this result right I need to take video to make blog posts I’m doing the thing but then there’s this other level the observer level and I give that guy like what am i doing to get this result then once the results UPS like okay I got through that one tan that that post it we have ouch right what was my process what did I what did I have out of order that then if I did it the in I try and I play with the process and still to this day so I’ve been buying content was the same guy he’s doing the process he has teams that he works with and now we have it to where it comes off of Timmy and it goes to somebody in the Philippines and then they do the first kind of run and then it goes over to somebody in the u.s.

They do the second run then it goes back to my guy he does the third read-through and that’s the fastest way and the least expensive way because the bulk of the issues are getting handled by somebody in the Philippines but yet it still kinda needs that final read over so maybe for you Andrew right now is finding a content teammate in the Philippines to get you like 80% of the way there and then you just do the final read through the final edit to where you’re not cuz going from a cold transcription is like this huge blog attacks is horrible but if they can put some sub heads in there and break up the paragraphs and and just change the word pattern language patterning around so it reads cleaner you maybe can then get it done in 45 minutes of your time and ten bucks instead of $130 cuz right now like I you know an hour of my time is is worth hundreds of dollars at this point to me with all the stuff I’ve got going on so it’s worth it for me but everyone’s at a different point in that situation so I hope that makes sense all kinds of people in here coach sophia has always meant to ask me this welcome to the party coach I appreciate having you here you change your email opt-ins from single to double opt-in now you get about thirty perceived 30% of people confirming their emails are you losing leads of course you are there’s this old saying an internet marketing if you want to make any money online you run single opt-in you if you do run single opt-in you need a scrub your list regularly I want a smaller list which is you know that’s an Andre Chaperone idea of I am NOT normal I’m an alien if you knew that so in the world of internet marketing right like everyone wants to raw raw you uh make it sound easy sell you their thousand dollar product I’m the opposite of that right like I’m I’m here to make sure you know how much risk and challenge it is I make you know how worth it is as well because damn worth all the energy invested but I just wanna be a realist about it and most people are used to Lambo boy preaching the easy button and when they find myself and it’s like hard work for three years or like ooh I’m not in the right place like he is not mixing the wifm right they’re like them how do I get this quicker and I’m like three years I’m like I’m go back to Lambo boy and they’re just gonna rack up a bunch of debt on a credit card for things that don’t actually work but that’s okay because that’s where they’re at that’s where they want to be so I actually want my list to deflect people and I only want people who are serious who are in it for the long haul I’m working with real entrepreneurs none of this fake I put CEO on my Instagram I started a print-on-demand thing and I’m a real business no no no another real business owners grow million and multi-million dollar businesses and the number of people online who are actually building real businesses like that it’s tiny it’s a handful it’s dozens not millions right so I’m okay having a smaller list but that said run single opt-in and just have a mechanism to describe your list so if know if someone does not open and does not click on an email in 45 days you could eliminate them generally I’d recommend somebody do that every 90 days but if if they don’t do anything in the first 45 days at all you could probably yank them because they probably gave you a fake address and then always show them one offer afterwards and OTO so if they do give you a fake email address then the next page they go to they thought they were gonna go straight to your download but they go to an offer page a one-time offer so you’ll still get all of those people showing up to your offer and that’s kind of one of the things so Marcio Silva that I’m gonna go back to the other lists from my email list you’re gonna struggle starting an online is determining what content to give away and to sell specifically when most of it is on other YouTube channels so just go right so Marcio like how many have you published 200 videos yet if not what are you doing like like you’re just waiting you’re trying to figure it out mentally like don’t just go like give give of yourself eventually you’ll find your little neck of the woods your little thing that works for you then you’ll grow an audience around it and you’ll ask them the question what would you guys like help with and they’ll tell you just like right here and now like like literally do you not much I’m learn all this feedback all these questions like I get to get my VA to go through this chat later I’ve got all the questions in my database from people around my list I have all this is data y’all like literally like I’m gonna make more videos on it I can make courses for my inner circle members on it but you guys are willing freely to tell me your challenges just like when you you have an audience that trusts you they’ll be willing to tell you their challenges so you could help them solve them so it’s it’s really the same thing it’s totally the exact same thing and I’m jumping over back to the next one here the last one was Greg so now I am on and I got a few more of these and I’m hitting I’m gonna my goal hit the hour mark do an office hour with you all and the next one was anonymous question is what is it and this is this is a important one what is the safest way to validate an idea and a business model before spending and losing a lot of money in wasting time I love the theory behind this the language pattern here is destined for failure okay so I did a few videos on the law of attraction this last week the conversation we’re having in our head rights and what I’m talking about in this question is so what is the safest way to validate an idea that’s a very very good question I would change it to quickest what’s the quickest way to validate an idea because everything comes with risk we’re entrepreneurs everything is risky as an entrepreneur but then before spending and losing they’re already ready to lose right like spending and losing a lot of money in wasting time so those thoughts that that thought pattern that got L equated in that response is literally pre determining them they’re expecting to lose money they’re expecting to spend a lot of money they’re expecting to waste their time what are they gonna get that’s exactly what they’re going to get because of that mental frame and so here’s the shift right what do entrepreneurs do aren’t your printer’s take on above-average amounts of risk right we invest time and money today for the potential chance to get extraordinary returns in the future okay I’m gonna try to say that again cleaner cuz I have some breaks in there excels like get my words together okay so an entrepreneur is someone who willingly takes on additional risk financial risk time risk today right for the potential chance to have exorbitant amazing incredible payouts and earnings later in the future that’s what we do but it’s all predicated by us being more than willing like the best entrepreneurs I know they’re like where’s that next big challenge I can solve where’s that next big problem that no one else can figure out right we as entrepreneurs are willing to take our time and our money to build solutions and find solutions for other people and the risks are everywhere in that we might not find the solution they might not want the solution they might not value the problem that we’re going after but real entrepreneurs realize that buying validating the idea the business model right so they put some money in they put some time in the validation comes back that it doesn’t actually work you learn something that didn’t work this is one step on a path of 10,000 steps that Thomas Edison used to create a light bulb do you have light bulbs in your house I do I have light bulbs behind you right now illuminating me right every house in right in the world but every house in the developed world has light bulbs in it because this dude Thomas Edison was like I’m just gonna keep finding things that don’t work and eventually I’ll find one way that works he was trying figure out the vacuum and removing the oxygen because the filaments kept burning and just all of these scientific experiments what if I used this material with this in the glass what if I use that material with this burn the filament burn the filament burn till he found exactly what worked okay copper wire in a vacuum I think is what actually it is so this is what we do right and if you’re not ready to take on this risk go get a job give it up go live your life go to happy hour play with your friends go get a racecar go play video games go binge watch something on Netflix because that’s what people who aren’t willing to take the risk on do so that’s where you’re at just go do it or step up and realize that validating your idea your goal is to disprove your idea your goal is to disprove every idea and then disprove the next and then the next and then the next and over the course of three years you know what you might find something you can’t disprove it actually works over and over and then here’s the trick and every guess is wrong you just do that same thing over and over and over and over like me with these videos okay I got my videos going so oh god I got a YouTube channel about a hundred thousand now I need to go on Instagram no I don’t would I do that for this is working oh I got it now I got Facebook cuz Gary Vee said Facebook no I don’t would I do that for it would stop me from doing what’s working right my wife and I on our main business we’re doing the exact thing today that we were last month last year year before five years before we just keep doing that same thing we found that work took us four or five years to find this thing that worked and a part of that is it worked for us and it works for them it didn’t take an exorbitant amount of her time and energy my time and energy and it gave our audience a really good result we were giving them really good results before that we were making money before that it just took a lot of time and energy for my wife and it wasn’t sustainable long term it wasn’t scalable to the tune of millions of dollars a year it literally was capping out like two hundred three hundred thousand dollars per year so there are tweaks and we’re just testing different things you making money all along the path so then miles back Lybrand right a couple of years bill in the audience and then it’s now I’m got a little membership thing going on cool I’m a run with that now I’m trying to figure out how to add on some events cool that might just be it for me for ten years I got a little bit of this a little bit of that I’m just gonna stick with that because it works I love speaking i love talking so i love being on stage so i might as well roll my own events i love traveling to amazing locations and hosting high-end masterminds so i might as well keep renting these ridiculous mansions if you haven’t seen any of the ridiculous events I’ve done search abundant circle on on YouTube I’ve rented a thirty four thousand square foot 20 room palace in Thailand and Brenda 80-foot yachts for entrepreneurs and really good time anyways what’s the safest way to validate an idea opt-ins run an ad to a landing page see if you get somebody to opt-in if so and that grows that means they’re kind of interested the next step of validation is can you get them to pull out their credit card in order to buy something so you want to write a sales page and you wanna have a Buy Now button you want to actually click on that Buy Now button two things gonna happen number one you can uncheck out and then excuse me after the checkout you just don’t hey I haven’t built this prod or we’re back ordered I’m gonna refund it to you and you refund them or be when they click the button to check out it takes them to a landing page that says we’re still working on this and your email address below and I’ll let you know right when it’s ready essentially you want to see how many people you can get to click on the Buy Now button getting people to check out is another thing because generally speaking one in eight one in ten who click on the Buy Now button and get to your checkout page are only gonna convert right so 10% 15% is kind of an industry average um and then you got to remember that maybe your copywriting is terrible and maybe you’re just new and you’re just gonna have to fail for 3 years and that was what the whole point of the beginning rant was on that I hope that makes sense and I hope that that’s helpful for you guys so Alex how many visits to a blog should you community before you create a custom audience create the custom audience day one man it just starts to accumulate and fill 4 there depending on what you’re doing you don’t need a college degree for an online entrepreneur man most people who have man most people who are super successful entrepreneurs don’t have college degrees to be honest [Music] do I know who Andrew Kirby is asking me do I know who Sam is what’s my opinion of him so like I know of him I know a lot about his backstory about his past partnership with another consulting person he broke away and from what I heard he literally like there are some shadiness that went down I know he sells an extremely high ticket products and I know he presents himself in a manner that is very well positioned so from Matt a I ignore that dude consciously on purpose because I bet his sales copy is really really good I think he’s reinvesting a lot of money back in and I believe he’s got like a full sales team and I believe he’s got literally a call center and anybody who gets that level there’s there some that to me there’s some weird stuff going on definitely not a stoic approach to the game if you will I think he’s smart I would never buy one of those products ever I wouldn’t even consider it but you know paying attention to what he’s doing is probably going to be the most value you could ever get and that’s free it’s just difficult for some people to pay attention what they’re doing it on the web aren’t getting that heat at the moment because great copy and all said you buy something and then you go down this path and you’re getting distracted and then they’re teaching you the same basic like start an agency and teach it and do Facebook ads for people at here’s one of your Facebook ads you’re like dude I literally knew all of that for miles and stuff for free right because that’s that’s ultimately what would probably happen is there’s so much of it’s just regurgitated repackaged in different ways so JY h is my new site strictly physical product affiliate sales or is there room and a plan to expand later on great question man so the new one is Dwight I’m gonna get to that question in a heartbeat my man so the new one is [Music] it’s strictly affiliate man I see I see directions it can go in one regard but the goal of these kinds of niche affiliate sites is hyper focused on something that’s super like small okay so real quick example for you I’ve got 20 acres here where I’m at at my summer place and this is a lot of mowing to be done around here and we’re hilly okay I got lots of hills it’s up and down so I’m like I’m looking around like my gonna you know riding lawn mower and I get it yet like can I get like an ATV and tow something like what am I gonna get to mow these hills I’m like I’m literally searching for like um best riding lawnmower for Hills five word phrase long tail that might be six there’s entire websites focused on not riding mowers not lawnmowers literally the best riding mower for Hills that’s the state of affiliate marketing today when somebody wants to get ad height like they’re looking for an exact type of dehydrator we know what we want and that’s your meeting at that highest level of awareness so by definition I am limited and that’s why the idea with this site is get it to three a month which the data says it should be able to get to three a month because there’s there’s ways you can run the numbers on this stuff and then do it again and so essentially create a portfolio of these creating three thousand dollars per month if I put in fifty two three a month it’s 20 months away from being ten grand in the red or in the black and that to me is a very worthwhile approach and my ultimate thought is if I do this five times over 8020 principle five times over one of them was gonna pop one was gonna hit ten twenty thirty and one of them is gonna have that growth potential out out so part of me is like I’m doing it for the income for the Nitin Bob Bob part of me was just like I’ll take that one literally I was in the back of an uber in traffic in LA getting off a train going to suit my air B&B and I literally bought an affiliate website from the back of those ubers look I’ll take that one let’s get this project going because I finally struck the deal with the project manager on that so by definition I am kind of limited in so Dwight Norris says did I ever work on stuff while I was at work you bet darn right I did alt-tab is is my friend so whether it was having a notepad next to me and jotting down super rough outlines that would be on a notepad that I could tear out put my pocket recording I don’t have my phone near me so recording ideas so I when I worked I would take my morning break at my afternoon break and my lunch break and I would always walk around the buildings always always I got it like movement is like requirement like we are the we are meant to move right this this sedentary sitting thing like I’m Owen and I’m out there I’m a KERS I’m pushing a mower four acres right I’m committed to this life of movement so I would move and then like voice notes are a thing Evernote is a thing but also even literally I would alt-tab I did customer support and I would alt tab and be working on yeah cheffy is like alt tab we friends I would I would be literally optimizing posts on Melanie’s WordPress website we were Mel and I were even on chat I think was the aim back then and we were like okay I’ll do that okay I got this okay I’ll do this and commenting on other fishing blogs like that’s another thing you might be able to do is commenting on fishing videos commenting on fit vlogs to really get that kind of to just get your name out to start popping into reality for other people but obviously don’t risk it so there’s there’s a line for you based on your work space I was my groovin and I was able to andaman every commute I’m either listening to something positive I’m listening to an uplifting book you can listen the same great uplifting book over and over if you look on YouTube there’s tons of free ebooks available on YouTube audiobooks available on YouTube you can rip off the mp3s of them a lot of these are older books but they’re great science of getting rich by Wallace wattles and a lot of cool interesting stuff on there so just internal says with 50k investing in a website what’s the budget looking like I know what you can do a 3k spam what what I’m looking to getting out of 50k so 4 grand a month is my expected cost 2 grand a month for the project manager who does SEO and then 2 grand a month for content that’s 48 grand and it was about 2 2 grand to kind of kick this thing into motion that’s it my fixed costs are essentially content and then the the keyword research like so so my project manager two sides of content so he does the first thinking part of what’s the post word of the products what’s it gonna be and then it goes off to the writers and they actually get the content and it goes back to him and he runs it through essentially my SEO tool that’s inside of the C&C membership and then publishes it and I’m actually using Dave’s team to do all the publishing for us to be publish Pro for that that’s it so that’s my that’s my approach is I’m just like cool I’ll throw that at it no worries and I’m gonna get back to these I got a couple more time for a couple more questions and I’m gonna get back in let’s see here so Almaguer Hussain is saying I’m doing print-on-demand I think there’s concerns about the general perception about the email marketing in print-on-demand and all of my videos and tips are for website regarding question what do I think about email marketing for print-on-demand um if you have an audience of people who know you like you and trust you you can sell them things so I’m gonna make a line of hats and shirts at some point because you all look at me and I’m wearing a hat and a shirt so like when I get my ish together my hats will be branded my shirts will be branded you guys want to wrap this brand right and someday have somebody be like oh you know miles cuz you’re walking around with a shirt and like they’re like oh my I get it I get it you’re I get you I we are similar like that do you want to be able to have that experience you had bought my shirt at some point in time I ain’t got time to put it together we owe them so fricking busy so yeah I would sell the bejesus out us and for another man my wife currently does sell she makes hundreds and hundreds of dollars a month selling like an angel imagery on mugs and shirts and stuff so it’s just print-on-demand is just the the thing you’re selling it’s not the audience growth right you get audience like that’s just a monetization method like you need to build an audience of people how are you doing that that’s really the question there I’m putting a note here in where I left off in these questions because I’m gonna keep going through these if you did not get your question in the queue again the this questionnaire went out to my email list and if you want to join the email list you can get my free course it’ll tell you how I went from site household a seven-figure business multiple millions of dollars online at this point in time it’s seven step process that I’ve kind of done over and over it’s what my wife did then we did it for this brand here same seven step process it’s the same process that we’re gonna do for that next website over and over totally duplicatable miles becker comm forward slash free – course is where you find it now I’m gonna answer one more question so we gotta hedge you Carrie what’s up my man so you assigned your girlfriend to the role of chief content officer she’s in charge of taking her videos and getting them to rank on Google she’s learning keyword research SEO and backlinks what else lots of h2 h3 h4 s go analyze how many H headings are on the competing ones but ultimately you can just just get a hundred posts up get that machine focus on the system of how do we go from Andrew video over to actual like written published piece that’s good that you like that you’re proud of when you have that just run that machine for a while like so important like we got so we got like a hundred posts up and running and then we went back and now we’re redoing all the SEO on them because you don’t know which ones are gonna hit which ones aren’t gonna hit so great titles super compelling titles you have your one video that used like a graph like the most important graph ever but you nailed it on that on the title of that one right that’s why people click so great titles great descriptions got to be compelling learning keyword research that’s the one super geeky thing I would I would focus on is learning keyword research I’m Alex do I have any course learning FB ads I don’t other than my free stuff it’s pretty much a course online but it’s all free Thiago says awesome see me live what am I going to limit my am I gonna limit my new project to blogging also video audio all at once I might incorporate videos into it but I’m I’m wanting to look at this new project from the lens of someone new they got a full-time job they don’t have the money to throw at it like I do but they have time right cuz that’s that’s that’s one or two which resource you got you got more time than money or you got more money than time I have more money than time right now so that’s my approach but the proof is that anyone can just choose a random niche go for it follow the instructions put out hundreds of posts within the year and have lots of traffic loss of sales and actual money coming in same thing I did here same thing my wife did we’re doing it again but everything said oh well your your personal brand and expert let’s make money online space I’m just like all of that’s going away and it’s like I’m not an expert in this field it’s not to make money online space it’s it’s totally a just that niche ok good enough I know something about it I have a little tiny bit of a story about it good enough we’ll go there chat be miles thrive threads Beckler that’s awesome what about email marketing by adding links to other people’s emails I don’t know like I would just do I would just have I’m building affiliate programs I don’t want other people to mail me that way and then 1:48 says i think people are super focused on the monetization side you like income school style once the audience is there the monetization is a lot easier to comprehend 100% like the the monetization is the easy part growing the audience is a hard part so everybody focuses on dropping or FBA or affiliate or this or that or I can promote this I can promote that and it’s like well yeah but who are you gonna promote it to like nobody likes you nobody knows who you are nobody trusts you like until that happens nothing moves so why not go all in on that but people think right like oh because they’re in scarcity I need money get money sell widget just sell a widget ok cool how do I solve the widget huh well those are the audience of people who know like it trust you right it’s it’s the the dropshipping course vendor is making it sound like that’s the key when this is actually the key cool Babb says I’m about to run Google ads do I have a recommended amount of ads to run in the same time your niche has about seven categories so like what is your best selling stuff start with your best let’s start start with what you know converts because if you don’t have a conversion mechanism paid ads aren’t gonna help right it’s like pouring fuel or petrol or gas on a pile of sticks there’s no fire going it’s not gonna combust it’s just gonna be a smelly pile of sticks so what do you have that’s already proven to sell you sold thousands of them hundreds of them already that’s what you want to focus on because you know it converts so Henry has over 10,000 subscribers for a free info service and you’ll be introducing a premium level soon do I have any tips on running a freemium business model like this right great copy make sure it’s actually helpful for them to upgrade rocket yeah a lot of testing just just stick with it and go from there just internal says your new website started as affiliate converted to ecommerce when traffic started coming organically making more money now than you would with affiliates this foreign yeah so you know you get to the point where you grow an audience of people you can monetize that easily with affiliates and then you can just replace the affiliate products with your own products increase your margins bada bing bada boom it’s a cool way what’s going on at wit’s end babs glad that helped with you James is in West Palm I hope it’s staying nice and warm for you hope it’s not getting too warm and crazy out there it’s that time of year for craziness to be blowing by I think do I actively try to build links to my site I actively build links to my site like that’s that’s something I started doing much more aggressively in the last year on a test and it’s working really really well I actually promoted I got in on a course I bought a course for how to build backlinks it was like a thousand dollar course it was it was a big deal and I got my team working on it and and things are things are moving forward there but um yeah yeah I mean it’s it still is absolutely a metric that moves the needle and on that note y’all I’m gonna call it so if you haven’t joined the list yet man I’ve repeated myself enough time to do it one more time you can get on my email us at miles comm 4/3 – course if you see a little book pop up on the end screen click on that it’ll take you to it I’ll maybe see in this description nobody links etc I do more of these lives I appreciate you thanks for joining alive thanks for joining it after give me a thumbs up hit that button for me so other people can find this and if I see a lot more thumbs up now than on my average video that will entice me to do more of these I appreciate you I look forward to connecting with you on the future videos until then go publish be helpful give value to other people grow your audience you’ll be amazing we create when you put them first and I know it’s tough I know you feel like I got my needs but miles if you knew how bad my love you knew yeah I know trust me I was there I bounced off rock bottom big-time I sold both my cars zero money zero cars had to move back in with my parents borrow money to get a car at the age of 30 with my wife so I bounced off of rock bottom couldn’t pay any of my bills was going into debt collection all of it all of it out of that I built a multi-million dollar business why because I focus on you audience that pitch you anything in this I try to sell you some scam hell no I care about you too much and when you care about your audience at that level you have actually won then you just got put in the years of work dialing all little bits and pieces in what content do they love what can I give what do they want to buy how can I help them you’ll figure it out over time you got to fall in love with your audience that’s the real key on that note I’m gonna call it thank you very much for your time I appreciate you and I’ll see you next

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