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#1 Most Counter-Intuitive Success Secret Revealed – This May Be Holding You Back!

hey miles here miles Becker calm in this video you are going to learn the most counterintuitive secret to success we’re gonna talk about what this is it’s based on a quote and then we’re gonna go into a real-world example so you can understand how to apply this in your business because there’s one thing to learn the idea it’s another thing of how does this work in my business and that’s what we’ll get to first and foremost what is this counterintuitive success secret well the quote is by I think his name’s Bill Watson I know his last name is Watson and he’s the founder of IBM International Business Machines and he stated that if you want to increase the rate of success you need to double your rate of failure I want to say that again if you want to succeed faster you need to fail more specifically he said double your rate of failure now the idea here that might take away from this is most people are frozen with fear right a lot of people have a fear of failure fear is a very strong emotion and people who have a fear of failure they end up getting stuck in research mode and they do nothing but research and analyze and they get to that point of analysis paralysis which means they’re not taking any action they’re cramming more ideas into their noggin they’re taking zero actions and they get absolutely overwhelmed and there is a zero percent chance this approach is ever going to lead them to the success that they desire now on the flip side of this there is another personality type and I run across these individuals every once in a while and I personally happen to have a little bit of this in me and that is they learn just enough to get going they learn just enough to be dangerous and then they blaze forward and they start creating things and they start publishing things and they’re putting up WordPress sites and YouTube channels and videos and ads and landing pages and and most of them are rubbish at first and they get a little better and a little better because they keep going you see the real key here and these are the types of people who create success massive success in their world the real key here is the understanding that the success you desire is actually on the other side of failure right a lot of people who are looking at failure you’re thinking I don’t want to do that are never going to fail which means they’re never going to get through failure over to success then there’s another personality type that’s like okay I really want that I don’t fully know how to get there everyone in this world who’s created anything that’s noteworthy had no clue how they were gonna create it they knew they were going to create it they started they took action and they failed their way forward to actually get to the success that they desire does this make sense success is on the other side of failure you have to go through failures to find success which is why a fear of failure is not serving you at all let it go embrace failure put up messy first drafts of things put up terrible first videos just like I did you’ll get better and if you stick with it eventually you’ll find that which works for you for your audience etc now the real-world scenario that I promise because this is great in theory how does this actually physically work in a real business so last month I went to a bunch of different masterminds and at one of the masterminds it was a private mastermind by invite-only it was the top 10 affiliates for a program on Clickbank one of clickbank’s top programs the youngest kid in the room is absolutely dominating he he’s using Instagram for most of those traffic amongst a few other things he’s a really unique approach he is not doing things traditionally and now he’s at a point where he realizes that his business is kind of hinging on a few core offers that other people own and he wants to build his own offers to kind of give him some stability within his business model now it’s great to be an affiliate I love being an affiliate and so does he but it’s also great to own that transaction to own that customer it does come with some benefits so we’re on the phone and he’s like how do I get there what’s that offer he’s trying to figure out what is this compelling offer what’s that irresistible offer that my people want and instead of saying and helping them realize that it’s this one thing that they want because I don’t know what that is he doesn’t know what that is the real core idea for him right now is go make lots of offers go make micro offers do lots of little things and see what people respond to eventually generally speaking the 8020 rule is going to take over sometimes is ninety ten but the 8020 rule is pretty darn strong to be honest so what does me if he goes forth and creates five new offers on average one of those offers is going to work right 20% of five is one now the one that works is this going to be a million dollar launch and he’s done he gets a retire and Lambos and yachts and no of course not it just means it’s gonna work significantly better than the other floor that didn’t quite work and in this process of creating five offers of seeing one that worked and four that didn’t work he can think critically about why did these ones fail right those are the failure why did that happen and then he can think critically about the one that worked why did that work then he can build more around the one that worked he can add value to the one that worked and he can relaunch that thing he can also go bundle up some of the ones that didn’t work and use them as bonuses in other ways this is how the 8020 rule mixed with this idea of success being on the other side of failure is your absolute ally now here’s the coolest part about the 80/20 rule it goes meta which means there’s layers to it you can do the 80/20 rule – the 80/20 rule so if he makes five products and every one of them does well right it’s not a crusher it does pretty good then when he does 25 products five of them will do pretty darn well right cuz that’s 20% well out of those five that do pretty well one of those generally speaking is going to do really well compared to the other five now at this point after launching 25 micro products one of them will absolutely be a standout five of them will be pretty darn good and the rest of them will be okay and they’re all assets for his business now comes the part of analyzing why why did that happen why did my audience respond to this offer better than that offer was it the copy was that the email was at the timing answering these questions and coming up with at least theories that could potentially answer these questions are really the key to doing more of what works okay this is exactly how to tie it all the way back to the quote doubling your rate of failure speeds up your approach to get to success so let’s say he’s able to do 25 micro offers in three months versus doing 25 micro offers in one year what this mean this is literally the rate of failure okay if you’re doing 25 offers and you know 80% of them are gonna fail that’s your failure rate so if he’s able to go through this and his failure rate is so fast that he gets condensed down to three months he’s going to learn those things that work faster than if he takes 12 months to get there and this is why and how doubling your rate of failure will speed up your approach to success I know it’s counterintuitive and for everyone out there who’s just watching more and more of my youtube videos watching more and more webinars from the fake gurus thinking there’s some idea outside of you that’s between you and the success you want this is your moment change that thought start creating things go fail give yourself permission to fail watch my first video see how bad they were right didn’t look this beautiful didn’t wasn’t this clean I was rigid I did wasn’t animated at all but I got better at it because I was willing to fail and fail and fail and fail and fail and fit a little bit okay I was okay fail fail okay right I increased my rate of failure I did a hundred and twenty videos in a hundred and twenty days that was literally as fast as I could fail and of those about five or six of them are actually doing well today right they still get traffic today most didn’t some did so what on to the next that is the approach I don’t care if it’s the emails that you’re sending out the blog posts that you’re publishing the podcasts the videos that you’re putting out the products that you’re launching it doesn’t matter the path is the same success is on the other side of failure how can you fail more quickly how can you test ideas more quickly for him it’s the idea of micro launches of Minimum Viable products of right the sales page and sell it before you create it bring people in get proof it’s gonna work first do the work deliver with excellence observe analyze what happened adapt your approach try again do it again the faster you can get through this cycle the better off you are that’s the key to success that is one of the reasons my wife and I are so successful we have failed more than most people have ever even considered attempting we’ve put out over 200 micro products in the last ten or so years probably closer to 300 products to be perfectly honest with you and through all of that a few things work like gangbusters a lot of stuff works pretty good most the stuff didn’t work at all on to the next analyzing learning from there I hope this has been helpful if it has give me a thumbs up share it engage do what you do leave me a comment I appreciate you I got videos coming out each and every week so be sure to subscribe I’ll catch you on the next video until we meet again be well my friend go out and fail give yourself permission do it you’ll be amazed at what you create when you fail enough you will achieve that success you desire on that note I’m gonna cut it Cheers

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