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10 Cent Facebook Ad Clicks – Are They Real? Plus A Live Question & Answer Session

all right miles Bechtler here miles Becker calm I’m excited to join you right now on YouTube we’re recording this one live and we’re going to start by discussing and looking at the 10 cent Facebook ad clicks right now that’s the first thing that we’re going to be looking at and then we’re going to transition afterwards into the Q & A session so the goal here is to give you a brief little teaching right I want to start teaching first about the Facebook ad system I want to talk about the 10 cent ad clicks I’ve been getting for a while now in a previous video I mentioned that I’ve been getting 10 cent clicks and I’ve gotten some really interesting kind of questions about that some people in the comments are saying well sure they might be 10 cent clicks but are they coming from Pakistan and Afghanistan and the honest answer is no they’re coming from tier 1 locations I’m mainly focused on the USA right now as my main advertising source these are high quality clicks right so I don’t really understand why there’s such a false belief that it’s impossible to get the 10 cent clicks in this day and age it absolutely is but the one thing we’re going to transition to after we look at that and why how I’m getting those 10 cent clicks I really want to transition into showing you what’s actually more important than the 10 cent clicks right because that is a little bit of a vanity metric it’s not actually an important KPI for you to be monitoring the click cost can be relevant in certain situations but it’s rarely the KPI that you want to be following and I’m gonna we’re gonna go inside of my actual Facebook ad account live here together and I’m gonna show you what I’m talking about the difference of so I thank you very much for joining me here after we’re done with this little training which I’m hoping we’ll get through it about 10 to 15 minutes at that point we’ll transition on to live question-and-answer and I’ll be sticking around for a while I’ve got time blocked out in my schedule to answer any of your questions that you have we’ll get a little group chat going on I can take a look at what you’re doing if you have questions about the Facebook platform or if you want to talk about WordPress funnels and SEO and keyword research that works as well I’m open for it either way but let’s get started at this point so thanks for joining in I’m going to share my screen right now and we’re going to jump over into the Facebook Ads platform so the first thing I want to do is to show if I can get over to the right screen here cool so what I want to show first of all here is we’re inside of my ads manager I’m going to refresh the page just you know I’m always a little skeptical myself so I just want you to see that this is a live load of my screen here and you can see that I’ve got it set to this month which is what I normally track by and down here at the bottom you can see very clearly fifty four hundred bucks spent ten cents a click for about fifty one thousand clicks so let’s just move this out real quick to lifetime and just give that one quick second wide updates here and you can see at the lifetime this is going to change things significantly and you can see over the lifetime with what sixty five thousand dollars spent in this account I have multiple accounts that I’m running I’m average is about fifteen cents a click so I would have to say this is pretty normal and then what I want to do is filter it out to what I’m actually running right because the goal is to optimize our campaigns and to trim out a lot of the ones that aren’t in KPIs and let the ones that are in KPIs and you can see out of the ones that I’ve been running over the lifetime of these that again 10 cent clicks is my average for about $10,000 spent for like ninety two thousand clicks now here’s the problem with focusing on the click cost right like there is actually an issue on that and what that issue is is going to be that the the click cost doesn’t say that much right if we’re just getting clicks to our website and those people who are clicking through to our website aren’t taking any sort of action on our website then it doesn’t matter how inexpensive those clicks actually are for us in fact it can be detrimental to monitor that be like yes I’m getting seven cent clicks I’m getting eight cent clicks oh I’m getting 12 cent clicks but then to actually realize that you’re not getting any leads and you’re not you’re spending 10 times what you earn for a new customer and that’s why the most important kind of KPIs for you to monitor are really your cost per new customer acquisition you’ve probably heard me say this before but it is absolutely worth restating again cost per new customer must be equal to or less than how much you make for every time you bring in a customer if it’s equal to you have a break-even funnel which means you can put a thousand dollars in you will make a thousand dollars out on the back end and you will grow your list in mass for effectively free the second most important KPI to the monitor is your cost per lead and you need to know what your cost per lead is for you to be profitable right and you do this based on what’s your conversion rate from lead to customer and then it’s super simple math I’ve got a couple of videos I’m not going to go into the math but literally it’s just a division it’s in my other videos and you’ve probably heard me say it again but the reason we’re talking about this again is because it keeps coming up in the comments and it keeps coming up that like oh man I need cheap clicks I need cheap clicks I need cheap CPM and those are the vanity metrics that don’t actually grow our business we need leads inside of our KPIs right we need leads at a profitable number and we need customers out of profitable number and at that point we’re able to grow our businesses effectively so I’m going to go back to the screen again I just want to have that little heart to heart and I’m going to go back and show you a little bit more in my account because I’m right now testing a whole new funnel on my account and this new funnel is not working perfectly yet but when we’re testing we need to run traffic for three five seven days before we make any big decisions and I keep making changes so I’ve got to let this run so if you notice this interests campaign this is these are both cold traffic campaigns first of all and you can see 10 cent per click I’m going to change this number to the last 14 days because I’m running some new tests on my funnel which means I’ve stopped running split tests on my ads at all but this is what I want to show you right here on the right and this is me being humble and perfectly honest with you this cost per action is way out of KPI for me like this is this is a terrible cost for action I need this to be a lot closer to $70 with this new funnel that I’m running it’s sitting currently at 217 dollars which is a bit of a tough pill me to swallow so you might be like will miles why are you still running that and again let me remind you this is all with the 10 cent per click right so my click number is good I’ve got a great cost per click number if you will but that doesn’t mean anything because this number is so far out of whack for me right now that I’m not profitable I’m cash flow negative the one kind of thing that I am stoked about right now is right here my cost per lead this is my effective cost per lead here based on the actual click attribution this is based on a different attribution this is within my KPI and I know if I’m getting leads just from past data from doing this for so long that I generally earn about sixty to sixty five cents per lead per month right so for every subscriber I have on my list I’m earning somewhere around sixty-five cents so what this means to me is I’m sitting at about 45 days out of earning my money back from this campaign right so every dollar I put in here right now I’m gonna earn that back in a little bit but my main goal here is I’m running new funnels and I just finished up a new split test um two days ago so I have to keep my traffic running to run the data to the split test so let’s look in a little bit deeper and see if we can get an understanding of why I’m getting this kind of such a good cost per click right because I’m happy to share how that works I don’t want to say don’t focus on it because if you get cost per click that’s if I have some 50 cent clicks here then it’s going to mean that my cost for acquisition my cost for lead is going to be a dollar fifty or two and that’s just never gonna work for me and you notice I like to focus on this lower line which is the cumulation of all of these different interests I’m playing the five dollar ad set game that I talked about in a previous one you can see budget is just five bucks a day I’ve got it spread out along around a bunch of different interests and I’m just letting them all run you can see I’ve got a lot of different interests that I’m tracking now you can see over here that I’ve got 12 total sales and we can see which ones which interests are bringing me sales now that’s information that I’m buying and I’m stoked to be buying this kind of data but ultimately I want the clicks to test what’s going on now my cost per action is on my lead is almost to a point where I’m ready to say I don’t know about letting this run so what I do when this number gets too high because you notice I don’t have any sales so what do I monitor until I have a sale I monitor my cost per lead so what I’m gonna look at here is I’m looking for the ones dollar three that’s way out of my KPI I’m looking for the highest ones first right and let’s see is it dollar three the highest one I have dollar twenty three but if you notice I’m getting sales within KPI so I would never turn this off and this is where again 13 cent per click so this is a quote-unquote more expensive click then you can see right here my cost per lead is way out of KPI but I’ve driven three sales and twenty three dollars for about a sixty-seven about a seventy dollar seventy seventy five dollar sale right now um that’s huge I’m just gonna let this run I probably could increase my budget but I do want to just maintain a lot of diverse traffic because I’m running the tests on my funnel so I’m continuing to look up for the next one and here’s one that’s a dollar seven you can see this is in KPI I’m cool with that here’s one that’s a dollar nine that’s outside of KPI and this would probably be the next one I turn off so when this cost per action gets up 85 cents I’ll come in and look at which ones are actually kind of harming me and honestly I do normally run the last the last 30 days I like to look at a 30 day view or this month view the reason I’m not doing that right now is because I made some significant changes to things two weeks ago in the ads and I stopped testing my ads actually on the 15th but it was just it’s easier for me to click that button on so I stopped testing things in the ad at that point okay cool so so why is this working let’s go to the next level deep right so I’m in here let’s go to the actual ads for these ad sets and I’m going to turn that off and that off so it pulls the ads for all of them and I want to make sure my filter shows only what’s active perfect so it’s all the same ad and here’s where we get the interesting data that really kind of proves what’s going on it’s this relevance score right here so you can see this is the relevant score and then this is the positive feedback and this is the negative feedback and most people look at the numbers only and they ignore this relevant score and I mean we’re looking think it might be ten out of ten across the board so what that means is Facebook realizes that this advertisement is a very very relevant ad to Facebook’s target market and that people are this positive feedback people are engaging with it in a positive fashion meaning they’re liking they’re loving they’re sharing it they’re commenting on it there’s conversation going on and you can notice the negative feedback which is the spam score and all of those other things is generally lower I’ve got it high in a few of these but it is generally lower now this ad that I’m running it is indeed a long text ad it’s one of kind of this new style I’m doing and the reason I’m not teaching all of this exactly is because I’m still learning this and I’m still implementing what we’re doing today is I’m documenting essentially what I’m doing to show you what I’m working on in this exact time right here so what we’re looking at you can see this is a really long text this is the ad itself really really long text is what we’re doing here and what that does is it gives Facebook the kind of text needed and then I opt to call them to action it’s got a really kind of simple headline it’s got an imagery that talks about what’s in it but this is what’s really interesting so 600,000 people have been reached by it and you can see we have 2600 shares on my ad these are people sharing my ad for me we’ve got over 400 comments on it and 8,000 100 different people who are liking and loving this now if you’re running ads our fan pages at about a million people if you’re running ads and you don’t have a hundred thousand people on your fan page yet you can click on this here it’s gonna pull up the box of people who love and you can see I’ve only got six angry faces for a thousand of those and these here you will have an invite button I don’t have it because I have over a hundred thousand friends so what you can do is you can actually invite everyone who positively reacts to your advertisement to actually like your page which can allow you to grow your fan page based on people who like your advertisements as well and I really think that this kind of clarifies if you will essentially one it is working and why it’s working in that manner it’s all about that relevance score right now and again I really want to show you that like I’m a practitioner of this right I am NOT a guru I am NOT a guru on the mountain I’m an active advertiser I’m learning I’m refining my skills every day if you want a course on how to do all of this go to Myles Beckler comm /fb like Facebook right just Myles Becker comm /fb there’s a free webinar you can watch that I’ll teach you kind of the system that I’m following and implementing but as we go through this sometimes there’s kind of an up-and-down like it’s not straight up in many senses it’s not like the moment I implement this new system that I learned everything starts working roses pop out of nowhere rainbows pop up unicorns fly over and tada I’ve made it to the promised land the reality of building a business online is we make very educated and strategic decisions based on data and one of the more recent decisions we made is that my funnel needed to generate more front-end profit that way I could scale to larger and larger audiences so I put a new funnel in place then I’m testing this new long text ad which is different from some of my old stuff that you’ve seen me show and the relevant score has bumped the cost per click is in a great place my cost per lead is dialed but my cost per customer is still a little bit off and I’m still working on too small of a data set right I just made a change two days ago to my funnel so I need to wait till I get a thousand opt-ins those are the people who see my VSL as people who opt in my they see my sales page I have to wait till I get a thousand people to opt-in before I can make anything resembling a data-driven decision so I’m riding it out I’m letting it run I’m following the process I’m honoring the process and I’m looking for other places to optimize I’m also running organic traffic to a version of this funnel to really try to speed up the process and an interesting note is that my organic traffic on this same funnel is converting at like 30 times as good as cold traffic does what I might end up doing here in the future is running one distinct funnel for my cold traffic and then one distinct funnel for my organic and warm traffic because we get about 3/4 of a million visits a month from Google so what the data is starting to show me that when I ran them all through one funnel I was getting data that wasn’t a hundred percent reliable so now I’ve separated them so I’m getting very very very separate and distinct data sets on each my organics working like a champion all my energy is now going on to focus on ok why is this not working I have to come up with new hypothesis I have to let the data run and then I test a new headline I test a new ad I test I might even end up testing a new offer and I’m going to continue to tweak that and work with that until we get that thing working to where I can throw $5,000 $10,000 a month into that ad set and that’s really why it’s all about monitoring your cost per lead until you have conversions and it’s all about monitoring that cost per conversion number that is the most important number I will pay dollar clicks all day long if I’m getting customers for $50 each right I don’t care what that click number that click cost is as long as I’m getting customers within what I’m earning back when I get a new customer because that’s that breakeven funnel point and as Russell Brunson says if you get one breakeven funnel you got yourself a million dollar business right there because you can put a thousand dollars in you’ll get a thousand dollars right back out and in the interim 98% of people who don’t buy will end up on your list meaning you’ll get thousands of subscribers as a by-product you sit and do that for a month and you could have 20 30 40 50 thousand people on your list all people who are interested in what you’re doing and that’s where that lifetime value comes in and that’s why I’m cool with kind of running these numbers a little bit backwards I’ve budgeted for this I’m ready for this process and I know that I’ll make mine on the long term what I’m trying to do is go from a 45 day to 60 day payback for myself with this new funnel and I’m gonna figure out a way to get that money back within like 10 minutes so I put in an ad I pay 10 20 30 cents for a click and then four or five out of every 100 clicks are purchasing my product that’s how we drive it up to 100 300 new customers a day and that’s really how you scale a business from six figures to seven and eight figures a year and that’s when you start to see the 100k a month or you have 100k a month revenue $250,000 month revenue numbers and that’s it there’s nothing secret about it it’s it takes a lot of work right I study I’ve been running ads on Facebook since 2013 2014 when I got really into it had I gone through this course beforehand I probably would have saved myself six to eight thousand dollars of trial and error I’ve learned some bad habits through the years of just brute force figuring it out and I’ve been having to unlearn those now that I’ve invested in a real course from a professional and I highly highly recommend like learn if you really want to do this well like my videos will get you part of the way but I’m a student and a prank practitioner I’m not the best teacher in the world of this stuff self proclaimed I get it I’m happy to share what’s working I’m happy to share my path with you because I understand sometimes you’re not in a position to be able to invest in your education I totally get that I was there and I had to make do with what I had and that’s why I’m sharing what I’m doing but if you’re in a position you’re like man I don’t really want to spend four months and five grand learning it the hard way I’d rather put 1,500 bucks in study under somebody get into a group of people a private Facebook group where I can ask real specific questions I can throw my ad up and people can review my ad copy for me etc man that that is the shortcut but it takes an investment again you can check that out at miles becker comm /fb and at this point i am stoked i’m happy to have you here we got 83 people on this is awesome now inside of this interface that I’ve never done chat back and forth with I’m going to figure out how we can start chatting and my goal is I’m not going to necessarily be chatting and typing back and forth with you but I’m going to be reading the conversations and pulling out the questions I think are most relevant to people and then I want to go ahead and jump in and answer those so if you have questions get those started get those ready and what I’m going to do is I need to find my control panel for this because there should be a place where I’m able to go look at the chat if you give me just a moment here I believe I can find that right here and we’ve got that so I’m looking at that if you wouldn’t mind if you can see me clearly you still got eyes on my face and you in the broadcast is still operating give me a yes give me a thumbs up give me something in a live chat real quick just so I know that we’re still on because my stream popped up and I paused that here I just want to see a yes or two that would be awesome we go back over here looks like a broadcasting all right I’m pretty much guessing that we’re working here um I love that the The Reluctant here right there that’s fantastic so hey what’s up first of all thank you everybody I’ve just scrolled to the top I’m trying to get down to the first big question Nathan it’s awesome happy to have you here Zach online happy to have you here how to lower USA cost per engagement is there any way to call to fix the cost per click or cost per engagement so I think I answered this zkh really it’s not about the cost per engagement it’s not about the cost per click you want to focus on conversions it’s so important to stay focused on conversions right so what is your cost for new customer and what is your cost per lead stay focused on those and let your cost per engagement or your cost per click be variables that are moved let those be liquid with that said try longer copy on the top part of your text make sure you have good copy and high relevance on your landing page it’s all about that relevant score go look at your relevance score and go look at your positive and negative feedback if you have a relevant score of 7 or lower or you have a high positive feedback and a medium negative feedback your ad is missing and you’re being penalized and that’s your big problem so guy Cassidy the email link is wrong there’s a few people waiting for the live stream on the other URL how about that look at this rookie of the year over here in miles bechler land um you know what that happens so what I’m going to do real quick if you guys will excuse me anybody wants to jump over 2 miles better calm /no excuse me I apologize it was youtube.com slash miles B I’m going to do right now live and one second here Wow that is epic in the description I wonder if they can get that link from the description there well looks like I uh this is I think it’s great though I think it’s great that you’re checking this out and seeing this because this is how it works this is the process right like this is not my first live but I’m still I’m still kind of fumbling through it I send down an email to my entire list yesterday and I have the wrong date in the email like this kind of stuff happens we just got to roll the punches and see kind of what happens there um I just popped in a link there thank you very much for the heads-up on that and thanks for patience you know I actually tried to market this one for the first time ever which was kind of funny so let’s go in and take a look at the next questions um Khalil what’s up Thank You axe oh thanks for the compliment link go having a hard time log into the feed sorry the yeah the whole video is gonna be posted afterwards it’s going to go straight live on mobile other URL cool so I got that all kinds of messed up um would be wise to invest in a 7-day campaign to gather info and then turn into conversions you know honestly it depends on what you mean by gather info and Eric Oliveira Oliviera this is for you um so the question was would it be wise to invest in a seven-day campaign to gather info and then turn it into conversions maybe what info are you trying to gather right like aren’t you trying to gather conversion based info I think it’s best to start your campaigns as a conversion based campaign from the get-go if you want have that conversion campaign be based on leads to get you started the reason I say that is you’re gonna be able to get a lot more leads than customers right if you get a 2% conversion rate you’ll get 98 leads for you get 49 leads for every customer that you’ll see so you’re able to give pixels kind of the Facebook pixel data more data on the lead level so if you want to kind of get started with a conversion campaign and really build it up over time start with a conversion based on the lead but I didn’t go straight to a conversion campaign and let that day to run lots of little ad sets as you saw me have there lots of little ad sets is really the trick um that’s it so Maria what’s the best course you can recommend it’s miles Bechtler calm /fb really um let me see here so I don’t know at you Maria there it is all right cool I’m gonna tag you in this and everyone else can check this out you know it may seem you know it’s um be honest it’s a fifteen hundred of course and to be perfectly honest I paid $2,000 for it he has lowered the price by five hundred dollars since I bought into it and he’s redone the entire course to start off 2017 it seemed like a lot of money to spend but when I realized that it shortened my learning curve by months and it like the amount of clicks pen that went cashflow positive and the duration and how quickly that all-women cash flow positive for me it really changed the game for me it was absolutely amazing um Chris borders I’m happy to put out this content it’s amazing DCL miles I just ran an affiliate offer like you did in the video and my Facebook account got banned how can you handle this okay cool great question so first of all go in and request a review and let them ask them what you did wrong let them know you’re a new advertiser you want to be within their compliance get a conversation started with their support team to try to get that turned back on now everyone else what you can do is if you go start a business dot facebook.com account this is a business manager for Facebook when you get a business dot facebook.com account going you can go set up I believe four separate advertising accounts go set each one of those up day one do not enter your credit card information in them that’s the first thing it’s going to ask you to do after you name it they’re like okay cool enter your credit card information don’t because you have the same credit card information in all four of them and one gets banned they hit every account that has that credit card information so then you’ll have four separate advertising accounts you can share your pixel data across them you can share your audiences across them if one of them gets hit you’ve got three other ones to fall back on it’s really important to know about Facebook’s compliance go look at their Terms of Service go read the Facebook advertising Terms of Service if you’re doing um if you talked about how to make money online and you’re talking about like literally make money on it boom that’s out like they’re gonna boot you if you talk about like physically defying things like do you want to lose belly fat like they’re gonna see the word you and belly fat and think that you’re literally calling people fat boom that advertisements off right so Facebook is always going to be guarding their system to make sure that there’s still a positive user experience for the Facebook visitors right they don’t want scare tactics they don’t want make money online scams they don’t want MLMs being promoted they don’t want things that people feel or find abrasive to be showing up in the timeline at all and if you do it as an advertiser they will smack you so what I would do again I would go in and I would let them know be like hey look I obviously made a mistake I don’t know what that is could you please tell me what the mistake was and please give me another chance I want to become a long-term advertiser with you that would be step number one step number two go set up that business calm up business dot facebook.com account go set up as many ad set ad accounts as you can if they let you set up ten set up all ten of them only put one credit card in the first one start with that first one once they’re banned you can move your pixel data around and then read their Terms of Service make sure you’re becoming an advertiser who follows the rules of Facebook that is up to you that is your job you when you set up your ad account it says like here’s our Terms of Service and at some point you have to be like yeah I read those and if you didn’t read those and you just click yeah and then you violate them that’s how you get yourself into this kind of a pickle so Ricardo Alexander what is best click to site or click to wet so I think website conversion is the best to get conversions and the question was miles what’s better click to site or click to website conversion to get conversions one way to think about Facebook is they give you exactly what you asked for right so if you’re asking for clicks to site they’re going to find people who generally click to web sites a lot but they don’t necessarily find people who take action beyond that if you’re putting together a paper engagement style campaign what they’re gonna do is they’re actually going to find only people who pay who engage right they’re not going to find people who leave Facebook they’re not going to find people who convert they’re going to find people who engage because you said you wanted people who engage they’re going to find you people who engage so if you want conversions get people to set up a conversion based campaign and goes out and finds who are people who normally exit Facebook and enter funnels and get lead pixels and conversion pixels Facebook has that data right so set your campaign up to leverage that data it has on every one of us and it will get you people who are more likely to convert if you set up a conversion based campaign perfect so we’re rocking and rolling now if anybody just came onto the stream from the other one and I somehow miss marketed it I apologize I’m learning we will get better we will do more but I welcome you to the stream I’m taking questions in the live chat box at this point in time do I think that using messenger BOTS to affiliate marketing could be better than an email marketing craft great question easy answer no here’s why you own the email list Facebook owns that chat window Facebook owns that person you’re chatting with and the moment Facebook decides they don’t want you chatting with that person anymore or they want to make it 10 times more expensive what happens you get crushed my friend and that’s why I always always always always always focus on building the email list because that is an asset that you own and no matter what happens to Facebook whether the market changes whether human behavior whether user behavior changes that people leave Facebook when you own that email list you can keep going and then you got that base on that email list you could keep marketing to them building that relationship and then you can go learn Pinterest pay-per-click or Adwords or whatever else you have it really buffers you my first business online I was doing direct from social media to affiliate offers I made good money for a while they changed the Terms of Service and my money disappeared I did not have a list to fall back on had I built a list I would have actually made a little bit less right probably a little bit lower conversion on the other side but the moment that all fell apart I would have been able to continue marketing to that list making other offers making the same offer over and over and my income wouldn’t have gone to 0 with that term of service change so that’s why I’m so big on building an email list and here’s the curveball for you I think if you figure out how to get the messenger bought based ads to grow your email list that’s the win-win because I do think that Facebook is giving some priority to these new ads I’m not doing anything with the messenger bought ads I have friends who are testing it I know Frank Kern is doing a bit with it um so I don’t have the time or energy to test that because I want to just get core basic native ads showing up in the timeline to be to work for me before I shift my focus right it’s a focus thing but if you’re in on that I think it’s great Nathan Phillips question we’re just launching a new web shop no sales yet does it make sense to set up a oh my goodness something I just jumped there it is does it make sense to set up a Facebook Ads to track conversions at this point or just set up a traffic campaign so first of all make sure your pixel data is there make sure your pixels on every page and you’ve got either custom conversions set up or you have the Facebook pixel tracking set up probably easier to run and just set up custom conversions based on the pages they land on when they become customers my question for you is are you going to be building a list or are you trying to go straight from Facebook to sale I do think that a traffic campaign would work what you could possibly do if you want to get really geeky with it is do a traffic campaign to the product page if that’s what you’re doing then retarget everyone who hit that product page from a conversion based campaign but also just have your pixel there because if people go through the traffic campaign and purchase it’s going to give that pixel more data to help Facebook bring you more people on conversions with that said I probably would jump straight in on a conversion based campaign and start with conversions straight from the get-go because what’s going to happen is once Facebook realizes oh this kind of a person that matches their 160 or 240 data points they have on all of us when they find that person for you who converts well they’re just going to bring you more people like that with the clicks they’re not going to do that for you right so it’s like it might take a little longer to get the momentum on your side and for them to get the right kind of traffic but once they do the long-term value of a campaign that’s focused on conversions is going to be massive so I kind of lean in that direction we got Sam Sam in here for a new store I did I just thought that was it no different question all right hold on for new stores are good to stack up small audience interests add up to 1 million run PPE and a WC together at 5 books a days so short answer is no here’s why what I would try to do is I would separate those out into a bunch of little $5 a days that’s what I showed in my in my ad which is what I’m doing at this point and I would do website conversion the paper engagement they’re just gonna bring you people who click the like button they know who people who are hyper likers are and you don’t want hyper likers you want people who leave facebook and buy things so structure your campaign in a way that’s going to help Facebook deliver you that which you want and you tell them hey I want people who click through and buy things and Facebook’s me like cool this 3/4 of a billion people in our audience often buy things and get conversion pickles from other websites so we’ll send these people to you versus this group of people who like to click the like button and like to click the heart button you don’t want hearts and likes you want money in the bank right so focus it on conversion miles I heard from Thomas M we’re at your question I heard from another marketer that Facebook doesn’t approve ads optimized for click that go directly to an opt-in landing page that you should build an entire that is not true what they might have a problem with is the wording on the landing page so the question is can we do a click based campaign that goes directly to an opt-in or landing page yes you can can you send it to a vesl page no you can’t unless it’s a long text sales form that actually offers good content so facebook goes when you run an ad campaign Facebook follows that link that you have in your ad and they go look at that and that page needs to be as compliant as your advertisement does they don’t however look at the page behind that one right so they don’t look at the sales page they see after they opt-in you just have to make sure that you’re not in any of their kind of danger zone areas there is a facebook compliance document I’m not going to go research it and find it right now Google will help you find it and just go look at what words and what phrases you can’t have income claims right if your opt-in page says learn how I made ten thousand dollars in 14 minutes with clicking a button twice like they’re not going to let you run an ad to that page even if your ad is compliant that landing page has to be compliant too so what my gut instincts says is that that’s more of a compliance thing and my proof is that’s exactly the kind of campaigns I’ve been running for years is click and optimize for try optimized for conversion campaigns directly to my landing page and it works all day um Gabrielle in the badass club I love it thanks for running with that hashtag badass everybody I just I don’t know you’re all badasses alright like it takes so much to build a business online and so many of the fake gurus out there and some of the fake business coaches like they can’t sell you an overpriced high ticket product unless they make it look easy and they’re gonna make it look oh yeah look I just made four grand in the first month and it came back oh look how easy wouldn’t you want that say yes if you agree say yes again everybody say you know like those kinds of ask sales letters and video sales messages that are just so prevalent in this industry they try to make it look easy and that gets people who think shits easy and you as a badass realize this takes work and you’re willing to step up right if we want to get beefed and cut up in the gym we got to go put in the work and it takes a beast of a person it takes a badass to go do that with their physique I don’t really do that so out of the game right but like building a business online takes a lot of work and everyone who’s going down that path is an absolute badass I am teleseminar are all my campaigns running on the exact ad not just a copy absolutely in your continuing I’ll get to the next one but yeah so that’s kind of a part of this new structure that I’m doing is one campaign maybe like 20 or 30 different ad sets one ad so what I’m doing and that’s why when I showed you my ad in this and if you missed that part you can re-watch it from the beginning here once it’s live on Facebook which I have a right after this that’s why I have such a high relevant score and that’s why I have so many social shares if you set it up to where it’s the same ad copied over and over and over and over and over there are different ads right and this one might get a hundred shares this one might get eight shares this one might get 30 shares if you run it all to one ad you’re getting all that social proof on one ad the obvious counter to that is if you get those spam dings and those angry faces from a bunch of your ad sets that ads gonna die a death quick right you got to monitor it more I monitor it for negative people might in my niche there’s a lot of people who think what we do is like anti religious and there’s some some people who really take offense to our niche and what we do and I have to monitor the the comments on that very closely my virtual assistant does because it can really it can get out of hand really quick and when a couple of people like start flaming our ad within the comments like it seems a snowball and then once that happens my my ad performance just dies because like scam you shouldn’t do this angels aren’t read about you know it’s just always like negativity and then your ad loads with all this negativity below if you’re like whoa there’s no way I’m clicking on that that’s got some weird energy around it so what I’m getting at is that gets multiplied right this one add the good thing is I only have to go to one ad to kind of like monitor all that the bad thing is I’m sending you know ten thousand people twenty fifty thousand people a month to it so it can it’s actually a fair bit of work so continuing your question I see it down there you shouldn’t add that as 600k reach that’s from one campaign multiple ad sets right so so I think that’s the the other side so when you saw in my account it was one campaign the interest campaign I had it all broken down in those five dollar sets and then one ad so I’m flowing all that traffic from all those different ad sets that are all at five dollars a day over that ad I’m currently spending 100 120 bucks a day something right it’s test I’m not I’m not trying to scale this yet I’m just trying to get a good broad test data to run through my phone right now and yeah it’s all going back chris Borja you got a question in there do you think messenger bot could make oh I think I answer that and I think it’s it’s worthy of testing but build your list Ricardo what is better click to site yep click to conversions for sure um craft has a great question messenger boy yep got that cool all right keep them coming guys I got I’ve got time on this I’m happy to share I’m happy to chat um how’s the building an audience Tut gelling soul how’s the building an audience then creating Plus selling approach working for me aka the Derek socialtriggers method building an audience and creating okay so I’m not 100% clear on the question but what I think it is it might be a reference to my platform here which is building the audience and then creating and selling approach so I got like a an interesting tip from so one back in the day and they said there’s two ways to get rich in the restaurant industry number one you go lock yourself in your your custom kitchen and you make the most amazing gourmet meal ever right you pour your heart your soul into it it’s the best meal ever and then you go outside your house and you start walking out you knock on people’s doors do you want to buy this meal you go looking for someone to buy your meal that’s the slow way and you’ll never get rich in the restaurant industry the other way right go find a crowd of hungry people and offer them something to eat and you will make so many sales I don’t care if it’s peanuts hot dogs freakin french fries like hot chips whatever you call them in whatever country or fish and chips like it you just have to find that audience so my wife and I have always always always built our businesses from a standpoint of grow the audience first take care of the audience first pour our hearts and souls into the audience be of service to that audience first it’s a relationship building move and it has paid absolute dividends you’ll notice in the game of internet marketing all of us probably have seen some internet marketers who come up they pop they’re making millions they’re on top of the game and you never hear from them again ever they disappear generally those people go into debt they go bankrupt the number of internet marketers flashing Lamborghinis and freaking mansions who go absolutely upside down in debt who have to file bankruptcy is astounding the number of people who actually build long-term businesses and learn how to like hang onto their money and not spend it on shiny expensive objects right and put it into investments that pay dividends and get those monies they’re making to go work and create more monies for them that number is so low it’s like 2% right so that’s that’s kind of the trick is when you build that audience when you give to that audience anything’s possible right and what I’m doing here as a personal example is like I don’t want to sell anything if I created a product or a membership on the back end then I believe personal thought is every time I’m ending a video with like okay now go check out my course blah blah blah right that puts you in a position as a viewer to think is he really really being genuine and since I don’t have that I have a successful business I make my money doing this stuff on the side I could be really really really honest with you and this I got chill that’s what I yell like this industry needs more honesty if there’s so many people selling you false hopes false dreams shiny objects that do nothing but help them pay for another Lambo and they’re flat broke they’re live in a cash flow lifestyle it’s a mess and I have to be the antithesis of that and for me to do that with integrity means that I have to focus and stay 100% committed to you as an audience I do recommend products and services that I use that’s how affiliate marketing is supposed to work right I build an audience I build trust I give of myself and then I share what’s helping me create this amazing lifestyle and business right I made over a million dollars online at this point in my life that is absolutely absurd to me coming from where I came from from the life I came from from having absolutely no money from being $50,000 in debt the student loan debt living in some shoe really really really nasty places borderline war zone in Albuquerque New Mexico went up to the 505 got everybody in Albuquerque but like some dangerous ass places because I was so broke and I wasn’t even paying my bills right so could I make a story in a video sales letter that tugs at your heartstrings and gets you to buy a 900 or a 1400 or $2,000 course absolutely but I want to be different I might buy I might write a book at some point I might ask you to buy a book that’s that’s where my head goes at this point but that’s really the way I’m thinking about it um let’s keep going on these questions keep the questions coming um Josh Brunson my ads get great engagement but when I do the exact same ad for website conversions I get nothing no sales no likes any idea on why that mean okay so Josh my question is on your engagement ads do you get any conversions from those right like I don’t care about engagements I don’t care about the engagement you get on your WC I do care about your relevance and your positive feedback so in that sense like that engagement is a tiny little thing but like ultimately are you in a position right now where you’re actually getting conversions from a engagement campaign and you’re not getting conversions form a website conversion campaign obvious answer in that situation is go do more of what works make sure you’ve got your pixel there and keep running the the convert the whole like um what do you call it like we don’t necessarily need to drive a hundred conversions to our pixel to get Facebook to start giving us more people that are gonna convert right that was a sales tactic used by some Facebook advertising people who are like you have to season the pixel or you have to mature the pixel that’s not actually true um you can start running a conversion based campaign one thing I’ve seen time and time again is Facebook will give drastically different results for almost the exact same thing with no understanding of why it happens every single time I run a new campaign yes I’m basing it off of the data of what worked last time but this is a brand new experiment this is a brand new engagement in relationship with Facebook and if that one doesn’t work I am NOT romantic about what worked in the past Oh will that work before I’m just gonna keep nope whatever if it didn’t work turn it off try something new I might try the same exact thing again right I’ve seen literally the same campaign up once getting terrible numbers take it down three days later go build from scratch that same as that campaign against a mad copy everything and all of a sudden it works a second time and I have no idea why keeps us on our toes for sure but like do what works measure everything and make sure you’re basing those decisions of do what works decisions on conversion data lead customer conversion data that’s the most important part um Ricardo click the website or website conversion I mean off the top of my head it’s definitely the website conversion um but like give it a shot see what see what works for you but but start with conversion guy Cassady if your business has two slightly different audiences pros and non pros for example how far would you go to segment different websites landing pages when you launch great question so the first thing you can do is Ryan Levesque came out with what he calls the ask method I do not recommend his product it’s too expensive for what it is he has a book out you can get essentially the whole idea from his book in a weekend of reading and it is like running a survey funnel which is essentially ask a question up front that will get them to segment themselves and I would work to get them on separate lists if you’re on something like Aweber or MailChimp if you’re on active campaign or Infusionsoft use the tagging system find a way to tag the people who are pros and beginners because you’re going to need to shape your conversation differently this is actually my big challenge with my personal list on miles better calm is I’ve got people who like never made money online they found me like wow this guy might actually help me get there I’m at like step zero and then I’ve got people who are like I’ve been running Facebook guys for a while trying to get from like you know a hundred dollars a day to a thousand dollars a day and like men very different conversation I need to have with those people so it’s like how do i segment that and what I need to start doing and I just don’t have time to get in there cobblers got holes in his shoes you can bring them all into one list and then you can have specific links on the list and if they click the link that would take them to a beginners guide right then you could tag them with something beginners and if they ignore the link that would take them to something that only a pro would know about then they wouldn’t get that tag in the pros who click that would get that but I really do think that in this day and age Frank Kern calls it behavioural dynamic response marketing which is essentially just kind of like segmenting and allowing users to create a choose your own adventure style um follow-up sequence do you remember the choose your own adventure books where it’s like you read like two chapters it’s like if you want the main character to do this go to page 172 if you want the main character to do that go to page 34 and you like follow it down and by the time you’re down the story you’ve created a very unique kind of story to your reading experience based on the decisions that you helped make for the customer finding ways to do that with our follow-up sequences will just absolutely blow the response the relationship building the trust building they’ll have that feeling of wow this person gets me so much more quickly here’s the flip side of that coin it’s really challenging to do it takes a lot of time it’s not all that challenging to do the tech is there the tech is relatively easy it just takes a lot of time to really get into the mindset of like okay where’s the best time to split them right is it the survey funnel or is it after and then once you split them you got to craft a couple of follow-up sequences that then when they take certain actions they go to other follow-up sequences so instead of kind of the old school marketing where we have like one follow-up sequence and then a broadcast list it’s kind of like follow-up sequence they can take them over here they can take them over here and that could take them over here and that could take them over here and you’ve got like a bunch of little things and eventually you are going to them down onto a broadcast list because eventually you just need to kind of like stay in touch with them but that’s that’s my best I think it’s I think it’s worthy effort that’s what we’re doing on my main business my wife’s business and like my stuff is just secondary because this is kind of like a pet project and that’s the real business Amit Arora question I’m trying to drive webinar registrations from Facebook Ads good Anya do I suggest clicks to site as the goal or conversions yak conversions when I tried conversion costs were super high like 70 ok so my question is on that seventy is that for an opt-in or is that for someone who shows up to the actual webinar and then what’s your number on that like what what is that webinar selling are you selling a twenty five hundred dollar product from your webinar if you are a seventy dollar registration might not be that bad of a deal right it depends on what if you’re selling a thirty dollar product from that webinar you got it all wrong you’re totally upside down you should be using a video sales letter webinars I think should be used for anything up to like starting at like five hundred dollars or more it’s important to have a high value because what you’re going to see is not only are the register registrants are pretty easy to get on the email side it’s getting those people to show up to the webinar that seems to be a trick it’s another massive fall off point but when you get them live on the webinar your conversion rate and your sales rate should be really high especially if you’re following like the perfect webinar script which is really powerful way of doing it and that’s why people use webinars right that’s why they’re so expansive so really I think that you need to know like when you say your conversion cost is that an email conversion cost for just the subscription is that to get them actually on the webinar itself if it’s to get them on the webinar what’s your conversion rate and how much do you make do the math figure out how far off you are there and then go in and look what is your relevant score what is your negative and positive feedback and I guarantee you’re going to find that your there’s some sort of a mismatch your message your audience in your landing page in that something’s not lining up right and you’re not it’s either not a congruent messaging or the messaging is congruent but it’s just missing with the audience you have and those if you have a low relevant score for that’s Facebook telling you something’s not right here and you need to figure out it’s either the offer or the messaging at that point or the audience is one of those three things you just got to keep playing with them until you get it figured out eric calderone um conversions for leads overview content how does that affect your ad being shown like it more affects who it’s being shown to right like if you I’ve kind of said it like five times at this point I think so an engagement campaign is gonna get Facebook to delivery people who engage a click campaign is gonna get people who click but those people who click might be people who click on BuzzFeed articles and just read the article go back to Facebook you don’t want that you want people who convert so theory it takes Facebook a bit I would say three to five days to find the people who are going to start to be your kinds of conversions so you have to have a little more patience with it but in theory it’s going to long-term have a much bigger benefit having conversion based campaigns Nursultan conversions are more expensive paper engagement because engagements don’t make you money conversions make you money so you want to just get to where your conversions are the right cost and then you’re good Maria I’m happy to help Tamir I have a client who’s asking me to increase the ads click-through rate to greater than two percent but it’s not going about 1.5 tests new ad copy it’s all ad copy at that point if it’s if you can’t get more than a 1.5 percent click-through rate on a Facebook ad your ad is just rubbish I would also look at your I would really look at the relevant score cuz I bet you have a low relevant score um I mean on my ads like I’m just going to click over because it’s right here and I believe I’m getting an average of like 12 to 15 percent nine point two three percent click-through rate the lowest I see is six point nine percent and the highest I see is 10 14 percent so the reason that that click that my click-through rate is so high is because of the fact that I’ve got have really kind of got that relevant score up and that relevant score is simply an indicator of my message is resonating with my audience so if you haven’t studied copywriting obviously go study copywriting that is super important to study how to write a good advertisement by Victor Schwab written in the 1940s will give you a lot of insight into headlines that work it’s all about the headline compelling compelling story writing is important you got to become a student of copywriting and that that’s just a clear sign that the ad you’re running is not compelling them to take action it could be that the image isn’t attracting their eye right like so but really generally speaking it’s the headline and when I say headline I’m talking about the big bold words directly below the ad that top copy helps you gain relevance score and helps you kind of tell a story and it mixes up people’s day in facebook and that’s good but ultimately people’s eyeballs hit that ad and then it hits that headline and then they go read your top copy if those two things grab their attention and one of those I feel like it’s missing and then you got to get them into that story and then you leave them at the end with like okay cool click here for the solution or to learn more um Valeria is struggling to find the product um sorry to hear that not really sure what that means Erik the Viera really nice to know that actually you’re giving attention on your QA understood we said perfect glad to hear craft a messenger bot I think I answered that like I think it I don’t think it will ever be better than email marketing know I think it could enhance email marketing maybe if you get good cost per start with PPE then website conversion I will go straight to website conversion I don’t run paper engagement I’ve never run paper engagement I don’t think paper engagement makes any sense because I don’t care if people engage I care if people convert leads come I need leads right because then my follow-up sequence and all of that can work for them um let’s see here I got that course too now I know why your stuff jobs awesome um great to hear Becky yeah like I’m and I’m trying to I’m trying to teach what I’m learning I’m not trying to like I don’t know I’m I’m trying to only teach what I’m learning that I’m implementing that works for me got this philosophy I’m gonna do a video on it it’s um head hands heart head hands heart we learn it we go do it get our hands dirty then you know by heart when you know by heart you can teach it that’s why a lot of my wordpress stuff my funnel stuff I’ve been doing this stuff for years Matt’s why I know it by heart it’s easy for me to communicate some of the Facebook stuff like I know a bit of it by heart but I’m like I’m hands in the dirt I got like dirt under my fingernails cuz I’m right there every day in my ad manager every day working on this stuff so I’m happy to sure what I know but I just I’m a student I’m a student and a practitioner like I’m documenting what doing on Facebook but I’m not rather guys we study spend millions a month and they make 3 million a month by spending a million a month it’s like God don’t even understand how that works all right let’s keep going I’m gonna keep going on these questions um absolutely gonna upload this this is going up it should it automatically happen um oh wow I just jumped give me a quick second here oh we are rocking y’all all right I’m gonna I’m gonna pick out the pace we’re gonna go rapid-fire because I’m seeing that I got a lot more here man where is the where did we leave off Becky there you are thank you glad it jives all right my thoughts on using recurring offer on the funnel um absolutely be clear about it brainy biz I run a membership program through a funnel and having that monthly income has changed my life for the better I think recurring income is some of the best kinds of income we can get eric calderone for a new site with no traffic is Facebook conversions still the best absolutely I would start and so Facebook conversion convert for lead or traffic I would convert for lead to start when you get a thousand customers with the pixels on the purchase you could test running a cost per conversion but yeah a conversion you can set your conversion campaign up for leads or purchasers or customers I would start on the lead side Tomasz 30 ad sets 30 ad started 3 bucks a day 6 day 150 conversions three orders 150 as Bend of 600 how do I know when to tweak the copy alright on this good on you you’re taking action I love it alright so 30 ad sets 30 ads 3 dollars a day and your sixth day so you’ve spent if I’m reading this correctly you’ve spent $18 for each of those different ads right so how much do you make with a conversion right let’s I’m going to use rough numbers of 36 because that’s twice as much right so let’s say you earn $36 for a sale you’ve spent 18 you need to spend up to 36 bucks to see if it’s going to convert because if you’ve spent 35 dollars and then you get a sale that’s breakeven right if you turn that campaign off at $20 but you have a potential of earning 36 bucks you may be shot yourself in the foot because that sale that would make you break Heat and might come at $24 $26 etc so find out what is that number you’re going to make run each one up to that number with that said monitor your cost per lead in this time so for me five dollars a day a seventy dollar sale is that’s like two weeks that’s over two weeks right if I’m wrong whatever my maths but anyways at twelve days 14 days two weeks anyways so for me I have to do two weeks one ad set five dollars a day if I don’t get a conversion at two weeks that means it didn’t convert and it’s gone but in between there I’m monitoring that cost per lead and my cost per lead is in like a dollar fifty two dollars and this is because I know what my cost per lead needs to be which is 75 to 85 cents if I’m in that range I’m good I’m just gonna let it go and go I have these ones that pop up with 250 costs for leads and they’re gone I get rid of them so I do Whittle it out a little bit but I just log in and I look and I’m like okay and I’m looking eventually I want to spend as much as I make on every ad set and that’s the test and this is why we got to kind of put the money out and it’s it’s an investment you’re learning a lot of data in the meantime if you’re not cashflow positive at the end you’ve learned a lot you’ve got a lot of pixel data you can build the relationship with those people on the list honor that list email more give of yourself to that list because you can easily recoup those costs from the list from selling affiliate products or other products gelling stall I skipped your question I can’t go back at this point it’s a little tricky how this is set up for me go ahead and put your question in again why you get a great paper engagement with relevance sort of 10 the same as with WC you get no love Josh Brunson this is what I’m talking about I don’t understand exactly why that happens now my question for you are you recreating that same ad in like a new ad is that a brand new ad what I would do is I would go open up the ad as if you’re going to edit it the way I did and then take that URL for the ad the very end of that is the post ID number go into your website conversion and then inside of the ad level you’re able to actually tell it like use an existing post and it says what’s the ad number or what’s the post number put that post number in and what you’ll be doing is you’ll force your new ad set ad campaign right that’s running on website conversion to use that same ad has all that positive mojo that might be the difference for you to get to kind of leverage what you built through paper engagement and tie in this website conversion I would be very curious to learn how that works for you and that would be my gut on where to go guy Cassady what do I think the best advertising strategy for a product at pre-launch state two – not enough info here on digital product is it a physical product is it man like there’s so many questions you have so best advertising strategy like video marketing tease it up try to build a list but getting videos out and in that situation there is a chance that video marketing could be good right if you’re doing video marketing to put teasers out months and months in advance that tell stories think of like the Dollar Shave Club or if you’re familiar with Chubby’s shorts like they’ve put out some viral videos that just get so much exposure for the brand those are the kinds of things that you could possibly do if it’s a certain type of product anything digital I’m going list building I’m putting together a list building tool I’m trying to grow a list that way and then I’m gonna build a relationship with a list that way on launch day they know me they like me they trust me oh by the way here’s my thing right but if it’s if it’s a product or a high ticket product it might work a little bit differently love my videos machine I’m so happy to hear that Doug what’s up happy to be there you need 15 to 25 conversions to optimize not necessarily I have had Facebook representatives directly say that that is BS that’s probably something you heard from other marketers that you need a mature pixel or saturate your pixel I have run brand-new products brand news funnels straight to conversion with no pixel data and I start getting sales so it’s just it’s flat-out not true but with that said you got to test it pillar Heights glad it’s gold if I want to make ads for shop is it better make the ads around the area area cool so like if you have a physical shop I think like it depends are you in a tourist town if you’re in a tourist town set your geo-targeting to people who are not from your area but in your area right so like if you’re in a mountain ski town next to a big city choose people who are from the big city but are visiting where you’re at like if you have a massage shop right or if you do like if you have a day spa or something like that if you sell like apply chances to local people in your local market who need to be living in your market make sure its focus on people who actually live in that market I might do it a video on the geo-targeting because there’s some cool stuff that you could do zkh how to check cost per conversion and cost per lead I have the interface which is only showing cost for engagement cool so in your interface z KH um you go in to your ads manager and then on the top right above that it says columns and there’s going to : and it says performance you go into customize : click that drop down it’s to the left of breakdown it’s directly below the ads tab you click customize columns there and you’re able to add in all different columns the relevant score everything that way you can track everything absolute fire yes on theirs I’m so happy hey Viji what’s up um Lincoln lame alright what’s a fred lam does that so um just join what’s the answer yes or no miss his answer facebook policies as oh there you go so i’m frank put it up facebook.com four slash policies for slash ads go read their advertising policies right we have to be in we have to be in compliance um have i useful utilized udemy solos or Bing ads no on solos I’ve never done solo ads generally those are burnt lists meaning they’re just bombarding their list with offers and it’s just noisy and you’re attracting some of the worst possible people who are just being bombarded by marketing messages and you’ll never break through the noise um Bing ads I have tested they tested better than Google but my cost per lead was still way more expensive than Facebook I went all-in on Facebook a few years ago I took my funnel that was working and I broke it out made three versions of it I did Google pay-per-click I did Facebook pay-per-click and I did Bing pay-per-click ran all three of them I ran probably five hundred thousand dollars in each of them Facebook had the best cost per click for me and I’ve been 100 on Facebook ever since their um how long you take an average to look for an audience and an interest for new asset as long as it takes I spend a lot of time researching I do a lot of videos about research I feel like research is the key research is how you find the gold that your competitors haven’t yet found right like it’s all in the research so I spend as long as it takes what I’ll do is I’ll go and I’ll research it I’ll get my 30 250 AD sets I’ll set them all up I’ll run it that’ll be a two-week run and at the end of that I’ve eliminated a bunch of them because they didn’t work I’ve kept some and started to scale something that did work and I go right back into research mode and I go get another 30 of them that I haven’t tested I plug them in I test them again and on and on and on Chris board you looking at calls and interactions with a chat bot for local insurance agent would be wise to post a video with a broad audience then look alikes to retarget people who made it through it’s definitely a possibility but like when you say a broad audience like still make sure that broad audience is relevant right like we can use big audiences you can mark it to 1 2 5 7 million people but you gotta have some sort of identifier z’ in there that say that these people have a high likelihood of liking what we want right because if you’re an insurance agent who can only sell insurance in the state of New Mexico and somehow people in New York are finding your ads you’re wasting your money I see it all the time I comment on people’s ads like it’ll be clearly like there’s this one cupcake decoration kit ad showed up on my timeline and I like comment I’m like you need to fire your ad person because like I don’t do cupcakes I don’t eat sugar I don’t really eat much gluten like I’m not a baker like there’s nothing about me that should be showing up in your audience so fire your ad guy and go get somebody who can handle it for you I like putting those kinds of comments on people’s ads um cool we are rocking and rolling I really appreciate every single one of you that’s on on here like this is so fun for me to get to share um I have to like schedule this stuff in because I don’t have time to answer every question but this makes it really easy for me to batch this so I really feel like we’re gonna be doing more of this in the future question how do I set up a campaign to have multiple ad sets running the same ad yes so in the ad right so you’re going to duplicate out the ad campaign if you have the ads if you have one campaign ad set ad and then you go duplicate the ad set it’ll duplicate the ad there’s a chance it’s automatically going to pick that up but there’s a chance that’s going to duplicate you go into the ad and then kind of towards the top it says use existing post and then you just pull that post ID from the one you want and you just put that post ID in there and every time you might have to go add that manually but that’s how you get them all the point together so it’s like one campaign one ad bunch of ad sets right and you just go make sure they’re all using that same post ID um the bono baƱo there should be an NA who knows maybe not 72 the bono do I think Facebook is a good place to sell work related software property management software doesn’t seem to work so far solid maybe right like testing is the ultimate thing like obviously you could probably focus in on property managers but like I feel like you could go hire a virtual assistant to go scrape every property manager in a state for like 20 bucks and then you go get their email addresses and you just start an outreach campaign right I would not go all-in on Facebook with anything remember I think it’s important remember that I built my wife and I built our business on Google organic traffic first four years right then we went into Facebook organic Twitter organic then once we were making cash that’s when we started to reinvest into the paid traffic sources a lot of gurus tell you pays the only way gotta get that traffic and like it can help but it can kind of hurt right like so it asks like how strategic are you being with your ads how focused are you on that I think it could work but I think that like content marketing could also work I think Google SEO could also work but I think straight up cold outreach campaigns could possibly work and you can literally get a virtual assistant someone in the Philippines to go scrape a huge list of emails come up with some sort of a campaign give a value don’t just like beat them up with like hey buy my stuff I got the best software will save you might like no nobody wants that like somehow give them value like hey did you see that article that showed the property management case study blah blah blah like check it out here right and then link them to a case study they’re gonna read it be like me I don’t know who this is but okay I’ll check out that case study then they get the Facebook pixel when they go check out the case study now you can retarget them on facebook and have a higher likelihood because you know they’re a property manager you know they showed up on your list you know they click through your email boom you have a much higher likelihood at that point in time of potentially offering them but it’s all about like relationship building and you got a test to figure out also just like I said I tested Google paid being paid Facebook paid same messaging same funnel and I looked at what worked I was not like gung-ho on Facebook I hate Facebook if I had an option to not have a Facebook profile I wouldn’t have it but I have to have it as an advertiser but like so what I did is with no no prejudgment from me I set it up I put it out in a few marketplaces cost extra money cost me extra time but then the data told me this is the one and that’s where I’ve been focusing ever since Jennifer Oh Mira do you think the funnel system can work driving building an audience for local brick-and-mortar franchise model absolutely franchise model especially when you got the franchise model um if you have a franchise restaurant or if you are the franchisee it depends on franchisee or a franchisor right but I think it could work with both because if you’re the franchisor then you’re looking for people who want franchises so you can easily build a list of people interested in learning how to make money building franchises right and all the benefits of that but if you’re a franchisee and you have a subway like of course you can create a funnel that would get people in your local area to go opt in for an email that will give them 10% off of a footlong right and they can come in obviously I don’t know if you can do that with with your relationship with them make sure your advertising terms fit their guidelines and stuff but yeah I do think funnels can work for local businesses tiller heights best tools on managing and analyzing once you launch your campaign with multiple ad sets for the first time I use so I use to manage all of my data and to manage my everything let me actually I’m going to pull this up give me a quick second I’m gonna show you inside of this but I need to go pull it up for so it will sparkling water a little across here for lunchtime I’m pulling up my sheet of where I compiled data so be patient with one quick second because I think it’s important to show you this and my KPI is this is a new one that I’m running here okay now I need to go share my screen got it up and one quick moment thank you for your patient we got 95 people on it’s good to see every single one of you I do appreciate you all for being here this is really fun so this is this is it man this is like my my special place I bring everything so what I do is you’ll notice I’ve got my organic and my Facebook like I said I’ve pulled those numbers apart and you can see right here my organics converting at like 3% this is down like less than a percent right but what’s happening is I’ve made so many tweaks I don’t trust this data I need this to run and my overall conversion percent is sitting at about two and a half percent my goal is to get that up to five and like I’m cool to an a percent I’m not cool with this I’m pretty damn cool with this I want to see this to get five so here’s what I do is organic traffic this never comes from Google Analytics organic sales I pull this directly from my shopping cart and you notice I have Facebook sales and organic sales I had separate separate products in my shopping cart and then I just add them together this is a total these are these numbers I’ve got like little special things running the the I don’t even know you call it the equations that run and this is where I pull on my data so I go to analytics I go to my shopping cart and then I pull the numbers I go to I only look at Facebook this is out of analytics these are people who saw my VSL so those are people who who converted in ones there so that’s it and I pull it in a spreadsheet there’s no special items there’s no I don’t use any tracking software nothing I just I go into the few places I have it tracked I don’t trust Facebook numbers at all so I pull it out to my own spreadsheet and I try to monitor in a place that’s really really easy to monitor and then I actually have my virtual assistant go pull all that data for me so I don’t have to waste the ten minutes a day when choosing on to the next awesome questions demos when choosing the new interest in narrowing the audience is there a max rule of thumb for each box so I think you’re using that and thing we talked about in the advanced strategy it’s going like let’s not based on a number my rule of thumb is based on relevance it’s always based on relevance right so we did the the artist friend of mine who’s got dumb the paintings and it was like we did three separate interests that had the end right they had to like the artist style who had a similar style they had to like the person in the art and then they had like an auction house where expensive things like you but as many auction houses in there as you want you put as many artists who are similar as you want but it’s like relevance it should be your guide more than anything and of course like I do think you want to try to get to the point where you’ve got like 30,000 bear bear bear minimum in your audience size right so you might need to stack it up a little bit to get the right audience size and testing like so much this is just testing is the ultimate answer that’s what I meant sorry for being on sisters it’s cool so I got your answer I’m happy to share mangie what’s up happy to have you here Thank You VG how much time did it take for me to implement my club program straight up honest a long time and though so I got I want to caveat on this Michael program is a list grow program for me the most challenging part was writing the video sales letter the second one I was able to use his script he gives from the course almost word-for-word it was eerie how well that worked with how good was it’s that first video sales letter that I had to write that like man that took me month the actual structure everything the funnel stuff like that’s all like a week week week or two um we move see I moved to new platform I was when I went to clickfunnels I should not have made that change at that point in time so like I added lots of extra stuff if you’re starting from scratch like the longest piece is gonna be writing that video sales letter but once you get that done like everything could be pulled together in a week I think but like for me the video sales I’m not a traditional copywriter that is a challenge for me I’m getting better I’m rebuilding my beliefs I can write copy I can write copy so as my wife we’re studying and practicing but them yeah like I think that’s that’s the to be perfectly honest it took like if like a month and a half all said and done to launch and we had great and we’re still having great results with that success with that set up I have not changed that set up it’s been a year and a half plus I’m still having insanely positive results so worth all the effort but boy it was a lot of work to get there and he’ll pay you back he’ll put he’ll send you your money back if you do it um farm sense what’s up I know you have a video closed captioning for YouTube editor I was wondering if you had any hints on how to do that easier maybe with outsourcing so Trent column I don’t actually update you to my closed captioning I don’t I let YouTube’s closed captioning run I just I got on time to play with that there’s services that handle that what I do is to get my writer to turn it in a blog post I take the video I download it or I have it already downloaded I upload it to Trent TR int calm that transcribes it and I just I gave my writer access to Trent and when I put a new one up I just say hey here’s a new one here’s a title here’s kind of like the angle I was going for and she goes in and takes that transcription in Trent it’s 25 cents a minute for transcription so really she likes the interface it’s easy for her to turn a transcription into a great blog post so and that’s it super-easy I work for home what would be a good Facebook ad course or book I put the link up in there I’ll link it to you again here it’s miles Becker calm /fb um the only one I’ve been through a few of whom I’ve spent a lot more than I spent on his on others before finding his so when I say that that’s the only one I trust like I’ve tried quite a few I’ve paid for one-on-one consultations with other agencies before I had I’ve done I I’m I’m willing to invest in my education I realized that that’s the trick my the one caveat on that is I’m really really really slow to choose someone to study and when I do I go deep so like back to that list grow like my decision to buy into Mike Dillard’s Lisco program was something I thought about for a very long time I’ve studied Mike Dillard for a long time so the trust factor was there and when I went through it I turned off everything I unsubscribe from every list I didn’t read another book I didn’t do anything I went deep debate I dropped like two grand on that course right or 1400 and I think it’s 2 grand like I went into it same thing with this course with this FB course I just put a link to in the chat like once I bought into this I went deep and I block out everything I go into like beast mode of studying practicing doing and implementing because it’s it’s so easy to like buy courses we get it’s it’s proven in studies we get the dopamine hit and the psychological relief associated with solving a problem when we purchase a product that’s why it one-click upsells works so well and that’s like the enemy because then it’s like ok cool I bought this expensive course oh thank goodness I got that problem solved no not at all like here’s a new problem now you have to go through 20 hours 30 hours of stuff you have to implement you have to spend money if you get out of your comfort zone you have to stick with it it’s self-study so we have to like set aside time every day to go through it we have to stick with it like 90% of people don’t complete courses so that’s why I’m very slow to choose someone to study and when I do I go deep I implement I make sure it works for me and when it does that’s the only time that I’m even considering recommending it but that’s the important stuff um so the question who is writing content for me so on my blog I have a girl I found on upwork who writes it for me I do write some myself I just wrote another blog post yesterday I sometimes I’ll write like long email responses to people I’ve even taken long YouTube comments that end up being like 4 or 500 words and I’ll take that and I’ll go put that on my blog I’ll work it so it’s unique but I’ll end up putting that on my blog as well um so I found a writer finding a writers difficult I pay her just about 20 bucks an hour she’s a good writer she’s really interested in our niche which is the main spirituality angels niche that’s the big overlap for me is that they have actual interest and maybe expertise but there’s nothing worse than a cheap writer who can’t do it I only hire people who use the negative tongue of my target audience which for us is USA if you’re in the UK or in Australia get an Aussie writer who’s great one hack on that if you have time and energy if you got like a university nearby I would say market it to your university I try to find an intern try to find an English major you know especially in the u.s.

I mean kids are coming out of school with 35 I was fifty grand in debt from two years of college right like so helping them with a 10 $15 an hour job like for an English major the opportunities are pretty bleak after college so you could actually get a good deal helping them learn the basics of SEO show my videos get them to follow those best practices they can skill up to a marketable skill and kind of almost an intern type situation um Tom am i giving everything you know and do for free or the best for the future now there’s nothing being hidden at this point um like I said earlier I’m testing some things I’m a practitioner I’m not sharing everything that I’ve learned because I haven’t got it to heart yet right I’m like I’ve learned a lot I got some stuff up here that I haven’t shared but that’s because I haven’t implemented and shown that it works for me and I never want to cross that line because there’s so many people selling products they like go read like a forum post or they’ll go read a couple headlines on something and then they’ll create an info product around it they’re an expert on it that’s just that’s just the aspect yeah I’m giving it all out this is my it’s a it’s a test it’s a it’s an opportunity for me to be of service it’s an opportunity for me to create a legacy who knows what tomorrow is gonna bring I’m at least putting some stuff out that’s gonna live and I’m curious how many people I can help I think entrepreneurship is the answer to so many of life’s problems money does not create happiness but boy I think that when we don’t have to work everyday nine-to-five in commute for enough to barely get by or enough to not get by sure is a lot happier of a place to be of service for I think I’m helping people’s family lives get better there’s so many ancillary benefits of this and a part of that is like I’m pulling the rug out from under these fake gurus who teach less quality than what I’m teaching and they charge you for it I want to change the game I don’t I just I don’t like that I’m not participating in that I have to take a hard line outside of it I have been generating affiliate income so there is products and services that I’m recommending I’m getting so it’s working for me right like it’s it’s at a point where like it’s it’s still like nothing compared to my other business but like it’s it’s paying for my time in a sense and it’s it’s kind of a big experiment right like we all say move the free line and give more and have you followed Gary Vee like that dudes just laying everything out like every once in a while he drops a book and it’s like I believe in the law of attraction I believe in the law of reciprocity so it’s this is me standing in my power and standing in my belief that this works I hesitated for years to put out any content because I always felt like I needed a back-end sale oh I would hesitate to put anything out because I got to build a product and I gotta sell product finally I was like f it I got challenged to do 90 day challenge I started this feels good and I do more of what feels good in my life so that’s it I’m just running with it I’m Jennifer Amira my opinion on whether the funnel system local brick-and-mortar yeah absolutely man these comments are jumping around when I recommend creating your own paper engagement ever on Facebook I do not recommend third parties I’ve tried to hire other people to run ads it’s never work they don’t care about my business as much as I do they don’t care about my customer as much as I do they don’t know as much of them and it’s theirs it’s often you’ll get a lot of attention at first because you’re spending five grand a month or eight grand a month or three grand a month oh yeah I’ll help you in and come on two or three they kind of forget about you a little bit and everything’s just set up and they’re making a lot of cash on the back end for a lot of work on the front end I’m very hands-on in my business I don’t want to outsource certain things I’m very happy to be engaged in that way and I’ve got friends who are pretty big-time business coaches on Tim if you’re watching anyway Tim Tim 401 org Tim Conley really smart guy he’s been in the direct response marketing game since before the dot-com boom for that so he gets his stuff and he’s always telling me like miles you move the piano too much like Frank Sinatra like Frank Sinatra does not move his own piano before a concert you’re doing too much work in your business but I love having that connection with my customers I love having my connection with the data it helps me understand their behavioral patterns better it helps us be of more service to them which is ultimately the goal um writing courses that I would recommend no and I wish there was I read the old books breakthrough advertising how to write a good advertisement I’m gonna go into John Caples books next I think that copywriting truths were all written pre-internet um Dan Kennedy’s how to write a good sales letter or the ultimate guide to sales letter is another one but like really study the Great’s get the book stuff at amazon.com highlight them underline them and the trick is write a lot of copy and that’s what my wife and I have erred on the side of is just write more right more right more Jim Carla and SEO question and I do not mind I’m happy when doing keyword research and you find a similar keyword phrases do you recommend writing separate posts or combine them great question it it all depends on how similar they are right that’s the the ultimate kind of question there is so in the SEO consult that idea of my friend in New Zealand he was kind of thinking like well wouldn’t you put all of those paleo bars because I found paleo energy bars Paleo diet bars paleo snack bars paleo protein bars he’s like well wouldn’t you create a post about all of them and like I would but then I would create a post for each of them as well Google’s goal is always to give the user the most relevant and highest quality posts on a specific topic right so if you’re talking like there’s an S on the end of one and there’s no S on the end the other or whether it’s like whether it’s spelt with two words or three words like obviously group that together and you want to have the kind of other ways of saying the same thing you want that content in the post but ultimately anything that gets like a thousand plus searches per month I’d even go down like seven or eight hundred right eventually write a specific post on it this is where a 90 day challenge can help you get so much ground in such a short time and a lot of times what my wife and I will end up doing is we’ll go to we’ve done it both ways number one as we create all these like little posts about all the super super longtail keywords because they’re easier to get and then we figure out how to group them together and create kind of an ultimate guide to this post that talks about the bigger idea and then it links to all of those and they all link back up and we create these little micro webs within our website and that that’s been we kind of go both ways we’ll start with the the big posts first and then we’ll write all the sub posts or we’ll write all the little sub posts and then write the big post next if you’re doing a 90 day challenge long tail go do all those little longtail keyword phrases and then when you get a little breathing room you have a few in your queue figure out how to clump them together based on relevance find a bigger keyword phrase that’s relevant to four or five of them write a big long I’m talking 3000 plus word post and then link it all together in you’re a little wet web is it worth making a Facebook ad for teespring shirts for military veterans absolutely is it going to be profitable who knows it takes testing to get there Chris that’s it um the cool thing about Facebook and teespring is you could probably take that military veterans to one more step you could probably make a military veteran for veterans in Georgia right so like guys who are from Georgia and they’re veterans they want to rep their state they want to rep the fact that they’re boom at that point you got like two kind of levels of resonance and they’re like damn this ad knows me I’m buying it takes a lot of tweaking that’s the cool part about teespring is you can go create as many ad designs as you want right all you got to pay is like a designer to make them or if you’re a designer you can make them yourself so it’s like I you know I would just I would try to figure out like okay so veterans great niche great idea love them love the service they’ve done let’s honor them there’s some really cool stuff they’re very proud people so it makes sense but then how do you layer on an and as we covered in the advanced Facebook marketing strategy I talked about how to use that tool bro JC bro man it’s it will be uploaded after in order to lower the cost per engagement on Facebook what to do especially when targeting the USA audience it’s all in the copy the above copy but why are you focusing on cost for engagement let’s focus on the conversion but it’s all about the copy I mean in my most recent ad it says bottom if you know someone who needs to read this story like it share and tag them and I’m literally telling them like it was a story about my wife how she had comes down and then this happened in the exam like it was very kind of storytelling and people have found that story to be inspiring and so like you know write a really good ad write something that’s share worthy like like take it really seriously like that that’s the trick to it all how can find targeted audiences for generic terms such as headphones so headphones right like I don’t know a Skullcandy people who like Skullcandy your their bows people who like both your there those are targeted audiences sunglasses revos eyewear rebo’s um oakley sunglasses Oakley’s a little bit out of it find those dedicated sunglass companies or socks like i don’t know what’s a soft brand like there’s people who like goofy socks goofy socks are totally a thing um so I think Facebook I mean I think a sock is a niche thing right like eyewear talk about socks okay um PhD smart wall no shows those are my socks period as the only sock I wear right so like if you’re selling socks and you sell a specific smart will so I wear expensive socks I got hooked on ridiculous they last forever luckily but like great good PhD smart wool socks are absolutely incredible a like find it I like it there’s people out there who like them but I mean I don’t see how like focusing on people like school candy like there’s your audience people like Bose headphones there’s your audience you like beets right everybody wants to show off their beets that’s why it’s got a big brand on the side they’re rubbish headphones compared like audio technica or like a professional level headphone they are absolutely rubbish headphones but but people love showing off so they’re gonna go like they’re gonna click like beats anybody likes dre beats boom there they like it so just do the research it take like that’s doing the work right so Mateus um is it better to start with a broad campaign and fans once optimize the users custom audience and apply filters to filter down conversions or completely form I’ve never taken that much effort towards it I just go straight to the conversion campaign if you have traffic already maybe start with a retargeting campaign two conversions if the one other thing would be a two-step bad campaign I got a video on it I’m just search my channel for to step back campaign but the one other thing I would really consider doing would be like sending them to a really relevant blog post first to warm them up a little bit and I would do that if the cost per engagement doesn’t work but I would like I would just go straight cost per customer like really just go straight to the conversion um I think it makes sense potatoes cheers from Chile orale vato like bienvenidos Nukem bother in Chile I really want to go santiago i really want to check out Chile I got to see what a 20,000 foot mountain looks like so I’ll be down there soon we’ll hang out hopefully dropping knowledge segmentation up the choose-your-own-adventure follow-up method it’s brilliant it takes a bit to get it done you got a thing but what happens is when people identify themselves and that choose your own you can then create a broadcast for new product and you can position it one way for them and one way for them getting a better conversion on both sides versus one generic phrasing for everyone that’s what Frank curtains doing that’s what all the big big big pros are doing so riding the back teaches so yeah it’s awesome 3m Caron Patel sorry it’s late I’ll find a better time to try next it will be uploaded raw I won’t do any editing I’m just gonna let this thing run I don’t have a product or market but I want to start making money online how would you recommend getting started with affiliate marketing how can I make ROI on face bag I campaigns so I would only go into Facebook ads as an affiliate marketer who has if you have a lot of money I mean literally if you’ve got deep pockets you’re minted go for it if you’re not meant to go content marketing all the way I would say start on my channels youtube.com slash miles be on there you’re going to find some playlists right on the miles B channel page right start with the playlist about choosing your customer avatar choosing your niche that’s the most important part start there use the search feature that is on my channel watch every single video that I have done spend 14 to 18 hours per day learning and balance that with writing at least one blog post per day right a hundred and 20 blog post in a hundred and twenty days go take action keep go go go go go see where it leads you adapt learn you might switch over here see where it lead you adapt and learn it’s a five to ten year process welcome to the party we’re happy to have you go for it you can do this just know it’s a five to ten year process watch every video I’ve got spend every waking moment you have consuming this with the one caveat of make sure you create and publish one blog post per day every single day or one video every day so learn to learn put into practice put into practice you got to publish the faster you can get to having a thousand blog posts on a blog the faster you’re going to get to having an absolute authority blog it really is that simple you can learn all the nuts and bolts in the details along the way you just got to get there so get started that’s the trick is getting started Tektronix I don’t have a product or market but I want to start making money online that was it we just talked about that Jay Burnham I just jumped is that it hash tag team miles I like it Jay where did you go man this uh comment thing just jumps around the moment I touch it that was so weird I just lost where’s Jay thanks for patient you get patience you guys did you just reorganize everything I just lost your comment Jay so I apologize you can hit me up on yeah how’d you get the long copy top and part of the ad you just type it in you just find what field that is on the Facebook ad and just keep typing it just it can hold I don’t even know if there’s a limit um so that long copy you just it’s text I think it’s called the text field and it shows you in the editor so start typing you see it happen above the ad and you just write and write and write and write and write and it’s their good idea to find audiences first and then find it but yes I’m like find the audience you want to be of service to find something in your heart dmoz that you love then find the audience that also loves that and find their problem go solve that problem for yourself learn how to solve that problem and go teach them how to solve that problem it’s just amazing I need to turn on super chat super chat ok I don’t know what that is oh is that on the other one man I’m such a noob with all this we’re super chat ok we’ll get to that later all right how long should run a FB ad for run it until you’ve spent as much as you would have made for a sale that’s it WordPress outsourcing hire somebody on up wear test so you find somebody’s great how many ad should be in each ad set one um where does the data get stored in the ad setter and the pixel ah data like so the pixel is just a cookie and when you get a pixel there it’s stored so it’s in Facebook so I think it’s I think we’re talking about the pixel Bubba juju best name on YouTube I’m happy you like the info any softwares that are good for online stores I’ve heard Shopify’s good whoo works on on WordPress how long can you pause an ad I have no idea I don’t pause them too much because every time you restart when you start and pause an ad you’re actually getting in a position where it’s going to re-enter the auction and it could re-enter a total totally different place Jennifer Amira whether the Facebook ad coding audience yeah bricks and mortar for sure I’m geo targeting more high miles thanks happy to help cool Cameron conversions if the piece sees pixels not seasoned yet I would love to know where everybody’s getting this um I can’t run conversions at the event pixels not seasoned yet I think that’s from another marketer who’s trying to just like confuse you into buying their product I don’t believe that’s true I’ve started fresh funnels fresh Thank You pages no pixel data and run optimized conversion to have good success straight out of the box before so I don’t really know Kraft awesome I’m happy to hear demos let’s partner up I don’t do partnerships I got too much going on on my own thrive themes quiz builder yeah man like online Overlord I’m I’m really interested in setting that up on the front end for mine so I see I got like how do I make money online how do i optimize my facebook ads and like how do I like I can come up with a third one so having that that pre segmenting on the front end absolutely brilliant I think you’re on active campaign if I remember correctly and what you would do is I would have a separate follow up sequence or a separate automation for each hit a different tag on each form as they come in drop them through the follow ups and then kind of like dump them back to one list if you want or keep them separated because even if they’re all I mean they were actually all one lists you can always just email one segment pretty easily um how much do you split test different audience a Thomas landing pages sale I don’t think add espresso works to build the different ad sets I think for me personally like the power editor is the easiest way I create out one campaign and i duplicate out my ad sets it’s that easy it’s super simple they’re just charging I don’t think that that helps so I split has one thing at a time and I’ve always got one thing split testing so right now I’m split testing my funnel and I’m going to touch anything right so my ads are my constant my funnel is a variable now I gotta let it run for seven to ten days and then I’m gonna make an ultimate analysis I’m keeping an eye on my numbers in this seventy day period but now my date is getting a little messy with the other tests that have been there I’m okay with that but like yeah like just one test at the time because if you’re testing your funnel if you’re testing this you’re testing that all the same time and you’re getting conversions you don’t know if it’s version B a B or a a B right like you have to have if you have one variable then you can identify what got you the bumping of versions cool where have I been focusing I’m not sure real estate agent looking for sellers awesome sometimes the process could take long absolutely can so mark I think you’re right in one sense it feels like I have to make a tremendous upfront cash outlay to run in order to run ads totally so what market are you and if you’re in the Bay Area and you go sell a house like what are you talking like twenty-four grand commissions so in theory there’s money for it right if you’re in Detroit that’s a very different commission for you out the end so what I would do is I would go more content marketing and I would make I would become the voice of your market of your local market I would put out YouTube videos very aggressively I would be really aggressive on Instagram locally following local people really connecting with people building relationships showing off houses being that pulse in your area and have a really cool often that because like you get it right so like when people buy a house they’re they’re stingy and they want under asking like I’m not paying full asking price for that then when that same person goes to sell that house they want to earn 20% over they get greedy right so we go from stingy to greedy so if you’re looking for sellers play on that greed like put a some sort of a giveaway that teaches them how to get 10% more than their neighbors got type thing and then make a really good course build a list stay in touch with people talk about other things in the community really become like a champion for your community expert social gred glad to hear um mark Mansley I don’t get the question sorry I’m getting a lot of questions here tard takes too long to rank on google you can also put the post on Facebook yeah like maximexi Becky’s right so in content marketing get the maximum reach on your content like if you write a great blog post cool turn it into ooh a podcast turn it into a video and speak it out as well put it on Facebook talk it out on Instagram if you want like get as much leverage as you can and really kind of get the most you can i’m functions in the spreadsheet man the comments are back at functions this is awesome I am so far behind I’m I think it’s true I think it’s possible to say clearly I’m not gonna get through all of them even though I’m trying but that’s okay yep mark their DC talked about it um what I think business by design course I don’t know I’m James Wedmore I’ve looked at a little bit of stuff I’d never pay for it I mean like I I built a channel a YouTube channel to 10,000 followers subscribers in eight months by what like publishing every day right like an average of five or six times a day I don’t think there’s that much to it I’m assuming he’s probably charging four hundred and seventy five dollars or four ninety seven or some ridiculous amount of money for that course to let like like record video publish it do it again for video publish it do it again or video delay like learn the basics of SEO like like it’s all on my channel so I don’t I don’t I don’t he’s funny he seems nice but he’s one of those guys you look at it right he made I believe he made a bartending book and now he’s telling how to make money online everybody does this I’m not going there right I’m selling angel meditations of all things right and like I’m just gonna teach you how to make money online cuz like I don’t think it’s worth five hundred thousand dollars there are some things right like this Facebook course I’ve talked about a few times like it is intense like the Facebook game is there’s so many moving parts and to have that support group to be able to communicate to ask the creator of the course questions like an incredible value but those are almost anomalies like I would say 89% of courses out there are just there making the person making of course a lot of money when the information is pretty much readily available this will be uploaded I’ll top my head what kind of campaign you think will be most effective for local insurance agent um I think a paper like like a campaign focus on conversions build a list the list so Lincoln um suggestions for Facebook ads for local dentist like personally I would go organic Google SEO I would go make sure there Google my business is optimized I would make sure they show up on a map 3-pack on Google I would 100% focus on on Google to start because I believe that every single person I’ll be right back if I’m a goes to this thing right and they’re like where is a dentist in my hometown boom or they ask Siri Siri where is the dentist in my hometown I ain’t got no sirree do you know what I’m saying like like Google is where everyone goes for that stuff maybe referrals like I could see you doing um I can see you doing some sort of like Facebook campaign and like you just have to offer something free like a free cleaning right and it’s that that story of I walked in for the free cleaning and all of a sudden I’m getting like crowns and enamels and blah blah blah and I spent fifteen thousand dollars from my insurance right so so lure them in with a free cleaning you know like an ad that’s like hey been too long so you’ve been to the dentist like the challenge with that is like everybody needs to go to the dentist right like how do you identify the people like like these people like candy cool i’ma go after people who like candy because they probably got the most cavities like you get really abstract and like I would not personally put any money in Facebook until I was dominating on Google because I think user behavior goes to Google and looks at the Google reviews and looks at that stuff first or they ask a friend um podcasting is absolutely worthwhile work for home for somebody who loves to talk right like I think I could do a kick-ass podcast I chose the video medium personally because I wanted to be a little bit faster and I’m so I produced live out of Airbnb I’ve been a nomad for four years and like to do a podcast right I feel like I would want to take a bit more control and have a studio at some point I’m gonna do a podcast but it’s like what’s in your DNA if you’re a writer and you’re uncomfortable talking don’t do a podcast if you love talking and just wrap it with people and asking your naturally curious and your good interviewer do a podcast for sure like go with what works for you um dollar per day can really help you get data you’re going to get data but it’s gonna be really slow it’s going to be really slow um 100 day villiage works and gellick vibes oh man I hope you did 100 day video challenge and made it I would love to hear about that hit me in a comment on this video or on a future video on hashtag Dimas I love it Gary Vaynerchuk is amazing Maria um the one thing is I think he like I’m I consider myself to be like similar in the fact that we’re just giving it all away but different the fact that I’m trying to give tactics and he’s like well those are tactics I’m like tactics aren’t everything it’s all mindset and hustle like it is but that hustle has to be strategic you have to be dated like data-driven decisions in what he’s done that most of us are not necessarily able to step into is he surrounded himself with such good people that he’s out of this stuff right he’s out of the day today he has people running Facebook Ads they’re well trained they get you know like he’s got so much infrastructure built that his view of the landscape is differently I often think he’s talking a lot more to want to be startup people who want to get like investing and like I feel like I’m talking to more lifestyle business people who want to create seven eight grand a month ten grand a month on the side so they can go have that lifestyle freedom to take be the the kids softball coach to take the kids from school every day to walk the kids to and from school every day to do the month vacation with the family in Europe to help the kids have that global experience that’s that’s my passion is helping so I think we we do different things like his book crush it his book askgaryvee book great books not everything’s relevant but that’s with every teacher when I listen to people like I are got my salt shaker and grain of salt like every time like with my stuff right if I say something I really don’t feel that great cool let that go stick with what resonates with you implement it and move forward but I do feel like I get a lot from Gary Vee I personally I don’t watch his daily Vee I think it’s a waste of time i watch some of his interviews but even those the podcasts he’s doing he’s on podcast kick our little bit of waste of time his keynotes are what I watch I had never he was not on my radar until I was at traffic and conversion summit he spoke he did the keynote he killed it it was like a root of two thousand people who’s dropping f-bombs like full Gary Vaynerchuk experience and since then I kind of like got him a little bit more but he’s a New Yorker I’m very West Coast I’m very chilled out I got a much different like I meditate all the time he’s like I’m scared of meditating so there’s resonance but it ain’t everything how you can free download and a paying customer you build a relationship with them and you offer them something that will solve their biggest problem period right like like find out what their biggest problem is and solve their biggest problem for them show them exactly how to do it and then if they want to buy the thing that will help them get there faster offer that to them but like you you build a relationship with them and like you you recommend things to friends all day every day anyways and your friends listen to those recommendations and you’re like oh my god I just saw this movie it was so good you got to go check out this movie and they’ll go check out the movie and you don’t get compensation for that affiliate marketing is the exact same thing right like oh my god this crystal I just got is this is the best like you have to have one of these you send out your list with a really cool video I’m going to click through and buy and you’ll make a percent off of that um books with people that greatly help so Tom Jax can search the channel for ten books my top ten list of books for entrepreneurs it’s on there would I recommend to try to scale Facebook ads targeting countries that English as a second language for non-native speakers man like I think if you’re like if you Thomas if you can do Spanish Facebook ads in like Mexico in like a Spanish market through way less competition and up here right like you can crush it so if you’re trying to get like English speakers in Mexico like that might be a little bit of stretch but maybe you’re trying to help them learn how to do English it just it depends like it’s possible you just really have to test everything like everything has to be a test um Casey’s in the house awesome good to see you love the picture unit kids man like every time Casey Spaulding pops up I can see his kids too never met him never met his kids I just think it’s awesome um Lincoln a lot of people on business none you Facebook ads yeah so Lincoln honestly if you’re interested like the yeah I know how to start a Facebook ad like everyone wants me to run their ads and I keep eternally so much money it’s ridiculous y’all would y’all would laugh or something if you learned how many times I told people no don’t pay me money so Lincoln I’m typing something in give me a quick second I’ll be too the next questions here there it is so essentially go through that course learn everything and implement implement for other people like find ways to do it for free for others that’s the structure to follow almost everybody I know most of the people I know who went through that course are doing that as a service so I went I went through the course 1.0 I’ve gotten through three quarters of 2.0 um because I got a free update 2.0 just came out if you buy it you get 2.0 I flew out to his house for a three-date his home office for a three-day implementation workshop I’m all about access I’m all about like making friends with you were on a level like there’s so many reasons I went out for that and it really just a character check this dude and his wife they work together I got a small family business um amazing person who has his heart in the right place for sure and what I noticed is it was only eight of us right it was a very very small group um most other people are selling ads for people and most people who’ve gone through that training I just sent you and doing ads they’re charging five grand a month click spend the people who are really good or charging ten grand a month plus click spend Jason’s charging twenty thousand dollars per month for services plus they got to spend on clicks to but the thing is he’s helping people take 150 grand and turn it into five hundred grand every single month month after month when you help people do that twenty grand a month nothing right so I think you just got a skill up hardcore commit to it own that learn everything about it you what happens on that is you get access to a group you’ll see if you do get in that group um through that product you’ll find out that like there’s a lot of people saying hey I’ve got a client in this niche and this is my ad it’s not working why you get a bunch of smart people like oh try this try that try this and it’s like I mean you got it like at some point you got to level up and skill up and I think that’s just the fastest way to do it I think there’s great money in it if I was starting to ground zero I probably would still focus on WordPress SEO and funnels because I think there’s more perceived value in that but in certain markets with certain groups that Facebook has probably has more money in it long term I just happen to be like a wordpress geek at this point and I’m still figuring out the Facebook stuff but here’s the thing right like I’m a practitioner I’m still learning I know a lot more than every business owner in this town on Facebook Ads and I could turn out some businesses here I’m in a little bit of a tourist town in Oregon and I can set up ads to where you know come visit our shop when you’re in town get your first coffee buy one coffee get one coffee free they come in and having lunch spending forty two dollars because I got a free coffee offer when they’re on Facebook because every just walk around trying to take selfies of themselves in this town to post on Facebook oh yeah look I’m in this cool town look how cool I am right so like there’s so much money that I really think I can go build a hundred thousand dollar-a-month agency I just don’t I don’t need that kind I don’t have the desire to go that direction I think it’s worth it um how about writing blogs with software will it work absolutely not no no BOTS no software you got to write be a real person if you can’t ride it out hire somebody who’s a real writer got to do it right no shortcuts the shortcut is doing one blog post a day every single day for three years I know it sounds like a lot of work and it is but that’s the shortcut that’s how you build a business that will take care of you for the rest of your life jumping from this and that OA bot for this oh there’s an Instagram bio no they just shut down Instagram and oh I can do this then I can do that and I can do this you’re never going deep on one thing until you go deep on one thing so like just Vincent or Lincoln um write like if you do commit to that turn off everything turn off all the noise don’t open another email from Margaret or unsubscribe from every single email marketing list other than the one you just bought into right and only do that and then stick with it for two years and what the what could happen with that is twenty thirty fifty thousand dollar month business model relatively easily that you can outsource a lot of it that’s the cool thing about Facebook guys once it’s all set up and if you’re I’m paying you five grand and you’re making me 30 grand a month for my five grand like I’m not going to question how much work you’re putting in and once you get it dialed like honestly it can be a total cash cow business model who VG where do I buy all this energy um I want to be able to do this honestly perfectly honest right now I’m giving of myself in no way shape or form is this moment about me it’s about you and something magic happens when we take our focus off of ourself I’m not here trying to get anything I don’t like like this energy is coming from somewhere and it’s the same life force energy that flows through you it’s the same life force life force energy that makes a bamboo plant grow a meter a day after nine years in germination right like there is a life force energy we can all tap into it but it’s when we’re focused on ourselves is when we feel bogged down in energy and for focus on our problems we can bog us down when we shift that focus on others magic can happen and that’s I think what you’re seeing right here so thank you for the compliment we’ll lose my voice before anything but I think we’re gonna cut it here at a dam is one o’clock that’s the two hours man is awesome um why did I not change the title my youtube channel I think it is I don’t know it’s miles B maybe I have to go do something I don’t know and like gelling so you’re asking miles why do you not man you changes how your YouTube channel I know I don’t know I don’t care like it I don’t think that will help me in any way shape or form connect with more people interested what helps me connect with more people interested is do more stuff like this right getting the word out putting out more videos and I like I got so many holes in my funnel and like there’s I’m leaving so much money on the table and I’m grateful for because I’m 100% focused on the audience not me the moment I shift that around like make myself look cooler than I am or brand things or this hour we are problem perhaps point in time right but it’s because it’s all about like all that matters is the content and I can ignore so much stuff it’s at 8020 right what’s the 20% that gives me 80% of the results it’s the videos and that’s all I focus on is getting this stuff out um go contests they can win something for two weeks for launch product in the area targeting FBE man like I think if you’re doing you’re doing local contests and it’s a really big prize you could probably get enough reach organically because if you’re if you’re giving away a 500 or 700 prize and you get a few people on your fan page to share it and join those people share it and join and they’re all opting in I think that’s the the shortcut but what I don’t think I don’t know like yeah you could run Facebook Ads to it but like ultimately forcing people to like share and opt-in in order to be entered for the contest is the key then you just gotta make sure what you’re giving away is massive right it has to be hugely valuable it can’t be no like Oh $50 gift card from Amazon her an iPad like that she’s been done like that’s not that compelling to people put together something really special that really resonates with the people make it worth five six seven hundred dollars and what you’ll see is you have a potential for getting enough viral reach out of just the giveaway making them like and share – and then opt-in right like make them do that use something like a viral if you want but you really don’t need to you build it all together with like Google Docs and just write natively and then as people share you go in like I showed on the video you click on the heart in of all the people who shared and liked and then you invite everybody who liked to like your page you grow big fan page organically you keep a new contest that fills up your list you sell them other stuff I mean it’s a great business model it works perfect and what I think you’ll find is that giving away a 600 or something and get real aggressive on that viral growth you might end up seeing that you’ll have like I mean just way better numbers and running Facebook pay-per-click like you can run in facebook pay-per-click to get some some reach some exposure to it if you don’t have a fan page to work with but I think the goal in that model in my mind would be to get yourself to a point where the viral nature and it’s a free marketing base and all you’re paying for is the big contest thing what price point would I use for like it just there’s too many variables Michael’s what can your so Michael’s asking what price point would I use for an upsell on a free plus shipping offer and how many upsells it varies on your market like what are other people selling what’s the retail value of it I like to do a fifty to sixty percent discount off of retail when it’s in a one-click upsell position they’re in that buyer mode so it’s great I mean I got a friend Zoo anchor he’s awesome I think he chains six upsells in a row so like there’s no hard set rule it takes testing you got to get that first offer to convert first right like if you’re not converting two to five percent on your first one not enough people are seeing it to really make a difference I think you know if you want some numbers like forty seven dollar front end one forty seven dollar 147 on the back end that give you an average order value of something about both of 200 if you see 30% of people taking you up on that you’d probably see an average order value of seventy to eighty dollars which puts you in a position to spend sixty to seventy dollars per new customer pretty cool setup but it takes a lot of testing and like testing you got to just test um folks l peacock feathers online who will I target do I have any ideas people who like peacocks dude like yeah like I love peacocks cool people like candles I don’t know like just yeah like if you’re selling peacock feathers though we got a problem because I can only imagine that peacock feathers are only a dollar to each and it’s gonna take you a lot more money to sell one than it would to make one so unless you got a gold plated peacock feathers it sell for like four hundred dollars I think you got a like look at the peacock feather more than the audience body’s after babies welcome awesome play on how it’s fun to go to your dental office yeah totally like get fun make it a good experience for kids like find an angle happy to help on the podcasting we are wrapping up here we got four minutes left any ideas on a fine art photographer yeah so um diali Oh Jeffrey any ideas for a fine art photographer I did a video called the Facebook advanced faithful I’m gonna put it in here give me one quick second here now it’s called advanced Facebook strategy and it was just out like a week or two ago so go find that watch it I actually did a case study the second person we talked about we’re using the and functionality in facebook targeting and I literally look at a fine artist and I help him kind of do a little kind of a thing um that he could look at Chris Borja do I drink scotch how can you hook me up I don’t drink thank you very much I used to love me some scotch but I haven’t had a sip of alcohol in five months now and Counting and I’m loving it I’m clear-headed focused I’m just really on on the challenge here just to push forward so if you want to help um share it share share my content share my videos email your list if you got one plug it for me put it out there get it on social media that’s like if there’s one thing like let’s just see what we can do on this channel growth right I’m on a I’m on a like how fast can we get to 100,000 subscribers now like that is such a crazy thought to even think that number is possible and that’s where I’m going so I still believe that if I put out good enough content that it will get shared for me I don’t have to focus on backlinks I don’t have to focus on any that BS they talk about those expensive courses I can stay focused on give give give and everything is going to work because that’s what happens you get this situation where people like Chris or like wow how can i what can I do for you and honestly just help me get the message out is the only thing I ask that’s it Sam Sam look at that CPC to judge whether that we’re working on how do we judge if it’s higher though you don’t cost-per-click is something that you ignore only work off of the cost per new customer and the cost per lead if those are in your range ignore cost per click if those are out of range ignore cost per click right make your decision based on cost per customer cost per lead that’s it awesome Dimas is out going to make some money I love that thank you like I love you watching but like the fact that you’re off to go make some money is great girlfriend’s a photographer what type of offer would you use and who do you target on Facebook it depends a photographer fine art portrait babies weddings etc I would start with a wordpress website I would start with basic content marketing on a WordPress website get that going but like she has to have a niche right what is that niche are you selling prints are you selling photography services figure out what that is that you’re selling then go figure out who it is that needs that and why what their biggest problem is and figure out how what you do solves their problem in a unique fun exciting way and then put a little free report on how this solves that and offer that report for free and you’ll build an email list and you can grow it and that’s the gist alright it looks like these just keep going oh man so jumped around a little bit affiliate marketing essentials moving to Mexico I lived in Mexico for over a year um Sayulita Playa del Carmen I love love love Mexico it is such a beautiful country it is such a beautiful culture beautiful people Familia like compadres like oh today I love make oh I can’t wait to go back um cool I’m gonna do scoober we got like a minute left here so let’s do um was everything you need to know our run agency it’s in that link I showed you um missing something I think it’s more experienced honestly like like I’ve been running ads since 2015 a price but a hundred grand on ads um I’ve learned so much through what didn’t work and I’ve learned what didn’t work by doing right it’s not necessarily through the study study is important so I can make strategic moves from the get-go but then ultimately it’s about looking at what happened responding to the data and understanding and getting kind of philosophical as like why I thought for sure this was going to work and it didn’t why Hana think about it on hikes in the shower and meditations also to be like oh my gosh this person they want this and this is that but I said it like this and that missed because of this oh so now I need to try this boom and then that works and it’s that kind of like adaptive thinking right so you take what I’m teaching go through that course miles better calm /fb take what he teaches then you must implement and then you react to how it works for you because it’s going to be different and that is where the true knowledge comes from what do you write two blog posts for two years every day give it a whirl so you would have a thousand like two in two years that would be seven hundred each like you get the thousand blog posts like the trick is I Tektronix if you write two blog posts every day for two years like you have to make sure they’re high-quality we can’t just put out the write it has to be the best damn article on that topic I think it’s more important to do one great article per day if you were potentially going to sacrifice quality to do two articles a day quality first quantity second relevance is most important and yeah that that’s it so bodies after baby’s awesome Dave um so Dave says if he uses the best social media organic post and turns them into ads those are the ones that get the best cost perfect right and the odds are it’s because that you’ve proven that’s a good user experience by putting it up organically and Facebook gives it reaching well this one got a lot of reach that means it’s a good thing then you go turn that pull that number put it right in your ad that’s brilliant we’d love to talk one-on-one I don’t do any one-on-ones I don’t really answer any emails I apologize about that my time is too valuable that’s why we’re doing things like this and I’m spending two hours on a workday with you here because I don’t have time to answer the emails so if you’ve sent me emails if you sent me Facebook messages I apologize I thank you for your understanding your compassion I’m getting hit up a lot at this point it’s getting a little crazy but I can’t slow down because if I start doing one-on-ones and I start getting your business and all these fine details with you I’m neglecting the ninety nine point nine nine nine nine nine nine nine nine nine percent of other people who are also appreciative of my time and my goal is to try to do what’s best for the greater good here so that’s where I’m at so um gelling I know if I change the uglier oil in the miles – back they’re probably getting more views so I do have a channel ID that’s like four slash miles B I just don’t know why it shows up so I’ll look into that [Music] awesome patch I’ll thank you very much Bart I’m happy awesome peacock feathers for the wedding industry perfect makes perfect sense to me right there that’s that’s where it is it’s like you got every like smurfy cog advice different gold sell them right arm clothing for kids maybe right but like kids grow quick so it makes sense they could be utilizing but like test test test test um Franklin Hatchett says I’m awesome Thank You Ian Frank Franklin’s pretty awesome he’s one of the first people that that shared my content proving that if you give up yourself enough other people will build your backlinks other people will grow your brand for you how do I handle all the stuff in my schedule so I focus bodies and other babies I focus on what is absolutely most important first not urgent this is huge I wait till the afternoon for urgent stuff and the evenings for urgent stuff when I’m tired I let the urgency give me that motivation in the morning I’m like okay what do I do right now that’s going to put me future miles right miles backer in three years or five years what can I do right now to put myself on a better trajectory and I go do that because what happens is oftentimes people get stuck in what’s urgent like all this is but all that’s not working oh my god reaction reaction right inbox inbox Facebook did a reaction and then we don’t get the important things that are going to drive our business to the next level done so I focus I wake up I meditate a lot and I notice probably sounds counterintuitive I meditate right now I’m meditating three times a day on average for about 20 to 30 minutes per meditation so I wake up about 6 o’clock I wake up early to holy crap wake up earlier that’s the easiest way you want to get a few more hours every day wake up at 4 o’clock in the morning it sounds early because it is if you do some research on it you will find that some of the most successful people in the world set their alarms for 3:30 4:00 4:30 5 o’clock in the morning I wake up I meditate every morning first thing I do not touch a device I consciously clear and ground my energy kind of bring that day in then I go make coffee during the coffee making time I’m kind of thinking ok what am I going to push forward in my business for long-term growth I go in I work on that first then I work on my ads then I work with my wife on our business and at the end of the day I do kind of like what’s urgent and in between there in the afternoon I’ll go for a hike and I will go and meditate midday and then I usually kind of relax and unwind and Netflix like most humans usual maybe like 30 minutes to an hour I do a lot of reading in the evenings as well I keep my finger on the pulse of the world globe economics finances markets Facebook ads advertising media stuff and I’ve got a really strong why there’s there’s deep reasons why I’m doing what I’m doing to share entrepreneurship in this situation to share meditation in what we do with our other business that fuels my fire but really I think the big one of the biggest thing is waking up early meditating a lot hiking to get more energy not coffee in the afternoon and then focusing really on like what is a strategic thing that needs to get done like rebuilding my funnel like I did last month was so difficult it took so much time it’s not creative rewards for me yet it’s it’s it’s a little bit better than the old one but it’s going to be great and it takes a lot of discipline to go in and work on that every day and like the Lisco course to go work on it or the horn on course to go in every day and make sure I’m putting two or three hours into learning and implementing every day and I’ve just learned along the way that I have to do what’s important for long-term growth first when my willpower tank is full and then the evenings when I’m feeling tired that’s what I’m like oh this is broken should I actually have to go fix that and that will that would get me off the couch to go do that cool so awesome so happy to have all these positive comments should my facebook has to be solely free plus shipping low cost low cost attention grabbers yeah like so jason horn honking a directly to his webinar that sells a 1,500 product mike dillard sells a 2,000 dollar product from facebook ads so you can sell high ticket products you can promote webinars you can do free opt-ins you can do affiliate products you do free plus shipping free plus shipping is really cool because you get to advertise like free stuff and then all you got to do is pay shipping and then oh boom boom boom you hit them with a few upsells it really works really well especially in markets that haven’t been exposed so that many free plus shipping offers most internet marketing people get what they are and they get that yeah I know this is free plus shipping but on the next page you’re going to hit me with an upsell so yeah just just run with it cool all right y’all um I think that’s it is there a way to run a fun will completely Shopify I don’t know I don’t use Shopify I’m a WordPress kid all the way so um kill her outlook on life important versus urgent that’s it so um yeah the the only thing like blame Maryanne like Jason with the Facebook stuff is all I really who who I focus on that’s it keep doing live streams cool I will I like that um so Blaine real quick as he dropped a couple of questions here so starting from scratch I start with one campaign multiple ad sets that have one interest in each I try to be like five bucks per ad set and I run one ad and that’s the basic structure awesome work from home shared it on Twitter and Google+ I totally appreciate that um how to market fresh dates we got a web shop for fresh dates and Austria dude date milkshake right like like help people learn how dates will improve their lives have you ever had a date milkshake with coconut ice cream with no dairy so greatest thing in the world there’s a town called Palm Springs in California and there’s some how date groves everywhere and like they have date shakes and they have date things so so giveaway date recipes and then by the way if you want the best dates in the world just click that button right there and go buy my dates right so teach people how to use them help them build the desire on the need right attention first then desire and then offer it to them dr.

Robert started on Wix yeah I would totally get off of Wix um I think you’re asking the right question not sure if I want to spend that time now or spending the with content now like run like crazy on content it’s okay to do it on Wix if I would I would consider hiring somebody in the background to make that move for you because they can move all your content relatively easily the one thing is the more content you add on the more 301 redirects and a little bit more challenging he gets to move it so but you’re right that’s the question and only you can answer answer that question so Wow awesome dude like this is cool sweet um I’ve had fun I hope you’ve had fun this has been a really unique experience I thank you very much for joining in live if you’re watching us post man hashtag badass you made it to the end you just caught a total brain dump I look forward to doing this again for everyone who TuneIn and mist and because I sent you the wrong URL I truly apologize I hope that my link to get you over here brought you over here I don’t exactly know the right way to use this platform but I promise I’ll get better at it I will keep doing more of these lives I wish you nothing but success I’m happy to help go share this if you loved it and if it’s helped you in any way I do appreciate the shares give me a thumbs up here in youtube if you’re watching this and I appreciate your comments and everything so thanks again have a great weekend go be productive remember spend time with the family do what you love share give of your unique talents to the world amazing things do happen I have absolute proof of that and I look forward to connecting with you again on the next video see you again soon you

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