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3 Key Ideas From Neil Patel’s Keynote Speech At The 2019 Affiliate Summit West In Vegas

hey miles here miles Becker calm I’m currently in Vegas I’m attending the Affiliate Summit West conference and Neil Patel just did his keynote so in this video I’m gonna share three things three big takeaways from Neil Patel’s speech and if you’re interested in seeing more videos on kind of updates from this conference go ahead and say yes in the comments so I know you want me to make more videos like this back to day one at Affiliate Summit West 2019 and Neil Patel’s keynote Talk now there were three really really big takeaways that I’m sharing with you this is super super important number one is the power of branding he was talking about how search engine optimization and gaining traffic with your blog is getting more difficult specifically it’s getting more difficult to maintain good rankings because of the volume of blogs there are now he said there was something like a billion blogs which means there’s a blog on average for one for every seven people so there’s just such a large supply how do you stand out and his answer to that is brand building it’s all about brand building and when your audience begins to search for you in the search engines it actually helps your rankings for all of your other longtail keyword phrases that aren’t about you let me give you an example so this makes clear sense when someone searches for miles Beckler DIY sales funnel right or miles Beckler SEO Google and YouTube are both noticing that miles Beckler is in those search volumes that’s the branding right when they actually search for my take on a specific topic Google is realizing wow this individual this publisher is actually building a brand based around in my case obviously it’s miles bechler it doesn’t have to be your name it can be based on just a brand name that you come up with but when they see that they realize that you’re doing the the hard and laborious work of building a brand therefore when people search for just the main keyword phrase there’s a higher likelihood of you ranking so really to extrapolate SEO in 2019 and beyond it’s not just the keyword research it’s not just the on-page and off-page SEO you’ve got to build the brand which means consistently showing up for your audience delivering great value it’s another way of reinforcing kind of that what I’ve been teaching here on the channel couple of notes right here for you so number – he’s bullish on both video and podcasting and he thinks that right now for the next few years two to three years is going to be a very very good time for people to grow YouTube channels and podcasts he feels that they’re gonna get more saturated just like what happened with the blog world right now so right now there’s kind of a opportunity for you so if you’re doing the podcasting if you’re doing the videos or if you’ve been thinking about it it is absolutely go time capture market share now while you can before more and more people are moving from the blogging based content the written content over to these other mediums right you have a chance to stand out and there’s something about doing videos that scares a lot of people it’s relatively easy to go outsource a piece of content to be written on a specific keyword phrase but you here are the outsourced videos that easily and not everyone’s willing to jump on camera so if you push through that learning curve you get comfortable with the process of making videos go for it run with it I thought it was cool to hear that he’s bullish on podcasting right now as well obviously my whole three pillar content marketing strategy idea that I teach on the channel is all about doing all three of them right I start with my youtube channel this content I’m giving to you right now on YouTube is gonna end up on my podcast and then my content team will pick it up and write it and it’ll end up on my blog so I’m kind of doing all of them but I thought it was really cool to use bullish right now on both video and audio so if you’re looking for what channel to get going with choose one of those and run with it finally the best ROI on adspend now I want to put a little caveat here because he works with big businesses I mean like Google literally hires him as a consultant Facebook hires him as a consultant coca-cola like he’s working with major major major level brands and he has a lot of data from hundreds of clients in this space and the data proves that the best return on investment for these corporations for their advertising money is search engine optimization and search engine marketing which was kind of one thing that was clustered together and conversion rate optimization and he said most of these companies are not doing conversion rate optimization at all a lot of them are doing brand based advertising so there’s nothing to do CRO on but in the world and he was comparing that to so in the kind of paid ad world of where they’re putting their actual money right not just their energy their money so it be social advertising if the Facebook pay-per-click ads it beat out AdWords it beat out everything to be honest which I thought was really cool so interesting the SEO search engine optimization the process of you know pouring your hard your energy and for them it’s their hard-earned money but putting your efforts and your money into creating great content making sure you’re doing the keyword research the on-page the off page etc that’s still driving a bigger percentage of ROI compared to Facebook Ads compared to YouTube ads compared to Google ads and then also conversion rate optimization you know I talked a lot about split test you should be split testing your opt-ins you should be split testing your offers and that was clearly the winner in the situation but not enough people were doing that to make it on the graph so the graph show the bar graph he showed was all about SEO and that is the three big takeaways from Neil Patel I got to sit down with him afterwards in a really kind of cool VIP experience where we got to ask him questions it seems like a really cool dude I actually I got a lot of respect for him at this point if you enjoyed this video give me a thumbs up here on the video subscribe if you haven’t already hit the bell if you want notifications as they come out and again if you want more updates from this conference and what I learned from the conference Ryan Deiss is one of the other keynote speakers be sure to drop a yes in the comments so I know thank you very much for your time I’m gonna go enjoy dinner and a show with my beautiful wife here in Vegas I’ve got a couple more videos coming out soon you will

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