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3 Marketing Automations That Generated An Extra $100,000 Profit In The Last Year!

hey miles here miles Becker calm this video reveals the three marketing automations that generated an additional hundred thousand dollars in profit for my business in the last year marketing automation czar when you leverage technologies like your shopping cart your email autoresponder or even Facebook ads to dynamically deliver specific pages or offers or emails to your subscribers and users based on the actions they take set another way it’s creating these little if this then that type scenarios or formulas within your business model so when a user takes a specific behavior or an action then the system gives that next step that you pre-program what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna look at the three specific ones I’m explain how they work so you can understand how this brought in more income for me two quick other notes number one on the marketing automation systems I use active cam for this app to campaign excuse me for this they run my automations common one is Infusionsoft or even ontraport can do these kinds of things then when you’re setting this type of automation up make sure you create a new affiliate within your shopping cart and when you’re creating your actual links inside of these automations to send people to whatever that next step is you use your affiliate link this allows you to track how much profit comes in from these automations that you set up it’s always good to track the effectiveness of what we’re doing that’s how I know these brought in over a hundred thousand dollars in profit without further ado let’s jump in so number one is a cart abandonment sequence now active campaign allows me to put specific tracking code on my sales pages on my shopping cart checkout pages and also on my product delivery pages and when a user buys a product we add a specific tag now with this in place I’m able to track specifically when a user reaches my checkout page and they don’t get the tag from purchasing right so this if-then that kind of scenario is if they clicked through the sales page on the Buy button and they did not purchase my system automatically follows up with them either 30 minutes or one hour after they went to that checkout page give me time to check out if they have that and then it reminds them that this special offer they were looking at goes away soon and it encourages them to complete check out the theory here is that we’re all busy and we’re all distracted and maybe that user saw my Facebook ad and then they were in line at the grocery store and they were interested they got to the checkout page but then they had to checkout and life happen they picked up the kids went to soccer practice etc this way my system automatically delivered a nice little email to their inbox saying hey by the way if you’re interested there’s here’s access to this product and it’s closing soon to get a little bit of urgency behind that action in this specific scenario they do need to be on my email list in order for that to work right because the email system is the brain behind it that one has worked wonders for us especially when we have time-sensitive offers that are either closing or the prices changing really really powerful in the cart abandonment number two is what I call the 30-60-90 series so after a customer becomes a customer after someone purchases we add a really specific tag to them in the autoresponder sequence if that customer does not purchase within 30 days we send a special offer to them so the system is monitoring when the last time they purchased were and then how many days and once it hits 30 we send a specific offer now it’s dynamic that the system looks in at what that customer has purchased in the past and it makes sure that they haven’t purchased this item before if they’ve already purchased the item the system doesn’t send them the offer to buy that at a discount it chooses the next one in line I have nine different offers queued up in here and again the offer goes out at the 30 day mark at the 60-day mark and at the 90 day mark I offer a 50% discount so it’s a very significant discount on a variety of different products to be honest I believe is actually between 33 and about 65 percent I think we increase the discount as time goes on if my memory recalls correctly so the user behavior here is that they purchased something the theory is we deliver them fulfilled on our promise with excellence they listened to and enjoyed that which they purchase it’s good to remind them every month or two or three but hey if you’re interested and you like that thing why not grab another here’s a discount it has actually created a very large volume of repeat customers that just weren’t there before so the 30-60-90 segment is brilliant you kind of gotta set up all of those emails like I said I’ve got nine different campaigns that will go out so it can choose and make sure that the user hasn’t already seen that offer it’ll find an offer that they haven’t yet purchased and it’ll deliver that to them that one is doing extremely well for us and shout out to my boy Sean he kind of came up with the idea on that one and threw that out and we implemented it and it’s been working gangbusters so number three is the choose your own follow-up sequence now for a very long time I ran only 100 percent on Aweber now I’m still an a weber customer I still got a list on Aweber that I do run but for my follow-up sequence on my big site that brings in thousands and maybe upwards of 10,000 new subscribers each and every month we are using active campaign and the way we’ve built out this follow-up sequence is that every visitor will go through one specific series of 10 emails on that series we give them the opportunity to learn more about our core subject matters that we have products on when they open and click on an email that is related to one of the products that we have a core offering on that user moves to a sub segment so for example on email number three that is very relevant to product B if a user opens up email number three and clicks to read the blog post I didn’t send them a sales message just a blog post about that topic the system identifies them as someone interested in topic B and then they receive a separate three email follow-up series that leads them farther down the path to learn about our product about product B and then we have one for product C and product D and we run three separate ones of these little automations within our main automation now you can set this up on a weber today with their campaign and tagging system so it’ll work on just about every actual autoresponder can do this sort of thing now but what it’s allowed us to do is to present more targeted offers and less offers at the same time so if someone just reads all of our emails and they don’t click and they don’t really express interest into our core topic matters they’re not going to see that many offers the email series deliver lots of goodwill and lots of value for these individuals but users who click and they explore these different topics they will see offers specific to those topics that they explored this additional relevance between the action they took which shows that they’re interested in a specific topic and then presenting the offer that’s for a product that’s about that exact topic a looked at has really helped our conversion rates all across the board so users who just want our free stuff have the ability to go through our follow up sequence and see a minimal number of offers but users who are hyper interested in a few key areas where we have a few key products they see more offers than users who don’t make those clicks it’s really powerful and it has also increased our revenue its increased our profits and increase the number of new customers and then we’ll drag a new customer see well they will see the 30-60-90 segment if they don’t purchase anything else what else will they see well if they go to the checkout page and they don’t buy it’ll remind them of that special offer that is time-sensitive on that so all these automations start to work together and what they’re doing is they’re creating more revenue more customers and more repeat customers for me in my business if you’re running a marketing automation system I highly recommend these three once again it is the cart abandonment the 30-60-90 and then the choose your own follow-up sequence I’m building out more but those three are crushing it for me so I figured I’d let you know what’s working for me thanks for your time and I’ll check you on the next video Cheers

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