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7 Reasons Why Your Facebook Ads Arent Working! Learn The Keys To Profitable Advertising On Facebook

Hey, Miles here milesbeckler.com. In this video you’re going to learn the seven reasons why your Facebook ads aren’t working you see I’ve taught every single step of the process to create successful Facebook ads but a lot of people are still struggling to drive conversions they’re not getting the opt-in rates they need and they’re definitely not seeing the number of customers that they were hoping for through their Facebook advertising which means they’re spending a lot of money and they’re not getting any money back this is a very big problem and there’s usually one or more reasons why the Facebook ads aren’t working and that’s what we’re gonna cover here this is kind of a higher level stuff this is a little bit in the mindset world but this is really the truth of why most people’s ads don’t work because most people actually aren’t making money on Facebook ads they’re playing donators so I wanna help you remedy that and get going on the right side so number one your ad looks like an ad so today in this world with your smartphone in your pocket you might be watching this on your smartphone now human beings are exposed to more advertising messages today than ever before a quick scroll through Instagram Facebook and Twitter will prove undeniably how much more how many marketing messages there are out there and in one sense a lot of us has have cut off the advertising mechanisms of the television right we don’t watch the commercials or the Netflix anymore but in another sense through web traffic that we’re all hyper exposed to today and through social networks and social media we’re all actually exposed to a lot more ads which means we’ve got our defenses up we’ve got our blinders up and we’re becoming more and more ad blind so a successful Facebook advertisement fits in with the timeline you don’t stand out as if it’s something different your ad needs to look like a native post that one person’s friend or family member may actually post no one posts images or updates on social media naturally that look like ads right only marketers who are trying to push an agenda do that so if your ad looks like an ad right if it if it walks like a duck and it talks like a duck hey people are gonna instantly recognize that it’s an ad they’re gonna skip right over it and get back to the rest of their timeline that they’re actually after so focus on making sure that the content you’re using for your advertising blends into the Facebook experience it is a part of the conversation it is not a blatant interruption it adds value to that conversation number two you’re pissing off Facebook’s users now there’s two reasons why this is a big problem the number one is obvious right like if you’re pissing people off with your messaging that’s gonna cause a problem so Facebook is very notoriously trying to go for this we’re all friends here this is all love and happiness here so Facebook’s algorithm is also picking up on people’s reactions to your advertising message and if people and and the detail at which they’re picking up on this is extreme they’re measuring how quickly people scroll past or how slowly people scroll over your advertisement not to mention there’s the angry faces the sad faces and the comments there they’re actually reading through their algorithm what is the tonality of the comments are these happy comments are these positive and engaging comments or are these negative comments and frustrating comments using words like scam or I don’t want to see this right they’re picking up on engagements at every single level so obviously you don’t want to piss off your customers your potential customers there is a kind of theory of thought in the world of marketing that you want to use negativity and fear in order to kind of trigger people to take action as an old-school copywriter approach but on Facebook it can get you a double whammy of negative response number one the individuals don’t like it Facebook tries really hard to curate the content that gets displayed to eliminate negative messaging through their algorithm so if you do somehow make it through those filters and you get exposure and you start getting the actual negative engagement metrics showing on Facebook they’re just gonna detune you they’re just gonna take you out of rotation they’re gonna lower your relevance score they’re gonna charge you more and they’re gonna display you less so really again engage people trying to add to the conversation my wife and I made a very conscious decision several years ago that we weren’t gonna use fear as a mechanism in our marketing and we are still successful to this day running positive angled content as our advertising on facebook so if you’re pissing on facebook users you’re giving yourself a double whammy number three it’s the same BS as everyone else right you’re not doing anything new you’re not doing anything unique now whether you’re just trying to promote some random Clickbank product or some me to marketing product right you just joined in on that funnel system or whatever it is and you think it your gonna go market it like the guy who taught you to market it and it’s just a bunch of me – copycat stuff you’re not standing out no one cares you’re blending in at a point where you’re becoming invisible people have already heard your hook they’ve already heard your angle they’ve already bypassed all of the dozens of other marketers that are hitting them with that pitch and now you’re throwing out that pitch – and they’re just gonna ignore you they’re gonna scroll right past you they’ve already heard that hook that angle so you need to be creative you need to be unique you need to have a unique big idea and this is something that runs throughout your ad but it’s also on your landing page it’s just the big idea of your business you need to have a unique mechanism in your business there needs to be something unique about you your system your approach your products that are gonna help the users get the results that they want and when you have it kind of positioned in the way that what you’re doing is indeed unique and other users can tell from the add to the landing page that every aspect of what you’re doing is unique that user is gonna have the idea of Wow hmm this is new I’ve never tried that before this might work for me and because you have something unique that you’re delivering they suspend belief long enough to take that action to click to learn more to purchase your product etc if you’re not doing anything new if you’re just following the leader and a bunch of me to marketers you’re never gonna stand out you’re never gonna drive the level of conversions you need to become profitable with your Facebook Ads number four you’re lying you actually can’t help people right and this is most specifically I want to talk about people who are in the fake it till you make it world right now if you haven’t created a result in your life and you’re advertising to people saying that you can help them with that problem you’re lying if you haven’t actually helped individuals one-on-one in group coaching sessions solve a specific problem in their life but yet you’re running ads to try to build a list and try to promote an affiliate product that does that but you haven’t done it yet you’re lying and people are gonna smell it from a mile away authenticity is the key to success online I spent over 13 years of in the trenches 60 70 80 hour weeks doing digital marketing work for my business my wife’s business for over a hundred client websites that I’ve built throughout the years did that for 13 years before I ever started teaching internet marketing there’s a reason why my channels growing consistently there’s a wheeze reason why when people find my content they resonate and they have that aha moment of like wow okay this guy gets it like finally I’ve got somebody who’s just telling me what to do and not just trying to pitch me on things all of that comes from the fact that I’ve been there I’ve done that I’ve tried more things and failed at more things and most people will ever try in their life period that’s given me a plethora of experience to pull from which is what I deliver to you through my content now my wife on the other hand she’s been doing what she’s doing right they were running advertising for for over 10 years we’ve literally helped hundreds of thousands of people improve their lives through the audio meditations that we create so we’ve been there we’ve done that we’re not faking it till we make it we’re truly connecting people with things that are gonna help them and we have so much data and so much experience helping people with this that we know it’s going to work for them so we’re able to come forward with confidence in our advertising and our landing pages and in our funnels because we know it actually works because we’ve been there and we’ve done that so audit yourself right if you’re in that fake it till you make it thing and you think you’re just gonna keep promoting it because the the guru you signed up under says just run these ads and eventually it’ll work I really caution you to use some integrity in your approaches to marketing and you don’t want to stretch the truth you don’t want to lie you don’t actually if you’re not able to help people create a result that your marketing saying your product creates but you haven’t driven that you created that result and you haven’t helped others with that result that’s where you need to be focusing right now is a creating that result for yourself you can document that process if you’d like and be helping others get that specific result so you can get hands-on on what it takes to actually get people the result that mismatch between running ads and not actually knowing what it takes that’s where the problem is that’s where your ads are in that situation number five your offer is exposed too early now there is a magic that happens with the little read more link that’s displayed on long copy advertisements on Facebook so when someone writes an ad that is 500 700 or 1500 words the ad gets compressed above the image and it shows about the first four lines and then it has a read more link this upper area is designed to capture the users attention and really kind of stir up their curiosity so they want to read more of that message when they click read more the text expands and they get more of theoretically the story that’s what you ultimately want there then they get into the story and they start reading there’s an opportunity for another more button to display if you have a really long copy ad so individuals who read the first part they get interested they click read more then they read the story and they’re still interested and then they click the more button and they read the rest and then they’re presented with your actual offer they have the highest likelihood of being willing to convert they’ve gone through the story they’ve gone through the setup they’ve followed mentally through that process to where they can future pace themselves and they can see themselves getting the result that you’re promising and at that point is when you actually communicate the offer itself whether it’s for your free thing or your payed thing and when they’ve gone through that emotional journey before seeing the offer the likelihood of them taking action goes up drastically the other thing that this does is it shows positive engagements in the algorithm of Facebook because every time someone clicks read more or more it actually is a positive engagement because Facebook realizes that you as an advertiser have created an ad that’s getting users to read more which means that’s a positive engagement which means you’re gonna get a better relevant score you’re gonna get better displays you’re gonna get lower cost per thousand displays and impressions right all of your numbers throughout that ad can work better when you’re creating more curiosity and leading them through a story through a long text ad my wife and I are still running a long text ad has had somewhere around 2 million plus displays been running for about two years it still works like a champ it’s still one of the best ads I’ve ever written and any ad that’s super short to the point where you can see the URL and the offer before that read more it’s just pretty much like hey get your free thing and a link above the image the odds are that’s gonna have a lower relevance score the odds are it’s gonna get lower feedback responses from the audience and the odds are you’re gonna pay more per click you’re gonna pay more per impression and your flat out just not gonna get to see the best segments of your audience because Facebook’s showing that to people who have high engagement ads which are generally long copy ads number six you are delivering no value in the advertisement itself the best ads in history all deliver value in the actual advertisement itself and your ad should be delivering value it should be telling a valuable story a parable some sort of whether it’s in the story idea there’s a few ways to run the story right it doesn’t have to be your story it can be more like an analogy it can be a metaphor and those analogies and metaphors are great ways for you to communicate value generally speaking your advertisement is designed to help a group of people your niche audience solve a specific problem with your mechanism right you have a thing that’s gonna help them get a desired result now you want to actually show them in the advertisement yourself that you understand them you know where they’re coming from you’ve been there before that can be really powerful through your story and that you’ve found a specific solution that works and then give them an understanding of what that is involved now your ad is not going to be the same as that seven part seven module course it’s got 15 lessons in it that truly walks them through the process of getting the result but you can give them the framework you can give them the idea the angle the approach some sort of valuable tidbit so if they take the time to read your ad they’re like wow that that makes sense to me like you help them have an aha moment before getting them into your funnel right if you help them have that aha moment while reading your ad and they’re like whoa I never thought of it like that that’s really cool huh this person must be able to help me if they can make me have that kind of an aha moment here on this ad that I’m reading I’m gonna check out what they’re talking about I’m get there free thing I’m gonna take a step into their funnel so you gotta give value in your advertisement itself this kind of ties into the last one as well you know to give value in an ad there’s gonna be you know seven hundred eight hundred thousand words or more that’s where those read more buttons start to show up that’s where you get all those positive engagements on the ad so it all kind of works together in many senses and then number seven this is the big one in my personal opinion they don’t trust you right everyone is skeptical there’s so many scams going on in this world a big network marketing company scam that was hyper advertised for years and years got shut down by the FTC people lost thirty fifty sixty thousand dollars plus like no one trusts you everyone’s walking around in those worlds especially on social media skeptical we know that eighty percent plus of the people publishing pictures on social media are using very very abstract filters of themselves they’re using techniques and messages and touch up apps to to make themselves look better right like nothing on social media is real and we all get that everyone’s trying to make their lives look better than they actually are that’s what social media is it’s your your hand curated PR kind of your prick PR role right you’re you’re trying to make everyone’s making their lives look better than they actually are so everyone looking at social media has their kind of blinders on and their defenses up and like I don’t really trust that yeah you might show like your life’s really not that good we all know that and your advertisements we all know everybody thinks that’s maybe a one-off if you’re showing some amazing case study of how this one person went from zero to hero we’re still gonna doubt it we still don’t trust you and Trust I’ve talked a lot about trust in so many levels right there’s trust that you can build through email or your ads actually have to build trust in and of themselves and it’s not until you build trust that you’re actually going to start really truly getting people to take action because we follow those who we trust right people buy from their trusted advisors and that’s in every space I don’t care if you’re in the weight loss the diet niche spirituality niche you’re teaching marketing whatever it is we buy from people we trust and we trust that they can actually help us get the result that they promised so a lot of times we need to spend time energy and money in our advertising to promote content such as video ads that just deliver really good content such as kind of almost like webinar level content that’s just boosted in the Facebook algorithm and then you retarget visitors who watch half of that video ad those are the ones you retarget into your funnel because now they’ve watched twenty minutes of your webinar they’ve got your hook they’ve seen your teaching they’re like hah this person’s good I remember that video I watched with them I really liked them I really trusted them cool they have a new thing coming out I’m gonna go take a look at that and most people who are just using cold market just trying to launch straight to a landing page do that me to marketing BS that never actually works except for the person who enrolled you unfortunately they’re really just not building any sort of trust no one trusts you nobody likes you it’s the know like and trust factor when you don’t have those going for you your ads flat-out aren’t going to work when you tell stories when you help give value in the ad itself that’s how you build trust when you’re honest when you’re vulnerable and you’re not trying to make yourself sound better than everyone and you’re not trying to self make yourself sound perfect like you have it all figured out and you’re just a real human being that’s actually kind of surprising in this day that’s actually something that stands out and it also fits into the timeline as well because it doesn’t smell like an ad doesn’t look like an ad from a mile away so building trust is ultimately key sometimes you can do that in the one advertisement sometimes it takes a series of touch points you can link people to a blog post you can publish videos and boost videos on facebook natively there’s a lot of different ways that you can build the trust but ultimately you need to make sure that Trust is something you’re focused on building within the viewer of that advertisement because if they don’t trust you they’re not gonna take any sort of action the moment you get their trust and they trust that you’re real you’re honest you have integrity that you actually can help them accomplish your goals and solve their problems you’ve won right at that point you’ve actually won then it’s just uh you need the right series of messages on the right pages and they’re just gonna walk right into your funnel step by step by step but until you build that trust nothing’s gonna happen correctly for you and that’s it that’s the seven reasons that your Facebook Ads aren’t working if they’re not I hope you’ve enjoyed this video if you have given thumbs up if you know somebody who’s been trying to run Facebook ads and they’re struggling with it or if you’re in a facebook marketing group somewhere you got a group of people grab the URL share this URL with them I just wanted to give the most common things I hear I’ve now helped thousands of people create successful ad campaigns on Facebook so these are some of the core ideas of why it’s not working on the end screen I’m gonna link you to the video that shows my exact step-by-step process how I run ads it’s very technical we’re on the computer doing the work so you can click on that video or if you’d like to get the case study that’ll show you how I generated about 14,000 leads through Facebook in just 30 days and it cost me about $800 out the back end which is pretty ridiculous about 14,000 leads for 800 bucks click on the thumbs up that shows up on the end screen you can get in and find that case study there for you on that note I’m going to call it thanks for your time I appreciate you get at me in the comments thumbs up liked it engage it I appreciate you and I look forward to connecting with you on the next video

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